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  1. They'll probably have start him after all these comments, scrolling through this is a bit ridicules.
  2. Can we get a new theme? I understand why we can't have streams, but still I'd kinda like to draw Wendy with everyone while her update is still relatively new.
  3. I was looking at the refs watermelen671 post and I noticed something odd in one of the animations so I made this picture
  4. Wormwood gets his hug. I'm sure you people get the reference.
  5. Wormwood gets his hug. I'm sure you people get the reference.
  6. Oh nice everyone is pretty recognizable but I got stuck on Wes cause my mind was like Hokma is not an abnormality but he holds a pocket watch so yea silent orchestra.
  7. No plans for other don't starve stuff right now but I have some other video game related projects planned. Since I only post Klei related stuff here you can find my other art on my DA or twitter
  8. Been learning a little something. I thought I might try making something don't starve related. This is suppose to be the Celestial Altar
  9. glossy Dreck doo doot do doo doo glossy dreck...