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  1. I found out my issue, apparently my code wasn't always setting the persists = false, took me some time to figure out that this was the cause.
  2. Oh unsharded servers still do that? Well there's my problem right there, I never bothered to check. I've been so used to hosting dedicated servers and doing servers with caves that I never realized the client and server merged if there wasn't a shard. Well now I feel embarrassed.
  3. I have looked at them, but no matter what I apply the rabbits refuse to despawn with the character. However, I did take the "Create a new entity" into consideration, though if it comes to that I'd like to know a good way to retain the rabbit's most up to date script. As simply copying the Rabbit.lua would result in the follower requiring maintenance should an update ever come to the rabbits in the future. I'm mostly considering my options at the moment, I would like the rabbits that are following the character to simply disappear with the character when the server shuts down or they leave, but for some reason I can't get that behavior to happen.
  4. Okay, so I have a character who can have rabbits as followers. I want the rabbits to despawn when the character leaves the server or the server shuts down, and I want the rabbits to reappear when the character reconnects. I am having trouble getting the rabbits to despawn when the player disconnects or the server shuts down. What would be a good way to do this?
  5. Before the migration to make everyone host dedicated servers, I used to be able to use print() to recieve data from the server when I hosted using the client. Now hosting using the client will only allow remote access, and print no longer works, I used to gather information about the mod's I'm working on by doing this and now I feel a little lost as to how I can gather information easily from the client. Is there a different command I can use now to get data remotely? Edit: Well this is embarrassing, the entire time I never realized that all I had to do was stop testing on a sharded server, by launching the map as overworld OR caves ONLY, I could get back the client/server merge that I was used too. I was just too damn stupid to think (Let me try testing mods without a shard)
  6. I figured it out. For my friends particular problem, he didn't have "Auto-Subscribe mods" enabled, which was strange because I thought that if you didn't download server mod's you would just get an error before joining. The thing is I'm certain if we ever actually built a large chest he would have just crashed since he was missing assets but the UI issue kept happening first so it was confusing.
  7. So one of the mod's I like to use on my servers is Large Chests, it's a mod that just creates large chests so we don't have to worry about figuring out which of the little chests has the stuff we're looking for. It helps stop the clutter. For the most part, this mod has never caused me or my friends problems. Except for some of my friends, when the mod is enabled it causes their UI to display wrong stats for them, their health becomes 45638, their hunger stops going down, and everything looks just wrong. Obviously their actual stat's aren't showing up properly, but they don't have any client side mod's installed themselves, meaning it's only the server side mod's causing the issue but for them exclusively. It's not exclusively this mod either, I've tried alternative storage mod's and they all consistently cause the same problem for them. I originally thought maybe they have a corrupt installation, but even after verifying game cache they still have the problem. Does anybody know why this is happening for them and what we can try to fix it? If it were happening to me myself I'd know what to do, but it's not happening for me or some of my other friends, the server I'm hosting is dedicated so we are all clients connecting so I don't see initially what the problem could be. It's happened with a couple of my friends who freshly install the game so it's a little consistent but I don't really know what's the cause.
  8. Hey, I'm kinda annoyed at how the workshop sorts it's items, and also some of the mod authors tend to over tag their content where it really shouldn't belong also so I've been having the worst time trying to find mod's that are to my liking. I'm wondering if any of you guys on here know of any mod's I'm looking for. Primarily what I'm looking for is- Mod's that add new creatures (Not character mods) such as, Even though it's just reskinned koalaphants, it brings new challenges to hunting them along with new rewards. Even though it's not necessarily hard to deal with koalaphants it's a step in the right direction. I remember how exciting it was when ewecus first came out, adding mod's that bring back that excitement is what I'm looking for. Preferably I'd like to stray away from fanservice mods, that is any mod that add's in entities or creatures that are from other things like popular anime or another video game. I want to try and just enhance don't starve vanilla but it's hard to find those kind. Alongside mod's that add new creatures, mod's that add new obstacles/rewards is also preferred, such as (the now retired) additional set pieces mod. I like the idea of new traps being brought into my servers, it add's that realm of excitement not knowing whether we should open that inconspicuous chest in the middle of nowhere. I could always make them myself but then I know all the tricks and traps so it's less exciting for myself. So, has anyone spotted some of these particular mods that I might have overlooked? If so this is a good way to advertise them.
