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  1. The packing up of structures alone would be a tremendous QoL change imo
  2. Tbh I think fire staff fire should not burn the loot, or at least make that a willow exclusive perk
  3. This. Some of the most don't starve fun I've had have been playing Woodlegs, who depending on where and how you play has a very notable downside along with his upside. Warly is also really fun and rewarding because of that reason too. Heck, even starving as woodie after a transform really makes the player (even newer players) feel more engaged with the game and think of fun strategies. Neglecting downsides is undermining character variety too.
  4. You'll need at least 20 merms if you wanna kill them by overwhelming them, setting them on fire may help. However they have Pan flutes so I don't think you have much of a chance mate
  5. Boats and boat structures shouldn't smolder on summer (normal structures placed on boats would still smolder as to make the spittlefish not be useless) Probably won't make it for this QoL but I think that having the option to have the chance of a piece of the mainland to be on a different mass (but still having the chance of being connected with wormholes) could be fun and make boats more integrated into the experience. This could happen with twin biomes like the deserts or the forests, be it the creepy forest (moonbase forest) or the deciduous pig king one. Also, please buff the sunken chest loot and remove the treasure chest cap (or increase it to like 20 per world at a time) as it's been suggested by many others before. What do you think of these suggestions?
  6. Figured I'd post this since it's a QoL update and still in beta, but perhaps could it be possible for some of Walter's rounds (namely freeze, slowdown and poop) to be reworked? Even if its just something as minor as making poop pellets ignore herd mentality (becoming useful for mobs like spiders or beefalo) it would be cool, but id also love to see the purple and blue rounds getting AoE effects rather than single character. It'd definitely make walter more fun to play as
  7. I really hope the Blizzard and tornado are WIPs and don't stay unused. Other than that, the scrapped Grotto stuff ROCKS
  8. Until death at least. Is there any winona farm that uses hound mounds?
  9. My personal hypothesis is that dst's "ocean" is a big, salty pond that sits over a plateau that connects to the main ocean further south which is the SW ocean. This is backed up by the fact that the edge of the ocean isn't an endless void but rather deeper, harsher waters can be seen from the top of the waterfalls. This is also backed up by the fact that (at least up to now) this ocean has no waves to speak of, and this way both SW, DST and Ham can logically exist together as one world. Now design wise, I'm no code wizard, but I'd put my money on the assumption that the reason you can't go around the world in dst is because it would be a pain to code the boat along with its mobs, structures and players to do a lap around the world as opposed to SW where they only warped the player
  10. Were the mod to be fully customizable so that I could turn off the features I don't particularly like (similar to the base game) I'd love it, but given how stuff is, I can't really get into it.
  11. I think it would be nice if the ocean was more interwoven with the world, with some season specific resources that would aid survival. Or just give you a reason to go early in general