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  1. Maya license has been renewed. idk if the person who still wanted dupe models is around, but here's one of my mb files. can also convert to fbx and maybe stl if needed Includes I think most of the hair files? colors arent loading tho dupe_rigged2.mb
  2. I know it's a lil silly, but it would be very cute if idle/break dupes who happen to be nearby sweepy would sometimes ride him around
  3. Monoxide Memes

    if I see one more piss comet meme on this thread smh
  4. Dupe-A-Day!

    ye i can see it now
  5. I guess I could go back and try to change things like that, though it's possible things could get confusing in different ways
  6. according to the lore, there's some sort of cultural programming that includes basic information about earth. What exactly that information includes, I have no idea, and I'm also not sure if it's implanted in the dupes directly or is stored as some sort of data archive. Either way, I definitely considered the "how the heck do they know about ___?" issue several times while writing and couldn't think of another work around besides that
  7. ---- As Nisbet approached the crowd, I tried my best to anticipate what she had planned. Her expression told me that whatever she had been planning had probably gone wrong. I now realized that the sharp object in her hand was some sort of cutting tool, probably stolen from Warper. The crowd hushed and turned towards Nisbet as the colonists started to notice her. Her expression calmed, still angry, but more determined than frustrated now. "Put the entire colony in danger, why don't you." Nisbet said, shooting me a sideways look. Before I could defend myself, she continued. "What on earth could you hope to gain from bringing so many people into such a hazardous area?" "Uh, in his defense, the fact that so many people are here is primarily my fault," Hassan chimed in from the crowd. A few other dupes muttered something guiltily. "It's ok though, that one giant saved us," Gossmann responded, pointing to Warper, who was watching silently from across the room, seemingly trying to assess the situation. Nisbet rolled her eyes. "Ah yes, the same giant who gassed, kidnapped all of us and relocated the colony to be closer to other dangerous giant creatures, imprisoned me, infiltrated and bugged the entire colony, and then fed herself to Eya to get rid of some of the evidence and assisted freeing traitors to the colony after I captured and imprisoned them. I'm sure that giant totally has our best interests in mind." "Regardless of how much of that is true, she still saved Gossmann from that huge dog thing," Hassan argued. "Why would she try to protect us if she didn't care?" Nisbet shook her head. "That dog thing? That monster is her pet. And she seems to think that we are her pets too. She cares about us probably about as much as someone would care about goldfish. Wouldn't really want the dog to eat the fish, but if a few go missing, oh well..." Warper started trying to sneak towards Nisbet, an attempt that almost immediately failed as the majority of the crowd turned to look at her as soon as she moved towards them. She continued moving towards Nisbet even with everyone's eyes locked onto her, and grinned sheepishly as she noticed me in the crowd. She stopped as Nisbet pointed the sharp tool in her direction. "If you're wondering why I have such a weapon with me, I assure you, I have no intention of harming any of you. This beast, on the other hand, knows that if she tries in any way to capture me that I will gladly assist in removing her extra fingers." I hadn't really paid attention before, but as she said this I noticed that Warper did indeed have more fingers than us. And even with the size difference, and even though she probably couldn't understand us, it was clear that she was wary of the object Nisbet was holding. Nisbet continued as Warper moved towards her computer, probably planning to use it to communicate with us. "I could have easily taken care of that creature that attacked Gossmann myself. In fact, I initially grabbed this spear-like device to protect you all from it, but the giant got there first." As if on cue, Warper pulled on a set of headphones and slid the modified microphone towards Nisbet. Nisbet rolled her eyes. "The giant wants to hear what I'm saying apparently. Who knew something so big could be so hard of hearing?" Nisbet responded sarcastically. Warper glared at her, then looked as if she had an idea before moving towards the other side of the room. She attempted to open the cabinet with glass beakers she had used to contain Nisbet before, but the cabinet was evidently locked. "Oh, and if you're wanting to try to capture me in some beakers again, I stole the keys to that cabinet earlier." Warper's expression narrowed. Nisbet smirked and turned towards the crowd. Whispering, she asked "What do you guys think would happen if I yelled into this microphone?" Before she received an answer, she brought her mouth as close as possible to the microphone before emitting a high-pitched screech. Warper reacted almost immediately, swiping off her head phones, turning around angrily, and throwing the headphones towards the crowd, narrowly missing Nisbet and instead crashing into Warper's laptop. "You all know how it can be when some of us get angry and start destroying things. Imagine how dangerous a giant could be at even mild levels of anger. If those headphones had hit someone, they could have died!" "Yeah, but unlike you, Warper hasn't actually killed anyone yet," Banhi objected. "And that attack was clearly provoked," I added. Some