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  1. I mean, to me being good is to be able to surivive and manage yourself well enough so that you can the other side of the game with more confidence (the optional bosses, the pearl side quest, cave exploration or basing if you're into that, even beefalo taming). I have over 800 hours between DS and DST and around 860 if you also count how much time i spent playing on a pirated pocket edition before buying the games. I've had worlds reaching the midhundreds in dst with my pal @Mooagain and yet we still both sometimes die to something dumb like terrorbeaks or spiders, so as long as you can be a little laid back and enjoy the ride, it'll be fun!
  2. i'm fairly certain it's the swordfish, it seems to make more sense
  3. the only thing i really ask for singleplayers are bug fixes and optimization for potatoer pcs like mine, some tweaks that i'd also welcome are the higher res turfs and items, but i'm overall at peace with singleplayer being mostly done for.
  4. i got wilson, i like wilson, i didn't try to get'im tho. Satisfied
  5. Look, i get not being completely satisfied with Hamlet, just yesterday no joke i spent around 15 minutes thinking on how you could tie things together in the dlc, even if cutting it's scope a little. But is it really worth it to dabble on it over and over until the end of time? i mean Klei IS a game dev studio,and they SHOULD have tried to polish Hamlet to the best it could be, but they're bound to make mistakes too because, they're human. I'm not excusing them mind you, and i guess it would have sucked to get a less complete dlc for 2 more bucks than the other two, but just BECAUSE they're game devs, that means that they likely use those jobs to provide for their homesteads and whatnot, and Hamlet just didn't and doesn't sell how they hoped it would.Maybe it was due to lack of planning or other behind the scenes stuff, but it's heavily implied that they cut it because they went overbudget. (and please, let's not dabble on the free copies gift event people use to blame Hamlet's cut dev time on). Hamlet's situation sucks and i can think of a bajillion ways to make Hamlet less broad, more compact and therefore a more complete product, but, no budget means no development and let's not forget that Klei is a business too. i get that complaining is the only thing we could do but it's been over a year and it's fruitless, so why not focus somewhere else instead of crying over spilled milk? Also, @Ogrecakes (hope you don't mind me tagging you), a bit of constructive criticism, a lot of people are somewhat edgy or hostile regarding uncompromising not because of the mod itself but the community surrounding it. Sometimes you give the impression that you're completely and utterly disatisfied at whatever Klei throws into dst (which is fine, you have free will and the right to be entitled to your opinions) but the way you approach to criticize them sometimes pointing all of their flaws out while claiming that such design issues are fixed in your mod sort of makes you, and the members of your community that are like that, seem stuck up, proud and a bit edgy or unfriendly, which i don't think it's the intention. Not trying to call you out or anything, just pointing that out in a friendly manner
  6. Complaining that it's a razor sounds pretty dumb in my opinion. It's comparable to using a sea fishing rod for Wobsters, it's infinite durability as long as you know how to fish since you keep your tackles. i see no harm in it being an infinite durability razor since you first have to find the dreaded biome anyway and even if you relocate it closer to base, you still need a boat trip to gather 3x of a 12.5 food source that's mostly just worth it as a crock pot ingredient. I actually like the idea of giving another use to the one time razor for shaving beefalo or beard keeping as Wilson, there's no need to port or create more unnecessary one time items or to waste away a weapon to get decent food, no one would ever do it.
  7. It's a late game investment, you can do it as early as year 2, you'd need a brush, a food source (i recommend stone fruit) and nitre for salt licks. You'd still take 15 days, but you'd get a 2x moving speed buff with the ability to carry statues at said speed. If you're not using it for usual transport, then it won't be worth it, but if you will, it's fun
  8. I'm pretty unfamiliar with the coding side of it, but i believe that all caged birds on SW compatible worlds have a chance to get that bug. If you want concrete information i'd ask coding wizards like @SpoonyBardIV because i can't help you any further than that, heh
  9. i believe it's a common bug from shipwrecked compatible worlds using pirate parrot anims in birdcages
  10. when you use freecrafting extra tabs such as "cartography", "fishing" and the hermit's tab get hidden back by the sculpt tab because they share the spot, it's a technicality but that means it won't happen on the actual game regardless of the stage you're in inside the game if you don't use a tackle receptacle or a potter's wheel right besides the crab lady
  11. you're using freecrafting, you can't see it with freecrafting.
  12. i mean, shipwrecked was the same with it's bosses... you'll get half your inventory yeeted out and ressurection penalties if you drown
  13. socket gems onto him until he wakes up. Apparently it's intended to have him use the pearl that you get from the crab lady into one of his sockets. I'm unsure on how you get the pearl, perhaps by being nice to her? It patches leaks and heals hp, though i dunno how much. And yes, it can be used to heal without leaks
  14. not to be petty but i was the one that told you about it >:p You can't, but you can find random message bottles spread throughout.