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  1. Dupe-A-Day!

    I thought Jarret's leg was Jambell's arm for a second and was super confused by Jambell's hand for a solid minute
  2. idk if you've posted them already but do you have any of the dupe jukebox dances? also can you post the jukebox anims again I can't find them
  3. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    i think its Ellie
  4. Monoxide Memes

    I went to find it on the workshop and the comments section is making me wheeze
  5. Dupe-A-Day!

    eya being a lazy bean
  6. I just noticed that everyone except Lindsay is running and she's just standing there and I'm laughing harder than I should
  7. Cycle 108: Warper decided to keep Nisbet's clone in the same cell she had kept Nisbet, and has started doing different examinations on Eya to see if theres any way Eya can keep her worm side under control, even when she's unconscious or feeling hungry. It seems that the proboscis-like organ that functions as the worm's mouth is attached to her neck in such a way that when it extends it puts pressure on the veins and arteries in her neck, thus restricting bloodflow to her brain and likely the reason behind her falling unconscious as the worm becomes active. Since it is nearly biologically impossible for her to regain control once unconscious, she can only try preventing it from extending before she faints, and cannot retract it on her own. Warper tried getting Eya to fast to see how well she could retain control while hungry, which no one else seemed to think was a good idea. Warper decided instead to try to make a better version of the neck snare that would be more comfortable for Eya. Eya agreed to wear it even though she still has difficulty eating with it on, probably since her lack of a lower mandible makes it harder to chew already. Cycle 109: Ellie's been acting odd the past couple days, I have a feeling she's been in contact with Nisbet, which would mean she's still around the colony somewhere. She seems to be rallying other colonists similar to how Nisbet had and seems to be taking on a sort of leadership role as well, though she hasn't outright declared herself a leader like Nisbet had. Some of the colonists have been giving me nervous glances, while Ellie herself has been shooting me suspicious glares. If Nisbet has indeed been talking with Ellie, I'm sure she hasn't told her anything good, and it's highly likely Nisbet is planning something even less good. I had second thoughts but I decided to approach Ellie about it (though I said nothing about Nisbet). She certainly had been talking with Nisbet since she rambled about a few things she wouldn't have known about unless someone had told her (and there's a good chance that her skewed account of Nisbet's biased account of what's been happening has been spread around the colony as well, which gives good explanation as to why colonists have been treating me differently.). Ellie offered to have an arranged colony-wide meeting tomorrow to give me a chance to tell my side of the story, but that I would have to bring Eya with me. Though I have a bad feeling about this, I suppose it's the best option I have for now.
  8. that would be great. if it does end up happening you'd need to instal unreal engine as well cause idk how to actually package it. then again I'd also need to figure out an efficient way to send it to you
  9. I would say that melen is secretly a birb cause they do nec things but birbs do not have nipples therefor is mystery
  10. unfortunately it looks like I wont get a chance to test with the occulus before I'm out of school. Does anyone have a rift/Vive etc who would be willing to test the motion controllers when I get back on this project eventually? I dont have the money or the space to get one and dont think I can justify expensive equipment for a side project