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  1. I mean, flingos could do the trick, but it's not like you always have one close by. (In fact, in over 20h playing together, we've never placed a single one)I think setting mobs on fire instead of just the player would be a better rework. It'd still be a fire hazard, but a lesser one Well, i think it's fine as is thematically, but don't get down! i'm sure there's gotta be a mod out there that adds palm trees!
  2. The Oasis IS surrounded by Sand though. In all the Oasis examples you send, the Oasis is of moderate size, i'd say 2-4 tiles wide in every direction, which the Oasis already is. Palm trees would be cool, they may fit more than birchnut trees, but Scorpions, Snakes and crabs not so much. I'd rather have Dst stand out as it is and keep all the Sw shenaniagans to Mods or a future toggleable setting. The reason Sw is a subworld in the first place is because it'd have crashed with RoG, and since Dst is RoG+, it wouldn't really work out.
  3. Crabs do not live in deserts, at all. At most you could have scorpions there
  4. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    What have i created? at least it's peaceful now
  5. Whenever i see a Pop Guy post, i know we're in for a chaotic rollercoaster
  6. I'd tell my pal about it but timezones ain'tcompatible
  7. Wes needs to win the rework

    Let's be real, if anything, Wes should be nerfed. People like Edgy Rick trembled in fear of wes, who has the secret perk of having all perks after examining the ancient pseudoscience station seven hundred and seventy seven times.
  8. Carrats vanishing

    To be more specific: Carrats seem to vanish from existence after logging off and logging on a world. It happened to our world in our first log in in like 4 days and the carrats didn't drop any meat so we thought it might as well have been a bug.
  9. Dealing with pests at sea

    Haven't tried this, but maybe Sea Walls?
  10. Statues

    Sounds like a Golden Idea, DogBoy
  11. @Mooagain Looks like our carrat pet will be getting some purpose after all!
  12. Welcome to the forums! I'm not so sure if i'm catching your drift. But your post is oriented to Don't Starve Together right? so why not post it there? It IS more active than this sub
  13. I N S A N I T Y

    This idea is such an amazing one, but they'd be pretty hard to implement and some of them really cripple some characters. But I'd like custom insanity to come into the game somehow