duplicants in the audience started to mutter in agreement. Warper slowly went back to her computer and set up her own microphone. Nisbet continued. "What if she gets hungry, hmm? I haven't seen Eya around for a while, wouldn't be surprised if she got cooked up like the meallouse she is." "Eya is literally right behind you," I responded, sighing and walking past her to the tray Eya slept in. She barely responded as I pulled down the soft cloth to reveal her face. A few curious dupes came to get a closer look. "She hasn't been feeling well the past few days," I added. "But as you can see she clearly has not been eaten." Warper's voice crackled through the desktop speakers as she slumped into her swivel chair. "I've missed the majority of what's been said, but I still feel like I should probably defend myself at some point. Not to deflect away from whatever's going on with Eya right now, of course. My guess is that if the worm thing is some sort of larva, she's probably pupating." Pupation was never something I had considered with Eya's health, as my medical training obviously focused on duplicants rather than on invertebrates. It made sense though, with her large calorie intakes and sudden stiffness and lethargy. Warper continued talking, but I missed the first part of what she said since I was busy thinking about Eya. "Considering how my day is going, I think I have a fairly good idea about what's going on right now." Warper paused. "Nisbet here's been planning things for a while, it seems. Not that any of you care, but a lot of things have gone conveniently missing, and Nisbet even admitted to stealing the keys I needed to get the tools to capture her. Now-" Nisbet interrupted. "I didn't steal the keys to protect myself, I stole them so you wouldn't be able to capture any dupes!" "Yeah that sounds believable, coming from the person who trapped 5 of her colleagues in a room in the hopes they'd either fast or starve, then continues to shift the blame on others after all but one of them died." She paused, possibly waiting for a response from Nisbet, but Nisbet was busy thinking about something. "My guess is that you had this all set up today to try to make yourself seem better and make me seem like a terrifying monster. Stealing my exacto knife was a nice touch, but I think you were hoping I would stay busy long enough for you to go through with your actual plan. You wanted to take on the big bad wolf yourself. And the fact that you seemed so confident that you could handle him on your own makes me somewhat suspicious." "What are you suggesting then? That she had some trick up her sleeve? That it was staged somehow?" Hassan asked from the crowd. "I can't say anything for sure, but one thing I know that Nisbet neglected to mention is that Entropy, the big wolf/snake/dog, is capable of speaking." "Do you have a way to prove this?" "Possibly, but I think he's mad at me right now and probably won't cooperate. Either way, my guess is that Nisbet set it up so that she could redeem herself by saving whoever Entropy attacked, and tried to plan it so that I wouldn't be around to save them instead or catch her. The exacto knife would not have been enough to actually fight Entropy, which is why I wouldn't be surprised if she had figured out how to communicate with him and then gotten him to agree to some sort of scheme, though I have no idea what she would have done to convince him to help her." "You guys can't possibly believe this!" Ellie scoffed. "I'm all for spreading rumors, but what kind of sporechids would you have to be on to believe this nonsense? Even if that big creature could talk, how could anyone hope to negotiate with it without getting gobbled up?" I expected someone to respond to this, but even Warper was silently pondering something. Finally Hassan broke the silence. "Does it really matter if Nisbet staged it or not? She's still basically responsible for people's deaths regardless. And what's her motive right now anyways? Does she want to lead the colony again or just rejoin it? Convince us that she's the only one who can protect us and that the giant lady and her dog are bad?" Warper frowned. "She tried to feed me to Eya too, by the way. I have this thing that lets me appear as a dupe, kind of, but I can't use it right now because Nisbet stole it. I might be bigger than her, but she's a force to be reckoned with, especially when she's holding sharp objects. Yea, I captured her and kept her away from the colony, but that was after I had seen her feeding people to Eya first-hand. Whether she actually thought getting rid of people that way was actually helping the colony, she tried to get rid of me, Banhi, and Nikola simply for knowing about what she was doing and thinking it wasn't ok. And honestly, I get Nisbet's reasoning behind what happened initially, but that's not a morally responsible way to do population control. I don't know what I would have done in that situation, but I probably wouldn't have fed my coworkers to a giant freaking worm." Nisbet stepped onto what must've been a large pad of sticky notes and addressed the crowd. "I think that's enough speculating about me and my decisions and motives. Why don't I just tell you myself." She flipped the sharp tool around and stabbed the sharp end into the pad of sticky notes, resting her arms on the handle. "I was one of the first members of this colony. At the beginning it was just me, Ellie, and Abe. We welcomed those who came from the printer at first, as we needed more hands to create an environment we could survive in. Things were fine at first, though a monstrous worm invaded the colony relatively early