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  1. Hey @watermelen671 do you still have that blog/website/whatever that had an archive of all the ONI text lore? ty
  2. that's just gonna be even more work lmao
  3. been sort of trying to prevent this from being archived, but at the same time I'm not really sure how many people are interested in Warper's perspective? It mostly adds more context, but the overall story is already there. If people want more then I'll spend more time on it but I don't have the same time/motivation I had when I started
  4. @minespatch post bread devon here so i can fav it properly
  5. ok so I know I'm like never around but does anyone want me to make dupe vtubers
  6. was sorting through doodles today and found this so here
  7. this was a commission but whatever and yes the spelling is intentional
  8. ik this post is like several years old but also Ban ZeeDragon for being here or something