  9. It's quite alright, I get a little carried away with how detailed I want to be. I wouldn't be surprised if someone got bored with what I was saying after the first few seconds of reading it, I appreciate the effort though. Well mostly it's overpowered because every other recipe sucks in comparison, there are only a few good recipes worth making outside of meatballs and I feel that's where the lack of balance comes in, it would be nice for players trying to intentionally make specific recipes in order to get their specific stats, but the 62 hunger from meatballs outweighs that almost everytime. I actually am working on a chef character who gets a unique buff from each crock pot recipe to kind of work around this, his downside is he can't eat anything that's not from a crockpot. And with Warley recently coming out in shipwrecked, I was able to "borrow" his portable crock pot for the character as well. It's features like these that I find the most inspiring, you might never want to make fistful of jam or ratatouille as any other character, but as my chef character there's an actual benefit for it. So far I'm loving the read, it helps me to get to know all the different kinds of players out there. I'm actually surprised so many people enjoy playing character mods, I actually would've thought with the over saturation on the workshop that it might be what people get tired of seeing. But I can see the appeal as it's the type of mod you can immediately notice, and some of the mod's are actually pretty interesting. Yes I also saw Musha and think that character is insanely detailed. I would never use that character though seeing as how it feels like it changes the game so much that it doesn't feel like don't starve anymore, but I can't help but to adore the attention to detail, as well as the splash art that has every single don't starve character in a type of "Anime" appearance.
  10. I've been a modder for a decent time now, definitely not as well known as the others but long enough to have gotten a grasp on how things are done. I've got a couple mod's publicized, which is one of the hardest things to do in my opinion as getting judged by the public is always a terrifying thing, the other mod's in my workshop are kept to friends only still under development as there are some finishing touches needed before they meet my standard for publicizing. But more importantly I've noticed there is definitely a divide of players with how many mod's that get used. There are some players who use no mods, either due to not knowing how or refusing to taint their vanilla experience of the game. Then there are players who use some mods, just enough for quality of life in the form of Always on status, status announcements, wormhole marks, large chest. Nothing game-breaking but just stuff that makes doing stuff you can already do easier. Then there's the players who want to heavily mod, such as using character mods, mods that adjust the entire server, completely change how the game plays, and even some things that I probably haven't even experienced. I fully see the appeal to mod the game, as it extends the lifespan for it once you've grown tired of what was already given to us. And with character mod's being one of the easiest to create (Thanks to Dleowolf's amazing character template) it's incredibly easy to put in your own personal character (Or fanservice from another game >.<). There will always be a desire to have the game adjusted in at least some way to bring it into a state that those kinds of players enjoy the most, whether it's making the game harder, easier, or a mixture of both in different areas. I personally stand on the side of keeping the mod's to a minimal, usually just quality of life mod's like the ones listed above. The reason for this is I tend to find the vanilla setup for don't starve together to be pretty fine as it is. Everything is there for a reason, obstacles have solutions, items have uses, biomes specialize in purposes while having weakness's that need to be overcomed. Time is a resource so distance traveled between areas is just as important as the areas themselves. It's not perfect obviously, with crock pot recipes pretty much all of them are overshadowed by meatballs being incredibly easy to make and incredible powerful, tallbird raising ends up being more costly than it is effective unless your using the tallbird mod or being masochistic, and the ability to disconnect from a server at the immediate sign of death to circumvent it or otherwise skip seasons is a rather silly yet very hard to counter cheese. In term's of game modes, I primarily stick to endless, my reason against survival is primarily because I play with a group of friends who have a tendency for dying and it's much more relaxing for all of us if they can just revive at the portal, rather than relying on me to effectively revive them everytime they die. Not to mention, the cheese of simply disconnecting to avoid draining sanity tends to be the preferred countermeasure, but that results in the player