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  1. how? they're reacting to each other, btw
  2. I mean, the program itself is a thousand dollars. When I get access to Maya again I'll send you some dupe STL files
  3. Props to Klei for having the only games that aren't broken for me right now

    1. minespatch


      Which games are giving you trouble?

    2. MF99K


      this was a while ago but Fortnite and Minecraft were down at the same time like a week ago

  4. Nikola wasn't lying about the laser apparently
  5. Dupe-A-Day!

    Resette's patented spook
  6. what I'm wondering is about the hair. Like, was it supposed to shrink away as the shroom hair grew or?
  7. yeah it's been like this, we're all just waiting for the update, though some people mentioned a workaround earlier
  8. I have some 3D models around somewhere but you'd have to do the posing and such yourself as I don't currently have access to the program I made them with One of these should be the right file, though you will probably need Autodesk Maya to open them: dupe_rigged.mb dupe_rigged2.mb
  9. I found a comment on the Forbidden Knowledge Cinematic:


    1. minespatch


      Wilson did dun a goof.

  10. hey uh which pages of this thread have the gravitas text lore entries i forgot
  11. well I'm definitely not smart enough to figure this out right now so I guess I'll wait
  12. hey does anyone have the link to where i can download the Krane decompiler? mine seems to be broken