on and ate Abe. I tried to get Joshua to help me fight the creature off, but he was too nervous to use his weapon properly and I ended up being eaten as well. Fortunately, we were able to kill the creature from inside it, and everyone was fine, though I don't think Joshua ever really... recovered mentally from that. The colony grew even more, to the point where there were so many of us that certain vital resources like food and oxygen became scarce. I knew we would have to do something quickly to solve the problem before we all suffocated and starved. Once I realized that the worm had partially survived as a duplicant, I came up with a solution to the overpopulation issue. Perhaps it wasn't the most morally correct option, but it would certainly be preferable compared to allowing the colony to slowly die. Since we were already low on food, I separated the ones I found to be the most gluttonous and kept them in a room with Eya. As expected, the worm awoke and consumed all of them over several cycles." "So you did it on purpose." Hassan stated. "You just admitted to purposefully wanting to feed them to Eya. Ellie's been trying to convince everyone it was some sort of accident, but I think Nikola was right when he said that you were the real monster." Ellie and Nisbet both frowned. Ellie started playing with the curls in her hair nervously. "Well, Nisbet also said that she realizes now it wasn't the most morally responsible thing, but it still helped the colony. I'm sure she wouldn't do it again." Ellie defended. Hassan scoffed. "She also indirectly made it sound like all the newer members of the colony are some sort of burden, and called all the people she indirectly killed 'gluttonous,' which doesn't sound particularly apologetic." "And don't go throwing Joshua under the bus like that. Everyone knows he's a pacifist," someone added from the crowd. "You wanted to get rid of me as soon as you realized I was questioning what happened with Eya," I added finally. "You found it very convenient to trick me and lock me away with Eya, and clearly hoped I would be eaten like the others you locked up. It didn't matter that I was the colony doctor. It only mattered that I knew too much and you didn't want others to find out about what you did. And when I survived and told Banhi, you tried to lock both of us up again. Who knows how many people you would have tried to lock up if Warper hadn't intervened and captured you." Nisbet's expression intensified as she pushed the blade deeper into the pad of paper. "Everything would have been fine had that giant not gotten in the way. Both of you were asking much too many questions. We could have all gone about our business and they would be none-the-wiser, and things wouldn't be complicated, and I wouldn't have to sneak around and get Ellie to do things for me because everyone else is too appalled to talk to me. And maybe I can't do anything about that giant, but I can think of something I can do about you." She yanked the blade from the papers, pulled back and aimed the weapon like a spear towards my forehead. I ducked as it whizzed through my hair and imbedded itself in the wall. Someone behind me yelped. I turned around to see Nisbet's clone clutching her arm, a gash in her sleeve in approximately the same place Nisbet had been cut by the glass. The cutting tool was still in the wall behind her. Warper rushed towards the desk and grabbed a rubber band from the table and gently grabbed clone Nisbet, wrapping the band around her arm as a tourniquet. I started towards them to assist in first aid, but stopped as I heard a commotion behind me. I turned to see Nisbet running away as a portion on the crowd came towards her angrily. She made a beeline for the bootlegged teleporter Warper had confiscated and activated it by punching several buttons on the side before swinging the door to the capsule shut. A couple duplicants tried to pry the door open but soon the device started to glow and hum, until it suddenly emitted a bright flash of light and stopped. Nisbet was gone. Warper put down the clone and rushed towards the teleporter, hands still messy from trying to do first aid, and turned off the device and unplugged it. "There. Now she can't come back," Warper's voice crackled through the speaker. I turned back to the injured Nisbet and treated the wound with Warper's assistance. The cut was not as deep as the wound the original Nisbet had sustained, though it was still bleeding significantly. My patient panted heavily as I finished the suture and put a tight bandage on the cut. Several duplicants helped her to her feet and they slowly brought her towards a place she could sit. The rest of the group either stood in silence, murmured to themselves, or walked quietly back towards the tube system. My mind was still buzzing with thoughts about Warper and Nisbet and the sharp object that had narrowly missed my head. Perhaps I've gotten jumbled in trying to write everything down. I suppose I'll be able to think more clearly tomorrow.
  8. the game values are kind of all over the place and contradict the lore. Game says they're around 5 ft but weigh as much as a child, lore says they're smaller than an adult human but don't specify how much smaller, creatures and plants imply that they rlly smol but they're probably give or take around the size of a child if you want to average out all the measurements
  9. Dreams of Gravitas

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  10. do you mean the sprite sheets? if so, here:
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  12. Dupe-A-Day!

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