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  1. We have an infiltrator in our midst!
  2. *Insert robotic breathing theremin sounds here*
  3. I'm still here Thanks you all for keeping this thread alive We're working hard to get the new update out! Take care! Alex
  4. @Alia kindly requested a dupe this morning so here it is. Quit fittingly, Alia also created the world gen for ONI! Enjoy your days everyone! Alex
  5. Alone enjoying a slice of pie in a radioactive sewer...
  6. I coloured the sketch from the art stream yesterday as well as snuck in jambell's draw-along sketch! Thanks for partaking and posting your creations. It warms our hearts!
  7. "Where are my feet?!" I'll be on the Rhymes With Play Twitch stream this afternoon (3:30pm Pacific Time) doing a DUPE draw-along so if you're around then drop in, say hi and hang with Jamie Bell and I! He will be showing off some of the coolness that is the soundscape of Oxygen Not Included. Take care all!
  8. Happy chocolate egg weekend y'all!
  9. Super Dupe! (Don't stress about posting a new dupe every day. I know I can't! Just have fun with it!) Happy Tuesday everyone
  10. Artist/Animator on Oxygen Not Included and Don't Starve.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Don't you think this belongs in your bio though? 

  11. Slight printer malfunction. Happy Friday!
  12. Hi Everybody! My name is Alex and I'm an artist at Klei. Join me and draw a Dupe-A-Day! That's the extent of my rhyming capability. We get excited seeing all the fan art you folks post so I thought I'd join in when I have the time. Our intention with the duplicant design was to make them simple, easy to read, and adorable enough for you to get attached to their quirks! So, feel free to post art of your dupes real or imagined in any manner of trouble they get up to. This is meant to be a fun exercise in generating different ideas and just getting loosened up with your own drawing. I'll do my best to pop in when I can (Dupe-A-Day-ish!) and throw out a quick dupe of my own. I will also try to answer any art-related questions you may have. Getting to know other people's art processes is a great way to add to your own skills as an artist. So here is mine. I call it "Dreaming Dupe: a brief respite from a stressful little life." Take care all!