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  1. the comic is awesome but I have to say those hydrogen generators be smoll XD
  2. will there be a way to edit materials in the future besides deleting loose items?
  3. Frankie wants to free the hatches and piss on the floor
  4. should I get griftlands? I have a coupon but idk if I have time to actually play it

    1. minespatch


      Yes! Play it while it's hot. :wilson_smile:

      It's a modern classic.

  5. if you're on iOS: open preview, go to file>take screenshot>(choose option) If you're on Windows: print screen key or fn+print screen key or open snipping tool>new
  6. more of Warper's persp. I have a more detailed version of the first part but first person persp of getting eaten seemed a little much so i abridged it lmao.
  7. got this error when putting in my save file. Save file is 1300 kb
  8. leaf scary Meanwhile on the other side of the base: *immediately goes back to research*
  9. what kind of 3d printer? the extruder on mine broke :/ also dupe-a-day might be best for this