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  1. 1. God yes i am 2. MMMMMHHHHHH M'BABIE,,, EYES EMOJI 3. This is a big freakin mood explain this
  2. aaaaahhh sorry for inactivity. haven't been playing ds for like a year because my laptop broketn. it's hard for me to make content of game i barely play,,, i miss playing ds so much hoooo

    i still breathe don't worry

  3. webber's baby spider gets tangled pretty often also new shading art style E
  4. sadly he tackled too hard. mhm, he's one of the shortest in my version hhoh heeh. the shorties are wilson, wigfrid, abby then webber. tallest is maxwell ofc. then wolfgang, wx, and wendy. she just gets half of her uncle's height insetrted inside her genes while wolfgang is just. big thank you,, i was just too lazy to draw them feets then boom i draw berry bushes in the bottom with no realization
  5. hooooo here we go i got some drawings in my hands
  6. It's a lightning, but i think i put green too much on her hands.
  7. thank you ! yes, it's interesting. i might try it sometime, but alas i've only able to survive 2 days for now. - some sketches. i've finally get my scanner to work, so i try to scan some of the pages from my sketchbook. this one's actually scrapped, but i still liked it. too bad i did a mistake on the face. and non-DS art. Sucy Manbavaran from little witch academia, my favorite anime so far.
  8. some sketches i don't wanna finish because drawing on phone is hard hbvdhsv
  9. i have no idea how much i love vroom-vrooms. this is rad, i like how wx literally looks like they're humanoid version of a motorcycle even though it's just their forge skin
  10. "heheh, exam's over and now i am free. i can play forge now."

    *remembers it ends in less than 3 days*


  11. remember to put on silencer exactly like our mother's words we forget about spilled wine but the stain will not be gone though the violence is familiar and the touch of their fingers bitter and sweet the flavours are not yours to seize don't ever give in please camelia song: doodles. very late post, because uploading pics to forums via my phone's browser is SSR rank pain and a lil comic hoo hoo
  12. yep, at first i stick with her being a small weenie kid, but when i discover she's p much maxwell's niece i think her father might be tall too and makes wendy get tall genes, even though she starts as tiny but when she touch the age of 12 (my wender is around 14-15) her height nyooms while abby is stuck in her current height. it's just like, wendy's already a tree, abby still stuck as a sprout she does can shapeshift, but she can't make herself longer hajsgdjseh just bigger and smellr. well, she can make her arms longer though, just to poke random people as a prank or slap them hounds from afar
  13. y e ah i draw her literally like a string bean. long noodle blame her uncle and father's genes, she often get her head bumpin on tree branches. or leaves on her face. even when she's still at home she needs to crouch in the door. easily spotted in the crowd just like a pole different with abby, she's real small because of her mother's genes. and now she's dead which means she has no chance of growing taller. (and some kind of self-insert because i am real freakin tiny too shhsjdgjshddg F thank youuuu, i really enjoy drawing webber in big big smile, such precious spiderboy.
  14. dance dance daaaaaannccecececcece i hope i could just dance on my assignments and let them perish
  15. if my laptop keeps acting weird i'll throw it into the lake and then myself

    1. Mobbstar


      Good idea, swimming helps relieve stress.

    2. minespatch


      Sounds like a future Wendy drawing.:wilson_ecstatic:

  16. got this ask and yeppp,,,time to draw real quick on my phone
  17. wendy, but her damage multiplies when she's depressed

    1. DragonMage156
    2. minespatch


      So just a normal day for Wendy.:wilson_sneaky:

    3. DragonMage156


      Wendy everyday :p

  18. IMG_20181111_172234.jpg.8c20b57e856a9de35e53e097c5374c65.jpg

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    2. rubiidiums



    3. minespatch


      What manga is that op image from?

      Darith, what is your friend's persona from?

    4. rubiidiums


      it's asobi asobase.

      watch the anime too, it's freakin hilarious.

  19. these are so nice and cute aaaa i love,,,,,,lookit my fish child good beans,,,
  20. little witch academia was great, it gets deeper each episode and i love it.


    1. minespatch


      I really need to check out that show sometime.

      I like how the different poisonous mushrooms act as a frame around her.

  21. plague knight 

    haven't played the game, but i want it real bad


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    2. rubiidiums


      yep he's some kind of an alchemist. he jumps around and throws his bombs.

    3. Mobbstar


      He shares his home with flying rats! Exploding rats! Toxic rats! Youngster brats! Mosquito gnats! Melon hats! Grooming rats! Lots of rats!

    4. minespatch


      He wouldn't be out of place in Dishonored.:wilson_sneaky:

  22. an au comic where wendy gets cursed but everyone else dont, which makes her getting unrecognizable even by her best friend