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  1. forgot to post this edgy ketchup warning (also Nikola's Journal spoilers i guess)
  2. i found your artfight pick a team so i can attack you reeeeeeeeeee
  3. i see that Max is starting to gain multiple outfits as the game slowly panics
  5. Issue: my apple ID email is not a valid email. how can I sign up? do I have to make a brand new apple ID?
  6. Some of the servers I play on suffer severe amounts of lag during snow and rain(to the point where the player cannot even move). I may be wrong, but I believe this is partially because the particle effects of snow and rain exist on the server and not on the client. Since these effects are more for aesthetic and to remind the player that it is raining and not something that can be interacted with, these effects should exist on client instead. I know that the game keeps a lot of the effects as prefabs, but if there's any way to get those prefabs to be client only, it will save a lot of strain on larger servers.
  7. I've noticed that when joining a server that has mods, the game will automatically install said mods. This is fine, but when playing on multiple servers, it fills up the mod list in the game with a lot of mods I never use and am not subscribed to. Could you make a way for the game to ignore or filter these mods in the mod listing?
  8. Yes and no. This is as far as I can really get with this formatting, as I don't really feel like doing everything from Nikola's perspective and the way I write stories tends to be making them intersect to the point that its hard to understand exactly what's going on without the full picture and I don't really know of a good way to do that. Might just paraphrase some random bits, might maybe add to the "journal" at some point, will probably mostly just play around with filling in holes in the story by having stuff in different perspectives and story formats. Will probably still post stuff here, but since Eya's arc is pretty much complete I figured it was at least a good place to pause
  9. Cycle 122: It seems that this storage drive is almost full. I've considered removing extraneous data from the files, but I think it may be better for me to save this document to the colony archives and start with a fresh drive. Eya has gotten used to walking, and has even attempted to use the wings that came with her new form, though all she's managed to do is crash into things. I got brave enough to do another oral exam on her, and it seems that a sort of mandibular structure has formed in place of the proboscis, which not only means that Eya can actually chew food to some extent, but also means that her mouth parts are not elastic enough to consume large items, meaning it is likely that even if Eya were to lose consciousness, the worm (or beetle, I suppose) would not be able to consume anyone alive. Eya seemed relieved to hear this news, as I'm certain the rest of the colony will be. There's still been no word or sighting of Nisbet or Warper, which I suppose is a good thing, at least for the former. I don't know if I'll start on a new log when I finish this drive, though I think I might want to try exploring farther beyond the colony to learn more about this ship that Warper hasn't told me of. I might use such a log to catalogue my findings. For now I will archive this document with the other data in the colony in the hopes that if anything happens to me, or if someone else in the colony has any sort of boredom or curiosity, that this information will be shared to an interested mind. For now, this is what has happened and this is what I know. Signing off -Nikola
  10. I mean I've done stuff like the really short less than 5 panel things if that's what you mean