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  1. But this server was never in beta. I created it 7 hours before wicker rework update and it was a normal vanilla world
  2. There are no mods and no caves enabled. Only master generated with some settings turned off. My friend told me that everything should be up but for some reason even though it shows that server is up i cant join it. Simply if i type server name it just doesnt show up.
  3. If the bees would be stronger BQ would be buffed
  4. Hey! About 7 hours before wickerbottom rework update i made a dedicated server. Everything worked fine but after i updated the game it can't be turned on. At startes server simply been on but i couldnt find it in world browser. After i added mods (I havent added any content mods except the "Basements" mod) i can't even turn it "on". After a few lines of code the servers automatically shuts down and the console closes. I managed to take a screen but i dont know if there is much on it. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  5. in late game its useful if you example: use the sunfish instead of thermal stone
  6. I agree on that theory. Wes isnt speaking because he wants to not because he isnt able to. The situations when he talks (example: burning wardrobe when hes dressing up) shows that some of the things can scare him off that much that he will talk. I think that Wes is true king of the shadows.
  7. it has no cooldown but book has only 3 uses tho
  8. Whatcha all think...? Is the maximum spawn limit (9) of wickerbottom's bees is g00d or bad?
  9. i asked about wormwood so im now asking about wurt