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  1. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    No plans for other don't starve stuff right now but I have some other video game related projects planned. Since I only post Klei related stuff here you can find my other art on my DA or twitter
  2. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    Been learning a little something. I thought I might try making something don't starve related. This is suppose to be the Celestial Altar
  3. glossy Dreck doo doot do doo doo glossy dreck...
  4. Quick Oshnu Edit: drew another This little guy found a shell
  5. Little late but here is Wx and clockwork rook charging eachother
  6. Underwater Hippopotamoose. I did the shading a bit fast so its not my best. Edit: Also here's a quick sketch cause I got it done on time. Webber finds a censor pants pal. I think most of us will know who this pokemon is.
  7. When Jesse started putting hands on Snakes during stream today my mind jumped to this tumblr_inline_o8wyhoCBm21qg2i5p_500.gif

    osiemfr on tumbler has more cha chaing snake gif in case you want more

  8. Quick sketch Wormwood says Dung Beetle is valid.
  9. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    Suddenly this moon theme is reminding me of Majora's Mask not sure why Also just looked at the murals I think history is repeating itself... I guess they didn't learn from it....
  10. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    @lifetheuniverse Good question, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  11. Docile's Occasional Art Thread

    My reaction to the Return of Them beta
  12. While watching Griver84's stream (gotta get those new twitch drops) he mentioned that Bernie transforming with his arms first reminded him of Popeye. So thank to him this drawing happened.
  13. I realized I like grumpy Mi-Ma so here is a Mi-Ma for you guys