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  1. Dupe-A-Day!

    Ellie was dreaming about gross food. Gee I wonder why also max what are you holding? an invisible bagel?
  2. Dupe-A-Day!

    more nisbet animations I regret setting things to 40 fps
  3. so part of my base suddenly got extremely cold and it started raining dry ice. It's a little warmer now so the carbon is evaporating really quickly but a piece of dry ice still falls down every once in a while
  4. Dupe-A-Day!

    Gossmann, THAT was the first thing you noticed? The temperature and not the giant brain you're attached to?
  5. trying to save a debug selection to turn it into a .yaml file causes the game to stop responding to right clicking for dragging the screen, prevents zooming in or out, prevents the pause menu from opening and prevents pressing space from pausing the game.
  6. Dupe-A-Day!

    drew one of my human ocs as a dupe cause I felt like it he an insecure boi wif foofy hair
  7. Dupe-A-Day!

    the only place I know of that sells them besides places online is the bookstore at the school my mom works at but I think that's more just a random thing they have and not something bookstores usually sell good luck
  8. Dupe-A-Day!

    I'd recommend getting a peg bar and some animation paper if you can find any
  9. OilFloater.yaml spawns a slickster hatch.yaml spawns a hatch (needs to be on dirt, algae, or other material hatches can be buried in)
  10. Dupe-A-Day!

    here a Nisbet I animated it took like 5 times longer than I thought it would
  11. anyone got sound assets from the game? Edit: THE TEXTURE ISN'T MAPPING PROPERLY AND I'M DYING HELP
  12. I already have the doors set up like that with all transform dimensions locked except for z ( I think it counts z as vertical instead of front/back in Unreal) I'm just not sure how to set up the blueprint so that it will move when I want it to. (both door panels are actually just a single geometry I made to tesselate.) Other than the blueprints and the fact that Unreal doesn't want to fully enable Custom Depth and Custom Stencil for some reason I have most of the other assets set up the way I want them.
  13. I figure since these glitches aren't too detrimental to gameplay that they don't really need to be sent as a bug report. but should still be mentioned somewhere: sometimes tools will automatically go to drag-select mode but won't be able to select anything. Pausing the game sometimes fixes this but it's still annoying pufts will float upwards indefinitely until they hit an obstacle. This isn't an issue when they're in their natural habitat, but when they're in the colony they end up grouping at the top of the base because of ladders and are unlikely to come back down. if there is already water in the pipes when a duplicant tries to use the shower or bathroom, they will switch showers and bathrooms until they find one that has no water in the pipes. This makes it nearly impossible for two dupes to shower or use the restroom at the same time. As for some suggestions: Dupes that prefer to do certain jobs and will prioritize them unless instructed otherwise (set up somewhat like stress responses in that all of a specific type of dupe have the same preference) Predators -mobs that dupes need to avoid and/or get rescued from. Encourages players to actively play the game in order to pay attention to where these creatures are before they eat duplicants (more interesting if these creatures can dig) nests/burrows, etc where mobs will spawn if their population goes below a certain number I noticed there were some anim assets for what looked like dupes fighting each other and I think that would be interesting to implement though I'm not exactly sure what they'd be fighting over
  14. what everything currently looks like with the cell shading. Still can't get post-process outlines to work :/