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  1. Can I still reply to this? it's been a wee bit since I last posted here. It's probably fine Just a simple Willow, might do a Forge Willow later.
  2. How has this thread not been archived yet? Well since it's still good I shall post this here. Tried the manga style out.
  3. Hey, Glad you enjoyed it, although honestly i'm probably not going to do much else with it. Atleast not any time soon
  4. Thank ya I had to look up what you meant heh, looking at it now I kind of actually see more of a "The delightful children from down the lane" look to it than anything else, but that might just be me
  5. Still trying things out. This one didn't turn out as great as I wanted but i think it was good practice atleast
  6. These are really cool, the illustrations are great too and suit the journal theme you're going for nicely. sort of reminds of Olimar's notes from pikmin
  7. It's all about balance or atleast that's what I tell myself I Haven't actually played no more heroes, but i might do a couple more characters in this style since it didn't really take too long to do either. It does have that dramatic look to it which is pretty cool
  8. Welcome to the forums blob You got the style down that's for sure. Also poor webber heh.
  9. Trying out some new styles I think they came out pretty well. Colours and shading aren't really my strong suit so I'm kind of out of my area with these, but that's what practice is for I suppose. Insanity Walani has a couple quotes about making clothing from things, one being a snakeskin bikini and skirt out of palm leaves. So since summer is finally here again I threw this together. And Wilson based off a Batman picture
  10. I think the "g" in "derg" is supposed to be an "o", making it "dero" as in quackadero their tumblr name.
  11. These are amazing, I love how smooth your lines and shading are.
  12. Just don't make them angry, or they'll form the atomic boo's hipster cousin Nice art by the way, i like your profile picture too.
  13. Heh thanks, i'd like to see some kind of list of all the new quotes, the wiki kind of sucks at updating their section on it