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  1. I use a combination of QoLs like geo placement and automatic health adjust, completely useless mods like the gramophone mod and meme mods
  2. So a friend of mine is a huge Redstone enthusiast and I think that he'd enjoy dst more if he could farm stuff at least somewhat similarly to how he does in MC, I do know the bunny meat farm by rhovius and the auto volt goat farm, but any kind of resource farm or idea would be welcome, so please just post on!
  3. They should really amp it to 75% at least, you'd still need to go out of your way to a brine shoal and kill the annoying cookie cutters to make em.
  4. Until death at least. Is there any winona farm that uses hound mounds?
  5. What about a station akin to the potter's wheel where you could craft those alternative floorings (or all floorings for tidyness sake) so as to not clutter the crafting menu? I wouldn't mind them all being in the structures tab, but it's an idea.
  6. Sort of disappointed this wasn't a cool "we're working on something similar to OPS suggestion" from the devs, thanks for always being active though! I would be a sucker for biome varieties, having the alternate biome spawn on a different island would be the cherry on top!
  7. It's not as bad as you make it out to be, I can run Dst, spelunky 2 and even minecraft with some optimizations at a decent enough 30 fps, 60 in some cases and I can also use a browser engine along with discord and word with not much issue at all. I feel that if oxygen not included had more options relating to performance, like a customizable lower internal resolution or an option to decrease effects like gas on-screen, I could run it more smoothly, but I've yet to find mods that do that. (I've been testing by decreasing window sizes and it seems to be better but I can only see so much if I do that.
  8. A friend gifted me ONI recently and I've tried a few optimization tweaks (like setting app priority to high, using full-screen, downloading optimization mods, disabling vsync) but no matter what I do, the issue still persists. My specs are 4 GB Ram, a 2.16 GHz processor, and an Intel pentium inside. (Laptop is Dell inspiron 3000) its a potato. Is there anything I could do to improve the situation or should I get used to the slow gameplay?
  9. My base complaint about it is that unlike winter's feast which originally added Klaus, a pretty cool winter activity that stood year round, this is just the event stuff and that's what. What's more, it doesn't seem like it would be very wise to do this in summer at all, because, you know, wildfires, it would fit more as an autumn event. I was not expecting a full on summer rework, but i was expecting something that could really stay from the event onto the game, like the beefalo stations from Yotb.
  10. I mean we also had Ruffus the first, didn't we? I dont recall eating that one also
  11. The community is friendly enough. I met a pretty close online friend by saying I wanted to find people to play with on the forums and we both went into it like "meh, sure, probably one time" and it's almost been 2 years already. I became friends with a super cool modder by telling him he was my "best friend ever since high school" in a mod discord server despite the fact we had never communicated before, we're still friends lol. There are some bad apples, but you do find pretty cool peeps to chill with.
  12. My personal hypothesis is that dst's "ocean" is a big, salty pond that sits over a plateau that connects to the main ocean further south which is the SW ocean. This is backed up by the fact that the edge of the ocean isn't an endless void but rather deeper, harsher waters can be seen from the top of the waterfalls. This is also backed up by the fact that (at least up to now) this ocean has no waves to speak of, and this way both SW, DST and Ham can logically exist together as one world. Now design wise, I'm no code wizard, but I'd put my money on the assumption that the reason you can't go around the world in dst is because it would be a pain to code the boat along with its mobs, structures and players to do a lap around the world as opposed to SW where they only warped the player
  13. I kinda want them to rework summer and make it the seafaring season. It just makes sense
  14. I feel like character swapping, if done right, can be greatly beneficial for a save file and tons of fun. I swapped from Walter to Wurt on my last save with a friend and it wouldn't have been as fun to keep playing there had I not done that. If anything exploiting it to pick and switch characters and or abuse of extreme circumstances ends up falling entirely on the player and that doesn't necessarily make a balance issue. If anything, maybe making the orb drop from CK or something moon related like the champion could work