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  1. She sounds so cool! But webber will be outclassed for the disguises alone!
  2. Hi! I'm looking for a potential host and dst partner! I have around 430h on both DS and DST, play with few mods (cosmetics like animal variety or essentials like Geometric Placement) and i'm on the AST timezone, where im available almost every day around 8:30-9 pm on weekdays and on a flexible time on weekends. Hope someone matches!
  3. I don't like the idea of puddles in my rog
  4. No you dummy, people want the rework of characters like Warly because they are underpowered in singleplayer. Warly and Walani have been requested ever since the SW beta (or so i hear) still, guess we're not getting any.
  5. This mod is a pretty decent Warly rework if tuned correctly: using default hunger drain, pickiness and portable crockpot (with the anti flood bonus) along with the recipes made Warly (in my experience) more interesting to play as. I also used the "added ingredients " perk, since it made things a tad easier. Maybe using the new pickiness system with a debuffed 6 slot chef pouch could work, too. But i haven't tested it.
  6. Ok have it your way, i played singleplayer Warly with a slight rework mod that added around 6 not that buffing recipes. Keep in mind the 33% hunger drain was still there, so He was pretty much just a quick starver with a crutch. I loved the run and eventually made it to: 1- mid dry season and early summer (but i quit that run because i grew bored). Dst Warly still offers a challenge for newer players, but the difference here is that he rewards skilled play. Most of dst Warly's perks would arrive mid to late game, so he wouldn't make the game easier but rather more interesting as time went by. If you think dst warly is that strong, then think again, since Wagstaff and Wheeler, both SP exclusives can be stronger than he is
  7. Except dst Warly is just a better balanced version of the UP singleplayer warly that, while fun, doesn't benefit you much
  8. Say Pal, seems you forgot about that So-Called holy trinity people talk about. Dst warly ain't close to their level, so why not?
  9. Uh, no. Most chars got overhauled when they jumped into dst, Warly is different, since his rework was requested in this side of the forums. But I'm guessing they just won't do it and modders ain't interested, so there goes
  10. POLL: What color would you like Tall Grass to be?

    Are you adding the temperate music?
  11. I think that it would be better to tweak those characters rather than nerf other potentially good chars. If other formidable singleplayer characters got really nerfed out, i believe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to slightly nerf Wolfgang, Winterbottom, wx and maybe Wigfrid a little bit. Not as extremely, mind you, but a little bit nonetheless. I agree some of the reworked characters should be revised, like dst Willow and her Bernie, He should be weaker
  12. Hi, i wonder if any modder would like to port DST Warly back to singleplayer, with his crops and all. I'm not claiming it would be an easy process, but I'd really appreciate it if someone did.
  13. Closed Beta Files

    First off, you're doing an amazing work 400/10 man, keep it up! Perhaps the posts linked within this post can help you out with the music problem. (PoStCeptiOn) Best of Luck!