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  1. Some of my favourite dupes in a paper boat. This is probably just about as safe as it looks.
  2. Dupe-A-Day!

    Ari got some ice cream.
  3. Dupe-A-Day!

    Nikola doesn't like his lunch.
  4. I'm well aware of that, that's why I initially decided to dedicate exactly three sentences to this anecdote. You are the one who took this up and turned it into a big issue. Thanks for the free grammar check. The articles you were referring to are citing, not cited. I really hate this, this is nothing but unnecessary. I'm gonna come back when some new lore is being released...
  5. I was actually just hoping that somebody already heard/read about this and had something to contribute. I'm not entirely sure how much this fits, either. We're neither talking about a physician, nor about a woman with a family (at least I'd guess so). However, if the whole 'Let's-colonize-a-planet-duh'-thing was really a rescue mission, and Gravitas Facility was thereby far more than a money-making business, the situation might not be unsimilar to that of a physician, as you deciding to go home early might cause people to die early. This might've caused her to keep pushing herself and everybody else to their limits, instead of, y'know, enjoying that little time they had left. Would you mind telling me where you found those sources...? Abstracts don't directly cite any resources. Never ever. The only indirect 'resource' I can find is that novel (Perri Klass, Other Women's Children). Well, basically you're right about that bias-thingy. However, having your assessment being influenced by your emotions and trying to assess emotions with valid scientific methods as a part of a psychological study are two completely different things. I was able to download the whole paper via an university server. The author reported that things like suicide rates, alcoholism, anxiety etc. pp. have been measured. But I image that this doesn't help you a whole lot if you are a clinical psychiatrist and have to understand your patients' problem based on stuff like some autobiographic information and, well, their emotions. "Don't worry, only xx.x% of women with an economic and social situation similar to yours try to attempt suicide. You'll be fine!" This is where a novel like this seems to be pretty helpful as a first step to develop a deeper understanding. I'm not trying to prove anything here. It's basically impossible, the only thing that can do that are further lore entries. However, there's absolutely nothing scientific about a theorizing thread, so it doesn't really matter, anyway. I'm just having fun~ So, you're absolutely correct if you wanted to say that this is no proof that Amelia is Jackie's middle name. The fact that a novel with a possible namesake exists with a situation that may or may be not applicable to the lore could still be pure coincidence. However, if it isn't, it would totally make my day. For now, it's just a nice little anecdote, as we already know that some names are based on real scientists or scientific theories (Maxwell *cough*, Marie Sklowdoska *cough cough*, Nikola Techna). Amelia could still be Mae... I think? Would that be a plausible nickname? I also pondered Jackie being Mae because of this. At least the personality description would fit, Jackie seems to be filled with determination. However, this admittedly seems a little far-fetched... Oh, and, uhm... at that level of scientific literature, that's completely normal. I'm sorry that I caused some confusion. I usually think a lot more about these things than I write down in the end, because I feel like most people don't care much about large texts. Should I change that...?
  6. Found the artifact texts: Fun fact: Apparently, there's something called "Amelia Stern Syndrome": https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1745922 Makes it even more likely that Amelia is really Jackie's middle name. There's not really much else to be found about this syndrome, though... Also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Pesquet Not sure whether Pesquet is a new employee or not... according to the article, he really played the saxophone. I added the name to my list nonetheless. I also updated my monster-txt. I'm thinking about reactivating my rusty LaTeX-skills and turning that thing into a pdf. It's getting kinda huge and hard to find stuff... Also, numbers from A0-A9 and B1-B8 have been added to the lore entries. I think the lore unlocking system will get an overhaul before the release. Surprisingly, also the lore entries in my category "Old, not used" got numbers, so they might still get implemented, after all. lore_entries.txt
  7. Dupe-A-Day!

    Wanted to draw Stinky with his mop. Why he's able to survive in space w/o a space suit? Must have something to do with his super-secret magic powers.
  8. Multiplayer

    Multiplayer games are very expensive. I can't find the source anymore, but I once read somewhere that implementing multiplayer into a finished game takes up ~90% of the budget afterwards. (If anybody knows the source or has contradictory information, please, share them!) I'd rather see that money being invested into making an even more awesome and engaging singleplayer game. I'd be really impressed if a multiplayer mode was successfully implemented into this game, but at this time, I dare to doubt that this will ever happen.
  9. It's been quite a while ago, but I remember the devs saying in one stream that they are planning on implementing a final goal, with the option to continue playing afterwards. I hope they haven't changed their mind since then, I'm really looking forward to this.
  10. Found something. #. STRINGS.CODEX.B2_ELLIESBIRTHDAY #. STRINGS.CODEX.B7_FRIENDLYEMAIL Nikola Techna? Nikola Tesla? #. STRINGS.CODEX.PLANETARYECHOES I've been looking for text regarding the new artifacts, but I haven't been able to find anything...
  11. They heard that the ancient guardian has no friends, so they decided to make one for him. Or, maybe they're just trying to sneak past him. Who knows.
  12. Dupe-A-Day!

    Camille in a shirt. After you've been born in a suit that basically acted like a second skin, it sure must be weird to have loose clothes rubbing on your skin with every movement. But I'm sure she'll eventually get used to it.
  13. Doesn't the bundle wrap offer a great way to go exploring without needing to worry about food, if you take some time for gathering supplies beforehand? This was my first thought when I read about this. Might be a great way to offer players a slightly different playstyle. Also, for most people who didn't read/watch every guide in existence it will take quite some time to find the blueprint in the first place (Edit: At least in Hamlet.). I always thought that beating a challenge or discovering something hidden comes with appropriate rewards in most games.
  14. Tested this once, too, with the very same result. Moleworms, however, were still present.