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  1. Bring back Warbucks

    They DID say that they were "starting from scratch" with him. It's just a break, not a farewell
  2. Haven't played a lot of Hamlet lately. I set beetles to "less" and bats to "more" i also set the decor vines to less for performance
  3. Add salt lick

    Maybe it wasn't ready, or it went past them
  4. Ravioli ravioli this thread be back on rail-oli. Yotp will be a lit event for hamlet
  5. Please add the salt lick for easier domestication.
  6. It's chimenea though. You have turned into what you hate
  7. Because it has seaweed in it and it's labeled as a treeguard.
  8. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    The argument that he's offensive to the PoC (term that in an actual racism free world wouldn't be a thing because we wouldn't have to point it out) is kinda ridiculous. Being a so called "PoC" myself i find warbucks as what he was intended to be, a satire. It's not that klei is racist and expresses it through Warbucks, it's just that he's a parody of a stereotype of an era. If we get into detail, how come people doesn't get offended by maxwell's backstory using a catastrophe as the san francisco earthquake? Like cmon. He's bright red because they wanna sell the message that he's tanned to the crisp.
  9. Q.O.L. Bugs

    Thanks for everything! I'm sorry for all the bugs that backfired after QoL. I'm pretty sure most of us are pretty grateful for what QoL did to the game (save from some mixed opinions on the new palettes, which i have yet to explore) and we're really thankful for your reliability when it comes to fixing them asap! God bless y'all!
  10. Character switching is a thing in SP. But you have to world hop
  11. Now now, hold it mr. First, chill out and issue the bug report (preferably with a log from your game) and wait for a response. I know it may be irritating to have a game breaking bug like that, comes from the guy who couldn't load his game for like a week. But remember this is early access, which means the game is gonna be kinda buggy for a lil' while. Hope i helped, cheers!
  12. [Game Update] - 302970

    @Jason are bugs like the item despawning when pressing shift +click gonna be fixed anytime soon? I understand if you guys have to work on more game-breaking bugs though
  13. Shift +click despawns items. Already issued report. Hope it gets fixed next patch
  14. After QoL, shift+click despawns items instead of moving them