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z3rox12    83
15 minutes ago, DavePlaysDST said:

it should be stop killing butterflies to relate to almost all wortox mains

But, but i need to kill pigs to get mats for my hambat so I can keep killing pigs :'c

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1bubbainpa    3480
2 hours ago, GetRektKids said:

it's all of Maxwell and his face doing different things.


This thread was made during the Cyclum Puzzle, which was a period where massive lore drops and general excitement of the game were at an all time high after a long period of basically having nothing.

Everyone was excited, and the various, dorky faces of Maxwell and Wilson only helped in creating some of the finest and dnakest memes this community has ever seen.

Nowadays, this thread is used for mediocre/low quality memes until a new animation/comic drops, in which some of the finer memes come out. Though there are some rare gems in this thread that occasionally crop up, some of which are even on this page.

But maybe this is me being an old forum junkie. Anyways, this is technically a meme thread so I should shaddap.

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