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  1. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @l_Link_l (Is it bad that I'm having trouble spelling your name for the ping. Are those Ls or capital Is) I can see you thinking it was a lightsaber. Not a bad thing.
  2. This turned out a little more elephant like than I intended
  3. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    @minespatch Thanks I kinda wanted it to look like the but I was specifically trying to use element from the deep rainforest biome. I wanted to make it look like an elder mandrake as well.
  4. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    Another Hamlet biome
  5. Wade Ignatius Sawyer and Dmitri
  6. Dupe-A-Day!

    Some quick doodles I made in the sandwich notebook I got for Christmas
  7. Charlie's Shadows
  8. Looking forward to the steam today
  9. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    @minespatch Oh yea it kinda does look like an asparagus top. I was basing off those pangolden rock carvings like the one on the ruins entrance here. I'm going to be honest the crow was most just artist license although the wiki does say crows show up occasionally in the painted biome.
  10. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    I got inspired by @mitboy art and decided to draw the painted biome from hamlet.
  11. These bird are Roc and Ro Bin people. Gassy Moobot tries his best but is sometimes overzealous @DragonMage156 helps dociledragon with the staff of being on time. (Don't worry we're not bugging Squeaky she is out of the bottom bunk very early in the morning.)
  12. MitBoy's stuff

    @mitboy Hey do you mind if I do something similar? I have an idea for a few of the hamlet biomes and the mushtree forest biome.
  13. MitBoy's stuff

    Oh my the face on that last one. Its nightmare fuel which is appropriate in this case.
  14. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    @Russian Philin Not really sad just frustrating and stressfull