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  1. No no what i mean, is if you accidentally unfreeze him, i do not believe he will refreeze, also, if you can build a pen, That he can't get out of, and lock him in place, you can slowly take the hounds out one at a time, and if you move to far away he should freeze up again.
  2. You can do that, except you cant break the telelocator focus, also, i do believe he will no longer freeze if yhou're to far.
  3. Also like to mention to people that like Cosmetic stuff, It's hard, but if you can encase the clay hounds, and wake up warg, and drag him somewhere else, and get him stuck, he'll freeze up again, And if you let the hounds go, (where ever they are,) they'll auto path to him and build the "style" again, and re encase themselves, making them look super cool for bases. However.. Do not use the tele'locator staff, Far as iv'e tested, the Warg never re freezes, yes, you can move him when he's encased, but.. near him to long, he'll unfreeze, Edit: again, if you're just interested in the clay hounds, you can teleport Warg away and kill him, the hounds will remain frozen.. However, they'll work like warg now, if you're in to close of range they'll unfreeze and attack you.
  4. I'm confused about your post, I'm saying if i leave the Clay Warg as a statue, and the event ends, will it he stay a statue, or will he despawn is what i'm asking. Currently i'm using a mod to change the event, and when i change the event to anything.. He stays but i'm unsure, S'why i'm asking.
  5. For anyone that doesn't know, The War, can actually be penned, in ,and if you go off screen for a bit, will actually turn back into a statue, You can get pretty close before it activates, But I ask.. Does anyone think, the Clay warg will stay if i leave him there when the event ends?
  6. Massive fps Drops

    Yeah, Via the affinity like you said. And no, I cannot run a sever, and then change the affinity to 1 core, because it will still drop frames, I'm not sure if ill have issues, jsut for the time i used it on a public server, there was no issues.
  7. Massive fps Drops

    Will have you know however, 1 core gave no issues on a public server.. however since i like to play bymyself or with friends, 1 core willnot host a game.
  8. Massive fps Drops

    I did what you suggested, and the issues persists.
  9. Well i've tried and i've never been able to get it t owork either, Though if you're trying some commands, I suggest trying a mod called. "Too many items" For DST, it allwos you to choose a target player and use commands such as map reveal, all recipies, god mode, etc.
  10. Massive fps Drops

    Went ahead and did what you said, however.. the Issue persists.
  11. Massive fps Drops

    global settings is for all games, Don't starve is the only issue.
  12. Massive fps Drops

    I did install it to try it and i have the same issue.
  13. Massive fps Drops

    I have, stil lsame issue.