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  1. I realized I like grumpy Mi-Ma so here is a Mi-Ma for you guys
  2. Here is a thing for this week
  3. Here is a small picture for the theme week giants
  4. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @dovahkick Basically everyone makes their own thread to post on. I drew a lot of Dreckos (and other critters) when I started this thread with is why I named it what I did.
  5. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @Dovahkick I like your friend's drawing, but I don't quite understand why you're posting this on my art thread....
  6. *Motions to the over drawings made this week* Look at all those chickens! Hopes someone gets the reference so I don't look like a total idiot.
  7. Banan's art n' stuffs

    I don't know a whole lot about computers so I could be completely wrong, but type of thing could be a cache issue so I would suggest clear your browsers cache or seeing if the problem is the same on another browser. On another website I use frequently occasionally it will display an image that your computer is storing instead of the image that is suppose to be there which has resulted in some funny screenshots of the site. Clearing your cache usually fixes that issue.
  8. This is much better than I could draw at 11. There two think I see that she could work on. Some of the line art like segmented especially on the chin. I can't see how she's drawing but one possible cause is drawing from the wrist for large strokes that should be made using the shoulder. The wrist is better suited for small details. The second thing is black isn't the best shading color for a beginner to use as it hard to make it look right. The black under her eyes leaves me questioning whether its face paint or shadow. I don't know if talking about ambient occlusion and shadow physics would be age appropriate at all, but in any case she should try looking around to see how shadows behave and what color she can find in them. I firmly believe its important for art's to observe the world and understand how it works. That being said I like the color choices and the overall design of the piece. I think she's good for her age and could become quite skill at art if she keeps practicing.
  9. Hey there for pictures not related to the theme of the week or the art steam you can make a thread over Here You seem to be new here so I can understand your confusion. In case you want to post here in the future the theme changes every Tuesday. Be Sure to check Jan's post for what the theme is.
  10. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    @minespatch Thanks! Yep the lightbulbs are the eyes and the leafs of the lightbulb plant are his mouth
  11. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    third and final biome drawing
  12. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @l_Link_l (Is it bad that I'm having trouble spelling your name for the ping. Are those Ls or capital Is) I can see you thinking it was a lightsaber. Not a bad thing.