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What crockpot recipes are good BUT you can't be bothered to make?

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Dragonpie as Warly... like I have so many meat leftover since I play solo so I never bothered to plant Dragonfruit, when I am farming I always have to minimize the food I got to reduce endless surplus of food so I had to plant Pepper instead for the same nutrient spread, since those can be made as spice instead of use as food.

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4 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

guacamole. As easy as having a mole farm and some stone fruit/cacti but never cooked it except for the cookbook and maybe 1 or 2 times many years ago

Guacamole is my most hated and loved dish. I think it's hilarious and kind of a cool concept, but needing 1 inventory for each mole that you need to make it is pretty annoying. Perhaps is decent as Warly with his portable crockpot, as a last resort meal. I remember when I used to make it as an actual food source back in 2014 though, best times to play DS/T is when you just do what you want for fun and don't even have knowledge of what would be better alternatives. I miss those bases with grass walls surrounding them and basic farm plots as your main food source :(

5 hours ago, lakhnish said:

What recioes do you think are good BUT you can't be bothered to make?

Bacon and Eggs is one. I just don't have enough monster meat to make enough to last me most of the time, but it's one of my favorite dishes. Good enough hunger and health to make it a nice food to eat when away from base for some time. I think it's extra good as Wilson in dst though, good enough hunger gain from it. Getting eggs from bird cage such a pain though...

Unagi. No explanation, I love it. Don't have time to fish in caves though, am busy arguing about meta on the overworld.

California rolls are one of my favorite SW dishes, but I only ever make it as Warly. Two seaweed and two limpets is pretty cheap for 20 health and 10 sanity. 

Froggle Bunwich. Pretty average stats but if you run across some frog legs, it can make for a decent enough healing item.

Fruit Medley. One of the oldest foods in Don't Starve, and entirely useless outside of SW. In SW it is quite good though, but I think often overlooked. Three coconut halves and 1 twig for 20 health and 25 hunger. I just love how it is in a cup honestly.


Finally, if you have a crockpot and you get a butter, Waffles are one of my favorite foods. Restoring 60 health in one quick bite is just really satisfying. 



Generally I just miss playing single player Don't Starve and having a berry farm and a whole bunch of flowers planted for butterflies and farms for the fruits. Good ol days when you pick up every seed you have and plant them back at your farm plots for the extra food. I like a lot of those random niche foods. There was a lot more variety to crock pot when you had pomegranites and pumpkins and eggplants coming up, where you could use them to make unique dishes.

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6 hours ago, Fill-Lips said:

Trail mix, very good healing recipe that allows a twig as filler... But you need to go and cook a birchnut. Why can't it be raw?

I love trail mix as Maxwell, if you have shadow choppers as you explore you can pick up the birch nuts for free along with tons of wood. Cooking them is a pain though

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