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So over the years I have had a few avatars.

Drawn for me by some awesome people. Here are some of the Old avatars and images from years ago. 

Show me your Avatars that you either drew or requested! 


Doing his job.png





Last but not least- One I attempted to do for myself. I don't like it much :/ 



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Practice makes perfect...but I don't think you need practice @LadyD cause your artwork is quite stunning...but if that's a real nightmare throne shouldn't your wrists be restrained? :o But overall perfect artwork at least to my eyes.  ;) 

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Because flattering
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1 minute ago, GiddyGuy said:

Practice makes perfect...but I don't think you need practice @LadyD cause your artwork is quite stunning...but if that's a real nightmare throne shouldn't your wrists be restrained? :o But overall perfect artwork at least to my eyes.  ;) 

When I sit in a throne. I own it. No matter whose throne it is. (Take that Maxy boy) 

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  • Developer

Those are awesome!

I once attempted to draw an avatar for myself, then remembered I have no art skills whatsoever. I kept trying a bit longer, but then gave up and... this happened:


I'm quite fond of it, actually. I'll probably start using it again eventually.

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I was once but a normal Goose/Moose




Who, one day, took an afternoon nap and awoke to find that I was transformed!



I had wanted to return back to my normal form... Goodness knows what my Mooselings feel about what I look like now... and so, through magical genetic manipulation from samples taken from other giants, one named @rezecib the Dragonfly... I was able to make a potion that would reject unnatural mutations and revert my form into its original state... but... as I was busy with my research, I found that my Mooselings, whom I had abandoned in search of normality, have had been taken care of by another Goose/Moose... one named @Zackreaver... alas, they had bonded... they seemed happy... but the sadness of losing my children were too great... it caused a chemical reaction in me... brought on by my loss, I started to change... the others started to take over... I fainted and had awoken to this...



I was a collective now... the thoughts of some had become one... through this form, I had become... quite formidable... my wounds would heal, any ailment would be cleansed... I was resistant to both heat and cold... my Eyenips would secrete Eye Milk that would heal any injury... but... I was losing myself... I wanted to regain my thoughts... through my newly acquired and notably absurd abilities, I was able to open dimensional rifts... the mind of 4 working as one... I had the help of an Olivia Gladstone... and the one called Maxwell... with both of them working together... we were able to concentrate 4 minds into one... 



This form proved to be too intelligent... It was not a collective... but a more dominant thought than the 4 that had preceded it... it had more darker objectives... through sheer will power, the 4, Olivia, and Maxwell, worked together to subdue this new threat... but at a cost... the body which would be able to withstand any and all harm... had to be destroyed... memories were removed... the body, a mere husk... it was burned... with no active force to have it regenerate itself... it perished... the 5th was purged... and removed from the 4... Olivia had other plans with such a mind... however, the 4 consciousness remained... Olivia had the sense to make a back up of our thoughts... and for a time, we existed as mere programs in a computer...


Asparagnito.png.a2120bc4995438cb9b1ee867 We were called Asparagnito... the first...

Maxwell, not wanting to waste such a force of unnatural nature... had proceeded to create a new host body for them to dwell... but as he was still working on this... a threat in Olivia's world had arisen... a war had broken out... I was called on to assist them... I was reprogrammed to calculate various data to aid operatives on the field...



At the time... I was hidden away in a secluded place away from any who might take advantage of my processing capabilities... another dimension... The Melondom... the melon kingdom...

If they so needed it, I was accessible though an inter-dimensional link that Maxwell had created to secure the project... but after only a year of this war... we were discovered... a mole in the agency had leaked information... We had to keep Maxwell's abilities secret... Goodness knows what the corporations will do with such a phenomenon... As a last ditch effort, we had to leave Olivia on her own and go back to our world... but she was not alone... she still had the 5th... she was re-purposed as my replacement, albeit better one... she named it... Incognita...

With nowhere to store my mind, Maxwell had recovered a Dead MooseGoose and Deerclops... it's funny how things go full circle... but the simple mind of a single MooseGoose was not enough to store a collective... I did not know what happened next... but something went awry... I awoke... felling well and rested... we were all there... the 4 of us back together again... but something was amiss... my vision was not as it was... my depth perception was off... as I stared down the ground... I found...



