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Cassie's Blob Art

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I found your thread through @Bebbit's thread and I'm so happy I did! Currently saw your work through a reblog on @Quoth143's blog on tumblr and was curious why the piece where Wolfgang was carrying Wilson was from.


Here's how I drew Wilson's hair:

wilson hair puzzle.png

I find your way much more organic. Thank you for posting that tutorial, it really inspired Bebbit and I'm with the majority, you've captured Klei's technique by the line.

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I saw that hoop and stick one yesterday. Don't believe I've played/heard of that game.

Lol Wilson is not much of a smoker? Even more a reason to like him (not that I have a problem with smokers, I actually live with a couple so yeah).

I really like that last one :)

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4 hours ago, minespatch said:

The last comic is a bit sad but nice development on William's character as much as Wilson's optimism.

I never guessed it was William's glasses 0_0 I remember seeing most of these on DA before :)

God dammit Willow, every time! XD

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