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  1. The drops of Ancient Herald

    Maybe they could spawn less often and have a nice aporkalypse key drop or something, as others have suggested
  2. Nope no virtual machine! I'm on Windows, Dell Inspiron 11. It runs on windows 8.1. got to mention... i used a thing that made the game run on open GL. But i couldn't figure out how to remove it once hamlet performance got better Edit: i removed the thing, my game runs smoothly now
  3. hi! yes, it is consistent, it does not allow me to launch the game at all! (sorry for replying late, i couldn't get myself to do it earlier...) Here are the log and backup log, hope it's still of help! @bizziboi log.txt backup_log.txt
  4. Hamlet won't update

    I don't think spamming the problem is gonna make your bug get busted any quicker than other bugs, it would just clutter the forums. Let klei watch your post when they can
  5. You're certain ruins regeneration is a thing in dst because you have the wooden thing in dst, right? While i get why you'd like to keep a megabase world, keep in mind that that (along with the also heavily requested world regrowth) are just multiplayer balance changes, not intended for the SP game as it was already balanced. Also, the fuelweaver, ignoring the lore that comes with'im, isn't intended to be a singleplayer boss, as it is much more easily done with teammates splitting on tasks
  6. DST Content Wishlist

    cool caves in summer
  7. jesus beetle

    You could say that's a flushed away story...
  8. Both use currencies. But i think they don't. The elder bog also has civilized goats and merms to a degree. Man, i miss the gorge
  9. I think adventure mode didn't happen in the singleplayer timeline, as maxwell is still present in the shipwrecked trailer
  10. That's a totally normal bird shadow indoors. Maybe some royal ornament.
  11. Because they usually poo on your stuff and beg for food irl lol
  12. •Pugalisk fountain

    It is still the same concept as the meat effigy or the life giving amulet. Both require a sacrifice (ex. Resources for those two, killing the pug for the flower to respawn) and it was also put there to balance out that we got no touch stones. Ds is supposed to be hard and uncompromising, but not unrewarding, and that's the reason it's there. If you don't like it, put it out or burn it instead of using it, just like many mod out their game to be easier. It WOULD be unbalanced if it respawned even if you didn't kill the Pug, in which you'd still need to get to those ruins yourself anyway.