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  1. A Triumphant Wheeler design I feel perfectly encapsulates the venn diagram between "pre-50's pilot", "flapper", "feral woman", and "dolly parton but evil"
  2. Playing with colour palettes. Did this a couple weeks ago on a trip to Ohio with my dad
  3. This file is saved as "foxy_grandpa.png"
  4. Hi I spent like 90 minutes on this but I don't have a caption, other than "Shenanigans"
  5. You ever realize halfway through something that you don't actually know what you're doing? Welcome to Mirth Tries To Paint: An Obituary
  6. WX mains demanding gears in public servers (2020, colourized)
  7. Every single time I come back to this thread to see how the easy-to-understand rules of "don't be NSFW" have been violated this time I become more and more convinced that the Lord is testing me