Maxwell was nowhere to be found... O__O




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Zelda!! NO!! LINK!!
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I haven't been here long enough to have a long history of avatars but I can post what I have had so far.


This was the first one:


Then once I finished the DS character meme, I changed it to a cropped version of this:


I had to change the background due to the clash of colours. I may need to edit a few things on this though.


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On 3/21/2016 at 6:00 PM, Asparagus said:

I found that my Mooselings, whom I had abandoned in search of normality

Perhaps it was that I was the only Moose/Goose at the time that actually defended children from frogs.  They wanted a TRUE PARENT!!


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3 hours ago, Zackreaver said:

Perhaps it was that I was the only Goose/Moose at the time that actually defended children from frogs.  They wanted a TRUE PARENT!!

As it does pain me to admit it... you were a better parent to them than I was... I kinda ate a few of them O__O

How are they doing btw? O__O

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For someone who's been on as long as I have, my avatar count is astoundingly small.  To my memory, I've only had 4.  The first one was some crappy piece of fanart I did for my first OC, Wither.  The second one was also a piece of crappy fanart, which was the original design for my current avatar.  And, unfortunately, out of all of them, this is the one I still have.


(This apology is four years late, but...sorry for stealing your character design, RavenCrow.

The 3rd one, a fantastic bit of art by Diekunstler, got deleted off the forums at some point long ago.  Great.  The only one other than my current avatar I really wanted to find.  And of course, the fourth one, which I'm using now.

I've also had a couple of Halloween avatars.  The most recent one was just a picture of Omega Flowey (since it sorta gave me an existential crisis, but that's off-topic), and the first one was of me wearing DaverGamer's face as a mask.


Should I sue Telltale for stealing my concept in Tales from the Borderlands?

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Oh my, more than three years have caused quite a few avatars on my plate. Let's recall some of them, shall we?

I decided to show those which I used for a greater amount of time. In the Beginning I was changing relatively quick and some of those have gone to limbo alreay.





Even some Holiday Specials





I also did some requests but it seems I shipped them to the receivers whole.

(Wait, I found some of them....^^)






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Just now, Lord_Battal said:

Well, now I guess I can add "Delirious Lord Swaggal" to the list.


though it pains me to say this, I like that post... but to not further your cause of amassing more likes, take this pseudo like instead

maxresdefault.jpg O__O

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8 hours ago, LadyD said:

also- Millenium!!! I have missed you! How are you? 

Oh, I'm quite well. Although the ways of my life seem more like a spiral than a straight line. At the moment I'm knee-deep in my schooling to become a graphic designer. In the end I'm aiming to be an actual game designer, and after two not finished attempts of study (Biology and Conservation and Restauration) I think this is finally the right path.

I hope to have enought time to be on the forums again. It was and is a fun time here. ^^

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As for my avatars... oh boy, there's been quite a few.



This was my first avatar here that I chose back when I was still into Dota 2 and I didn't have any way to draw digitally besides a mouse. I wasn't very, well, good at drawing either. I was still drawing women with man jaws *shudder*


And then I found SirKnight's art thread when she was accepting requests, and after describing one of my characters, Athena, she drew up this. At some point something happened about me being Weirdo's daughter or something so I turned all my profile pictures upside down for a while.


Willette drew this pic with me with a fez that I used for a while. So cute!


I got my own drawing tablet and did an anime! (I don't remember if I actually used this one here or not, but I'm including it anyway.)




derp intensifies


and then the wedding thread happened

BN53SZj.png W0Hp84j.png

minimalist and minimalist with an annoyed face.


a cannibal picture for Halloween. 


an anime eye



vUmTkZB.png 7YxOFRH.gif

and then lastly at this current date, an artist's interpretation of herself in real life and an artist's interpretation of herself in real life gif'd


I'm probably leaving out or forgetting quite a few, such as the vampire Athena and the times I used Amethyst from SU and Battal's profile pic, but this list is huge enough already as it is.

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