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  1. Just witnessed my rancher attempting to auto-wrangle a puft but aiming in entirely the wrong direction. Turner did the same thing a second time immediately afterwards. They did not manage to capture either of them. However, I did notice upon zooming out that two separate critters within the same space that were nowhere near Turner had been wrangled: a completely different puft at the end of the small storage area, and a shinebug at the middle left of this image. As far as I'm aware, flying creatures have to be directly called over to the Critter Drop-Off (with auto-wrangle enabled) in order to be captured, so I can only assume that the reason Turner didn't capture the two pufts they called over is because they decided to do a trickshot roughly 40 squares away.
  2. Somehow my duplicants managed to build Hanging Pots without fully mining out the required tiles, in this case it's sedimentary rock.
  3. Here’s some Nikolas that I doodled a year ago.
  4. It’s not exactly a screenshot but I feel like it fits here (maybe? if not I’m sorry) Just wish I got the moment Nikola got hit by the first wave, which was all he needed to go from 99% to 100% stress.
  5. A few instances I've noticed Hanging Pots won't be built if the location you initially picked to place them wouldn't initially be accessible, but this didn't happen all the time. It wasn't until I built a room with a mixed ceiling type that I believe I narrowed down the specific instance that my duplicants would refuse to build the Hanging Pot: the tile the pot is being placed under is an Airflow tile. I'm not sure if the same thing happens with mesh tiles as well since I haven't built a room plan involving them interacting with a Hanging Pot. I should also mention that they're still able to build the pot under an Airflow Tile, but I have to first cancel the initial order before they realize there is actually a ceiling. Minor Inconveniences Cycle 389.sav
  6. Thinking of coming back... maybe.

  7. Aww, can I keep the spider turret? It looks adorable, in a bio-mechanical sort of way.
  8. Holy jeez! The smallbird is freaking adorable! Makes me want to try my hand at one in the future.
  9. I highly recommend that you provide the source at the start next time. The disclaimer "bull****" is, to put it crudely, there to keep you from being accused of plagarism among other things.
  10. Welcome! Saw some of your work on tumblr, good stuff!
  11. OMFGHAJKFDSGDGJADDF HAHAHAHAHA! Oh Mesh, you've slain me with the parodies.
  12. That's some amusing imagery right there. Though I think the only lawn he'd really mess up the most would be Maxwell's.
  13. Really? Sounds pretty comedic in it's own way. Now I'm picturing Wilson's hair having a mind of it's own, piercing through the poor hats and swatting at anything that comes near. Wait, that sounds a lot like tentacles actually. Hmmm...