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  1. Hi Dogmeat, I believe that you add this to your character.lua while changing things like CHARACTER_BUTTON_OFFSET.charactername = 2 to CHARACTER_BUTTON_OFFSET.dogmeat = 2
  2. Thank you, i'm sorry maybe i gave off wrong information, I was just simply asking If i wanted to add an else statement like I did, would that be an okay way to do it? I know the if statement is just checking if the such thing is true, or if not I just wanted to know If I could use an else statement like that, So during an else, I cannot use then? Could I use something else to describe what I want it to do, or will it just do it in the prior if statement returns false? if inst.components.deployable then -- Check if the deployable component isn't 'nil' inst.components.deployable:SetDeploySpacing(value) -- Set the value to whatever you want else inst.components.AddComponent:("deployable") inst.components.deployable:SetDeploySpacing(value) end I was simply asking if I could use what I used here, minus the error with the colon and then matters, Also here you used inst.components.deployable::SetDeploySpacing Why is there two colons? Maybe it was a typo, sorry if it was.
  3. While I do not know what's causing your issue, Sorry for that- You can use this as an alternative.. it'll download a folder named something.. in that will be another folder (I think) And then the mod folder itself, which you would simply drag to steam/steamapps/common/dontstarveotgether/mods Of course these won't be registered to the workshop, and so will need to have a new version downloaded when an update happens
  4. Ooh, this makes much more sense, Thank you for describing everything, and waht they do- So I do not need ie. "pinecone_Sapling" as they aren't deplyoables right? They are just the plant, sorry about that. For example though I could per say do this in addition to what you gave for k, v in pairs(deployables) do -- The 'for' statement, checks through every value in the 'deployables' table AddPrefabPostInit(v, function(inst) -- A function responsible for overriding prefabs if inst.components.deployable then -- Check if the deployable component isn't 'nil' inst.components.deployable:SetDeploySpacing(value) -- Set the value to whatever you want else inst.components.AddComponent("deployable") then inst.components.deployable:SetDeploySpacing(value) --This, Could I do this? I know it may be wrong as I'm jsut typing based on what information I have in my brain atm. end end) end Thank you again for helping me, both of you! I appreciate it a lot! I didn't know I could use Addprefabpostinit to edit values, I thought it could only add, and or remove something
  5. Well it was a good idea, but alas it comes back as a nil value, modmain.lua"]:21: attempt to call global 'SpawnPrefab' (a nil value)
  6. So this actually takes I gues you can say, calls the real prefab i'm referencing? So I will have to make "local prefab = SpawnPrefab(v)" about 12 times? Or I'm not entirely sure what to do wit hthis code you're giving me, Can you explain into further detrail?
  7. Oh sorry, that line must of flew right over my head, my bad! Hum, maybe there's something in the playeractions you can look at that calls it when work is started in in farm work You could try looking at some other sound mods, but i'm not sure if those sounds are separate from this FSB file you speak of. You could try this and the link it includes, I haven't looked into it, so I don't know what it changes but, may help you!
  8. I don't know much about sound modding in dst, but couldn't you just make it either : call a blank file name under the same name, or remove it's asset?
  9. Hey, I need some quick assistance, I'm totally new to this whole for k, v in pairs stuff so bare with me So i'm trying to lower the deployed space, and placement to numbers so I can plant plants close together local prefabs = { "pinecone", "seeds", "pinecone_sapling", "acorn", "acorn_sapling", "marblebean", "twiggy_nut", "twiggy_nut_sapling", "butterfly", "planted_flower", "dug_grass", "dug_sapling", "grass", "sapling", } for _, v in pairs(prefabs) do if type(v.min_spacing) ~= "number" or v.min_spacing > 1 then v.min_spacing = 0 end end This is what I have, and it simply tells me "attempt to index local 'v' (a string value)" Which I don't understand, why is it counting it as a string? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be "for k, v" or what but.. regardless it all has the same outcome..
  10. Thank you so much, every other psot didn't mention this, so helpful!! if not GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then return inst end,
  11. If you happen to know the modid steam used, I can look to see if i haven't played before it got removed ie: workshop-"2036585715"
  12. I've also tried using the dissapears component, but it searches for the Ondropped function to make sure it's dropped before it makes it disappears, currently.. idk how to do that with addprefabposinit, so items are taken from your inventory and removed due to no check for ondropped in place.