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  1. Wormwood gets his hug. I'm sure you people get the reference.
  2. Wormwood gets his hug. I'm sure you people get the reference.
  3. Oh nice everyone is pretty recognizable but I got stuck on Wes cause my mind was like Hokma is not an abnormality but he holds a pocket watch so yea silent orchestra.
  4. No plans for other don't starve stuff right now but I have some other video game related projects planned. Since I only post Klei related stuff here you can find my other art on my DA or twitter
  5. Been learning a little something. I thought I might try making something don't starve related. This is suppose to be the Celestial Altar
  6. When Jesse started putting hands on Snakes during stream today my mind jumped to this tumblr_inline_o8wyhoCBm21qg2i5p_500.gif

    osiemfr on tumbler has more cha chaing snake gif in case you want more

  7. Suddenly this moon theme is reminding me of Majora's Mask not sure why Also just looked at the murals I think history is repeating itself... I guess they didn't learn from it....
  8. @lifetheuniverse Good question, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  9. I don't know a whole lot about computers so I could be completely wrong, but type of thing could be a cache issue so I would suggest clear your browsers cache or seeing if the problem is the same on another browser. On another website I use frequently occasionally it will display an image that your computer is storing instead of the image that is suppose to be there which has resulted in some funny screenshots of the site. Clearing your cache usually fixes that issue.
  10. @minespatch Thanks! Yep the lightbulbs are the eyes and the leafs of the lightbulb plant are his mouth
  11. @minespatch Thanks I kinda wanted it to look like the but I was specifically trying to use element from the deep rainforest biome. I wanted to make it look like an elder mandrake as well.