effectively not playing until we get them Resurrection. And wilderness seems better suited for a server setup for PVP, which personally I don't feel like the game was really designed for just yet, and I'd rather wait until the game gets more development on that before trying a server with those settings. Granted, endless mode tends to remove some of the challenge from the game, as your effectively capable of living forever, but in reality we could be playing don't starve single player if we wanted that, instead we like to think of this as a way to enjoy the game together. And by no means are we in a rush to die an infinite amount of deaths, so we end up treating it like survival anyway just without the risk of restarting the server and having to begin in autumn... AGAIN. But that much being said, even though I'm against heavily modding a server, there are particular mod's that I tend to look out for. I am highly supportive of any mod's that add monsters into the game, such as the ewecus, or a giant. The interesting part of these kinds of mod's would come in how these creatures come into play, what mechanics you would have to utilize in order to exploit them, and what resources would you be granted for your efforts. The fun of putting meat on the ground to attract crows, or luring a mole with a rock to smack with a hammer, or running a rabbit/spider into a trap, or setting up an eyeplant garden to deal with the hound attacks, hell even luring the hound attacks to a herd of beefalo can be just as entertaining as fighting them yourself, and in other cases more entertaining. So any mod's that add in new types of creatures with their own little unique way of interacting with them is always something I look forward too. Unfortunately I tend to have trouble finding these types of mod's as they are heavily overshadowed by the shear amount of character mods on the workshop, I would appreciate if anyone is aware of some to mention them. Additionally, I've mentioned this before in another thread, but mods that adjust how summer works are also in my interest, because at the moment with the dragonfly being all year around summer has lost it's actual purpose outside of collecting cactus flowers, so any mods that make summer less boring are also something I'm interested in, at least until klei does something about it. At any rate to get back on topic, which side are you on, do you prefer to keep the game more vanilla'ish like me, retaining what the game already offers and avoid trivilizing too much of it? Perhaps you enjoy modded characters that are no stronger than the default cast, as to avoid making them never get played in comparison to the modded cast? Or do you prefer to heavily mod the server instead? Feeling like the mod's you add change the game for the greater good, bringing out an even greater game than what was already given to us, brightening the overall experience and breathing a new life into a game that we've played for a long time now? Adding characters that are either insanely powerful or incredibly weak, perhaps you don't care if they are strong or weak and just want to play as your favorite character from that other anime/videogame/etc and also play a little don't starve as well. Perhaps play don't starve like an RPG, or a strategy game, or whatever crazy setup the mod's have turned the game into, thanks to the workshop the possibilities are endless. Let me know how you feel about this games current state, what you like to adjust the most. And more importantly, what kind of mod's you'd want to see the most. While your at it, share the mod's you like to use the most and the reason for why you like using them, it's always nice to see the justifications for mod's people tend to select, it helps get a better foresight on what people expect in this game. I look forward to reading what you have to say, and it might even inspire me to make some newer mods, I'm always looking for some kind of inspiration. Also, if a topic like this was posted before, feel free to link it to me so I can join it.
  11. Been away from the forum's for a bit, right when I logged on I had to respond, I felt compelled as if a force was driving me.
  12. They are not getting eaten by their mother, that's how they are doing. Also they have lots of fun going into players camps and eating all the food off the floor, serves them right for leaving it out in the open.
  13. Perhaps it was that I was the only Moose/Goose at the time that actually defended children from frogs. They wanted a TRUE PARENT!!
  14. Well if it is intended, theres a bug with the animation, because the beefalo dies in the chewing animation, instead of the dying animation. So the beefalo chews out of existence. About 21 or 22, I forget exactly. Each one deals about 80 damage to the beefalo.
  15. When you feed a beefalo enough red caps, it causes them to die and drop their loot, while in their chewing food animation. It looks wierd but being able to kill a beefalo without having to actually fight it is kinda useful. Was this intended?