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  1. am i the only one who's really behind his wilson rework idea?
  2. Wendy was reworked, now you need to summon her sister right clicking in her flower. if you speak Spanish or friend i can also help you out!
  3. if Walter's bug allergy could be prevented by wearing a bee keeper hat, then it sounds kind of fun. However you also need to consider how the devs spent a lot of time animating, designing and coding Woby and the slingshot mechanics, which mean that they're already too developed to be scrapped, so i'd recommend working around them without removing them and adding new stuff because it may get complicated and we have to keep in mind the devs ain't Santa, they work for sustenance and Walter was a free update. So MY take on it would be like this: Walter gets swollen in a similar fashion to your concept, but only for 2 minutes at the first attack and 30 seconds adding on subsequent attacks, capping the timer on 4 minutes. (the initial 2 minutes plus 4 30 seconds). He also gets an universal hostile bug allergy (meaning no butterfly allergy). Woby gets her slots nerfed to 6 Walter's health may get nerfed to 120 and he starts with some survival oriented recipes. (rope and straw roll) Walter may get an extra berry from very bushes on a pretty low chance (33%?) just to further emphasize his scout side. Walter drains sanity near burning trees, he hates nature being abused. That's just my two cents though, cheers!
  4. So i've been thinking about this ever since he metamorphosed in his rework and something i kinda miss is having the curses be intrusive through certain actions since that could add a bit more of a downside for woodie and also make for a fun little gimmick. So here's my idea: Every time woodie swings any axe 150 times in under 4 minutes he turns into the werebeaver. When woodie is at 20% health he has a 67% chance to turn into a goose and a 33% chance to turn into a Moose. Alternatively, Woodie has a chance to turn into a goose if he stays at full wetness for too long. I tried to keep it straight to the point, i'm not so sure about the low health transformation but i thought it'd be a cool fight or flight scenario, What d'yall think? should woodie get something like this or should he stay as is? also, why do you think he should or shouldn't?
  5. doesn't the wiki have it? @minespatch and @watermelen671 are your best bets
  6. i really like that idea. Using the forge doohicky spiffys aiming on ranged weapons will make it into a balanced viable. Only thing i'd add would be the ability to equip ammo without dragging it around using a hotkey if the slot is empty, that way it wouldn't really be as op as it is just convenient. Maybe rework darts to do 50 damage, require 10 hounds tooth and have 50 shots/uses, and make them use crow feathers instead for accessibility sake, make Sleep darts use the blue feathers instead.
  7. We really got offtopic with the whole achievement and dragonfly sthick. Please take that elsewhere As i said, i want it to be a vague spelunky-esque journal, not a terraria bestiary
  8. git gud Yeah this does sound like it's on the same vein as the Journal in Spelunky. I'm just not sure if it should be too helpful or not because some folks out there want the game to keep that unfriendly vibe, which i completely understand. But at least showing what biome they're from or hinting at what you can do with the drops sounds like a good compromise
  9. So when i saw the compendium as a concept i loved it! however to me at least, the word compendium felt like too big of a word just for the character bios. on to my suggestion! Make the compendium work similar to the journal in Spelunky. For those who haven't played Spelunky it's a roguelike platformer that has a pretty neat journal in it. Basically the way it works is that the first time you visit an area it gets logged into it, whenever you kill or get killed by a creature it gets logged into it and whenever you interact with an item it logs in an entry. So what i thought was, what if the compendium had a similar function? it could be organized in big sections like "unfortunate events" (for seasons and big world happenings like antlion rage or the gateway opening), "peculiar specimens" for creatures, "contraptions" for structures and "tools" for, well, tools and equipable items. the way it would work could be like this; whenever you kill or get killed by a mob it yields an entry in the compendium (perhaps it would be preferable to just attack or be attacked?), whenever you craft or equip an item it gets added, whenever you craft or interact with a structure it gets added and whenever you interact with it. With events maybe they get added whenever they happen. Entries could be some sniplets of lore/ flavour text similar to the one you find in vignettes, maybe giving a slight nudge for new players. (Since let's face it, hardcore gamers, most of us read a guide or a wiki). I would prefer it to go the Spelunky route with the implied help and flavour text rather than the ultra useful and specific terraria route, since i think it would feel more in tone with Don't Starve. If nothing else, giving Wilson a journal he could check would be a neat rework
  10. i absolutely can't understand that mentality. Sure, you could do that, but WHY would you do that? Because it's optimal to pick and choose the best from any and every survivor? I think characters should have a fun gamestyle suiting them that is accompanied with good downsides (Woodie should get forced transformations more often) and that it would be cool for him to have exclusive stuff that isn't crafting like being able to make badges or something, but basing balance around the logic that he could be switched in order to be optimal is bogus in my opinion
  11. i'm just a bit cynical the payoff may not be as good as we expect it to be, considering we don't even know what we're expecting. Do we want the survivors to leave? for them to be imprisoned in an even worse situation? do we want Max n' Charlie to be together?
  12. @Mooagain this is the perfect time to post this here!
  13. Hi! really encourage you to try a mod by the name "Warbucks is Back!" it's the one true way to play as him in my opinion
  14. It's a late game investment, you can do it as early as year 2, you'd need a brush, a food source (i recommend stone fruit) and nitre for salt licks. You'd still take 15 days, but you'd get a 2x moving speed buff with the ability to carry statues at said speed. If you're not using it for usual transport, then it won't be worth it, but if you will, it's fun