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  1. maybe there could be a new kind of lureplant bulb that could be planted in the farm soil that would grow and have the ability to defend the player against hounds and hostile creatures or even an invasion of possible crop-destroying rats. something like that
  2. Season Detector and Body Thermometer - [Don't Starve Together] Suggestions and Feedback - Klei Entertainment Forums I had already made a post about a quality of life suggestion but I think it's worth pointing out here More briefly it is about a structure called Season Detector capable of detecting if you are in the beginning, middle or end of a season and the other item is called Body Thermometer a simple pocket thermometer capable of telling your current body temperature
  3. Hello everyone, I come here to bring you some of the ideas that could come in a future quality of life update.I apologize for my bad English, but leave it aside and let's go to the items Season Detector: A machine capable of detecting which season the player is in, showing how much time is left to finish and start a new season. Body Thermometer: A very simple item that the name says it all,a small thermometer which shows the player his current temperature. Well let's explain,the intention of these two items is to show more information to that the player is aware of some things in the game, starting with the Season Detector that would make it easier for players to know if they are at the beginning or almost at the end of the season.I know some people will say things like "I'm an experienced player and don't need this kind of thing" or "I already play with the Combined Status mods that show me the season and temperature" sure you can be anexperienced player or use mods but imagine a person who does not like to use mods and is not a professional player and has a world with more than 74 days in it,this person would like to take advantage of the autumn to build some things but she does not know if it is at the beginning or missing 5 days for the season ends and that is where the Season Detector comes in that would show you how many days until the end of that specific season.Another example is a person who hasn't played in your world for a long time and when you log in you realize that it is summer but you don't know if it is the beginning or the middle of the season.Now talking about the Body Thermometer which's just a pocket thermometer that would serve mainly for you to better visualize your body temperature without having to worry when the thermal stone is too cold or too hot.Well this was my suggestion of two items that I see that would fit Positively in the game,Outside for those who do not use mods or who play on console would be very useful to know how much time is left in the season or whether they are at the end In the beginning of the season,along with the thermometer to indicate your current temperature,The only thing that makes me a little afraid is that they end up becoming like the Rainometer or Thermal Measurer that in theory seems good but in practice is not,finally hope you have liked my suggestion and if possible comment on she liked or not and why she should or should not be added to the game. Note:I apologize once again if the text is confusing and a bad read,I really don't know how to write in English :/ Note2:I made a drawing to better illustrate the two items I don't know how to draw so it's probably badly done
  4. how about a shell species rarely dropped by the crab king capable of summoning rain,could have a name like storm shell or something like that. illustrative picture
  5. Maybe klei will do a sort of vote for those Unimplemented Features seen in Data Mining or something like that