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  1. I was looking at the refs watermelen671 post and I noticed something odd in one of the animations so I made this picture
  2. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    Wormwood gets his hug. I'm sure you people get the reference.
  3. Dupe-A-Day!

    Wormwood gets his hug. I'm sure you people get the reference.
  4. Hmmm I dunno know......
  5. Russian community fanart

    Oh nice everyone is pretty recognizable but I got stuck on Wes cause my mind was like Hokma is not an abnormality but he holds a pocket watch so yea silent orchestra.
  6. Woo! I got my Saladmander done on time.
  7. Very late Malbatross picture
  8. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    No plans for other don't starve stuff right now but I have some other video game related projects planned. Since I only post Klei related stuff here you can find my other art on my DA or twitter
  9. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    Been learning a little something. I thought I might try making something don't starve related. This is suppose to be the Celestial Altar
  10. glossy Dreck doo doot do doo doo glossy dreck...
  11. Quick Oshnu Edit: drew another This little guy found a shell
  12. Little late but here is Wx and clockwork rook charging eachother
  13. Underwater Hippopotamoose. I did the shading a bit fast so its not my best. Edit: Also here's a quick sketch cause I got it done on time. Webber finds a censor pants pal. I think most of us will know who this pokemon is.
  14. When Jesse started putting hands on Snakes during stream today my mind jumped to this tumblr_inline_o8wyhoCBm21qg2i5p_500.gif

    osiemfr on tumbler has more cha chaing snake gif in case you want more