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On Charlie's art

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Charlie's got a dramatic first appearance in this beta, it's pretty intense, though I have noticed a few folks making a note about Charlie's in-game appearance. I myself also feel she could be improved in some aspects.

Personally, I feel Charlie feels like she's been ripped right out of the Cinematic shorts. This works for them, but I think she could stand to take a few cues from the survivors when it comes to in-game art.

This is my personal take on her sprites;

You can see the more intense changes but I also want to note the little details as well.

  • I referenced and based her hair off Winona's hair. I made it darker since it seems to fit Charlie, alongside her being the younger sister.
  • I changed her face to better fit the model sheet. I think thinner eyebrows give her a more 'intense' look.
  • I adjusted her shoulder pads and coat ends, and added skirt ruffles down the middle of her dress.
  • I topped her off with a black dress. I took cues from the Triumphant skin line, giving her a grey under layer and going over that with black. I also darkened her greys a bit.
  • I made her feather darker. I might've made it too dark, but I'm trying to keep color filters in mind. 

I do not feel my attempt is perfect but I do think there are some ways to improve the current Charlie design. I look forward to others takes on her and her updates, moving forward!

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I would still prefer a smaller head. I know it's proportionally smaller than the survivors' heads, but it still feels too bubble head like and therefore too "cute". Also thanks for acknowledging the eyebrows! 

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While I do agree the smaller head is 'better' in terms of proportions, it's inline with NPC Maxwell & the style. So I'm fine with it overall.

But true black clothes 100%. Please please please.

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Imo - too dark. Her current appearance looks well readable. I don't think she's supposed to be looking menacing or to scare. She's got that sweet elegant but deceitful vibe, kinda like a an aunt you can approach and would give some gin to a kid.

Besides she likely had some redesigns going on from looks of it and she looks very much like the design from the shorts.

The buttons for her brazier and folds to her gown I can agree on adding them. I like those tiny details. Darker feather? Nah. It's crimson red which is dark enough.

Smaller head? There's no realistic body proportions head wise in the game for these two characters (Maxwell and Charlie) so no. They are but elongated compared to anyone in shorts or game.

Eyes and small lips make her animated expression have edge as she's emoting.

I've had a lot of consideration as of how and if she should even have a change art wise but I've had a change of mind over the time and said 'yea, she looks perfect as she is.'

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As many have said before, Charlie really needs a more game design than a cinematic one, so that she looks more fitting into the game environment, because at the moment she stands out from the background.

I understand that the developers are unlikely to redo it, because it is to redraw all the sprites again and adjust the animation.
I personally think that Charlie should be changed a little to suit the technical style of the game. Maybe even redo some of the appearance animations. It would be more effective if she came out of the darkness, and not just flopped with the help of smoke, but I'm probably already asking for a lot, so let's stop at the redesign.
In any case, the final choice is always up to the developers, because this is their vision, time and resources.?imw=512&imh=288&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter

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