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  1. Taking Back Main Menu

    They have a very similar thing going on with the treasury in dst. Maybe they could just port that code over to the main menu? That way we could get all 3 themes and maybe even DR style or creepy forest
  2. The seaworthy isn't able to travel to Hamlet in HAM compatible saves, while the Skyworthy is totally capavle of doing so. I suggest to either give the seaworthy the same abilities of the skyworthy or to replace it completely on ham compatible saves. And no, they're sadly not compatible with cheese yet despite being compatible to Ham.
  3. Bridges

    That art was nice!
  4. Which dlc would you choose to start in for an all 3 dlc run with him?
  5. Do you guys think he's handicapped in the late game? Does any of you play him regularly?
  6. Share your interdlc bases!

    Good. So at least homes ain't THAT op
  7. Share your interdlc bases!

    Do you freeze/overheat indoors?
  8. Share your interdlc bases!

    Yeah he was one of the factors inspiring me to do this
  9. Hi! Just posted a thread for you to share the crazy things you've come up with after merged crafting and civilization became a thing. I'm a pretty basic player, and i have yet lots to see, so i got nothing to share. Side note, any way to retrofit hamlet compatibility?
  10. So about that roadmap

    P sure it's the second one.
  11. So about that roadmap

    I don't like that mod, the colors and atmosphere of the biomes don't mix well with SW. I'd much prefer to bring over biomes from RoG into Hamlet because it'd fit more and even then, i wouldn't use a mod like that because it's supposed to be a different part of the world altogether
  12. How would a player coming in blind know about the aporkalypse starting on plain day 60? He wouldn't know how to prepare or have any warnings coming from RoG or SW. But somehow, y'all seem to either miss or ignore that every time i or anyone else points it out
  13. Except he wasn't disabled by complaints, but because the devs didn't feel he filled up their own expectations. It was said by Joe i believe, I'll try to link the source. If it was something like "nerf poison" or "give us overly complicated new mechanic" i'd agree, but this is feedback players are giving to change the game for the better by tweaking some things. Don't starve may be a harsh survival experience, an uncompromising one if you must, but it has never been an unfair experience, just a harsh one, as any roguelike should be. Throwing the aporkalypse on top of any misfortuned world hoper without any warning (as RoG or SW won't warn you about it) is unfair and thus, bad game design, something that goes completely against klei and what has been seen before ingame. But if you're willing to keep your perspective on the matter, that's fine! Just don't ignore what i said here. Good night pal! Edit: my source for warbucks. Emphasize on his last paragraph.