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Cassie's Blob Art

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[WILSON offers the cheesecake to the GNAW. The offering is accepted and the final favor falls from the sky, radiating splendor. WICKERBOTTOM snatches it up and quickly trades it with MUMSY for the ANCIENT KEY. All the survivors gather by the GATEWAY; there is no time to lose. As the GATEWAY opens WILSON can be heard to mutter something.]

WILSON: I licked that cheesecake before I offered it. Do you think that-

WICKERBOTTOM: [sternly] Hush, dear.

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Nice touch with the eyes on this one! Their pallor is darker than normal, which really gives the sense of sclera here. IT's hard balancing pupils and sclera in the Don't Starve style, but you perfected it.

Also, the way you cut off the gnaw halfway looks like the entity is smiling.:wilson_ecstatic:

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This is especially artistic, I noticed. The little story added on to it is great too! Pretty funny, really.

Reminds me of when we already won the Gorge, and I shoved some spoiled fish-something (He wasn't craving it.) on the altar just to tick him off before going home.

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On 12/15/2020 at 1:32 PM, TheBlob said:



11 party.png

It's like something out of @Russian_Philin's treeguard fics.:wilson_ecstatic: It's so wholesome!

Wilson maintaining psychological dominance.:wilson_sneaky:

Lovely colors on this one. Would be a great christmas card. Great job with the silhouettes inside.

35 minutes ago, TheBlob said:



since I'm 30, this hits close to home.

Is... Is the lil' spider the groom?

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