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What do yall think about webber mains?

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It is split into two categories:

1. Children (who maybe just started playing) seem to reallllyy gravitate towards the spider character and thusly get killed constantly because it's so hard for a new player to manage webber's sanity. (very big resource dump of time and energy to keep em alive) And when they are alive, they're mostly staying at base sucking up all food and wasting it in a crockpot to make monster lasagna or wet goop or kebabs.

2. Trolls. Whether intentionally or not, they lag the ever loving *** out of the entire server because the only way to play the character is by making spider friends (and for what purpose?) and they are THE most lag inducing thing about DST. Also in this category are griefers who bring a mass of spiders to base just to be in the way, plant nests too close or on top of spawn/base, and effectively turn a server into pvp even with that setting off.

Just speaking from my experience on the vast amounts of public servers.

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On 9/11/2022 at 1:24 AM, Hakimis said:

to be honest i hate them but i want to hear your opinions

I know like 2 Webber mains that aren't beginners. Those people are cool, but the beginners I don't really like. I don't think he is a good character to learn as a beginner, if you don't play other characters. He can make certain things very easy with spiders since tons of dps, but also sort of teaches players to think you need a ton of prep before doing a boss or going to do something. 

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The big problem with Webber is the lag! I love the character since DS solo, but never play him in DST because of the lag.

This is not a user problem, is a Klei problem, a Huge one! They should focus on this problem since 201X, not add things who raise the lag problem, like the last contents. Solve the lag problem and bring back Webber to the game.

Well, the "child/noob/troll" argument is just a generalization too stupid to talk about.

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Its not webbers its pathfinding/fight AI whats the problem here, everyone playing public servers HATES webber cause they boarderline griefing all the time willing or not, you can achive the same with bees but we dont have a character specializing in it (wickers bees are new and they have a limit just how it SHOULD be with spiders) but if you build beehives and make em all fight with some bunny or something ...yea goodby server stability ....that being said, KLEI FIX YOUR FREAKING GAME, its to good to have big nonos like this in the game ...webber joins = game goes into paranoia mode :hopelessness:

A solution would be to limit the nests what can be in one area (cant plant with to many,spiderqueen wanders of couple of screens, disable natural form of nest multiplication unless they on the brink of extinction .. MAYBE) but that would be bandate fixes the true fix is to fix game ai, other games manage to let you fight hordes as well why dst has to crash on a count of like 50 spiders?

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