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  1. I just focus on the essentials, which are basically the engine, at least one crock pot, ice box and some chests. I really like decorating my bases, but brushing that aside, once I got the essentials going I can start tackling other helpful, but not imperative things like magic, drying racks or in your case honey if you dig it. Base on a centric location, take advantage of wormholes, but don't overthink it. Worst case scenario you just gotta walk more or use flingos on summer depending on where you base.
  2. I also advocate to make cat cap 120 and to make it require 4 tails, since it's barely if ever used.
  3. Could a mod please move this to suggestions and feedback?
  4. As of right now, the Cat cap has the same insulation factor as the rabbit earmuffs (delaying 60 seconds before the player starts to freeze) require an alchemy engine to prototype, and a catcoon tail along with 4 silk for what is basically a top hat (3.3 sanity per minute) with a little bit of insulation. The thing is, the insulation is so minuscule i barely see people use it, and the sanity aspect of it is heavily outclassed by the Tam. I suggest buffing the cat cap to delay 120 seconds of freezing even if it means lowering the sanity gain to 2.2 or buffing the cost back to 4 cat tails, since that way it'd still be a considerable alternative to the winter hat while still being outclassed by both the beefalo hat in insulation and the Tam o' Shanter in sanity. What do you all think?
  5. I just think that Wilson should just be able to get some late game recipes while leaving early and midgame unchanged keeping the status Quo.
  6. I'm not aware if similar threats have been made, but I was curious because a friend doesn't like how I tend to play early game around the same way every time
  7. renewable carrats? though i guess that's already possible through grotto cave ins. I just want the carrat races to be back natively, like making carrat shrine blueprints being a rare drop from carrats.
  8. Carrats spawning rarely on carrot harvests a la grass geckos? ... Maybe even make 'em drop the carrat shrine blueprint.
  9. Buff Cat Cap into an alternative for the winter hat. That way it would be at least a considerable option.
  10. Something akin to the automatic health adjust mod. Call me a softie or whatever you want, but health sponge mobs aren't harder due to requiring more preparation, they're just grindier. Maybe make it optional so people that like to tryhard through the game and grind their hearts out do it. Making manmade turf 2x or 4x would also reduce the grind, and be more akin to things like mini signs. Maybe make late game hound waves tougher but less common as a tradeoff?
  11. Make him have late game perks so he's mostly unchanged but starts shining later down the line
  12. Her* but it happened to me before. I hope Klei adds event specific interactions like this beefalo stuff and carrat taming as part of sunken chest loot.
  13. I like his design. He, along with moose goose, is one of the most beliavable wildlife bosses. He just chills around stealing food and killing anything that happens to be dumb enough to face it. He also doesn't despawn but rather hibernates in colder seasons and wanders during warmer seasons. He's pretty neat! If anything it's believable you can trick such a big brute into doing lumberjack work.
  14. I don't know much about this all but i have a question, what difference would it make if Klei joined tencent? Aren't apps like Discord also owned by Tencent? most people i know use discord, and a lot of info is stored in said accounts, how come people haven't left discord because of that then?Most social media apps have an assortment of information on its users, the difference being some of those are based on the US. How is that any different than China having info on you? what's the worst they could do to you with said information?
  15. Just because something is viable doesn't mean its overpowered.