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  1. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @minespatch I read a little bit about it apparently have UV light (or the scanners lack of it) and physics to blame. On the bright side I may be able to find a color that doesn't scan and use it to sketch out my pictures.
  2. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    Another picture I drew while testing my pens. The blue and purple have are less vibrant once scanned which is fine by me, but I found out after I drew this that the pink on doesn't really show up when scanned
  3. I'm a little surprised we didn't have a forge related theme. Not complaining though any time I can draw Klei fanart of something that doesn't walk on two legs is good in my books.
  4. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @minespatch Perfect that's what I wanted it to look like.
  5. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    Drew something familiar in order to test out some new pens. You can't rally see them in this one, but I'm going to post a picture of a shinebug I did in which they are more obvious.
  6. Hey Jesse Thanks for letting me know about the tablet review. My old bamboo is somewhere around the end of its lifespan so hearing about another option is very helpful.
  7. In honor of the moment when you first pick up the eye bone and are scared of Chester's spronging because you have no idea what's going on.
  8. Hamlet hype Who needs the royal crown? She has the funko crown!
  9. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @zergologist Thanks now if only I can get my sister to use hers. She doesn't use steam much, but she may upload it eventually.
  10. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @minespatch I used the drawing program Krita. The sheen was really easy to make. I shaded it with white and then reduced the opacity to 60%.
  11. Couldn't decide who was my favorite so I just drew Willow and Bernie For some reason all corn in the constant doubles as popcorn so no one gets grilled corn.
  12. Docile's Dreckos and more art thread

    @zergologist Thanks for apologizing. Honestly if I were to draw more ONI animals with instruments the Morb would be on the drum it can make a more comedic splat when jumping on a timpani. The shove vole's cork screw ridges make a good spot to put a Sousaphone.
  13. Skybox

    Something else that was pointed out on the October 4th stream inspired this comic I've got one more Mark of the Ninja comic on my to do list