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  1. Soo.. recently I added Wendy's Abigail code to my own character, and since then my game stutters, and I'm unsure why, Even with only that mod on, it still happens, and I need advice, does anyone else have this issue? I really like Abigail, Are there any other options I could do besides adding her code, and tags? Really makes the game unenjoyable. The lag limit is above 60.. and I have 10, including the ghostfriend tag, Could the number of tags I have be causing the stutter?
  2. Abigail Sutter

    Well they seem to coexist and work just fine, the prefab i sent you hasn't implemented the onpload yet, I totally forgot about it, Yeah im aware it overwrite Wendy's Abigail and such, but this character is strictly for playing alone, and is only ever active on single worlds, On the terms of AddPrefabPostInit, how would one say, change the drop rate of something?
  3. Abigail Sutter

    I forgot to add the onpoad function to the lua itself, I have multiple on load functiosn which all are called in that similar instance, I have abigail's lua there because I modified her damage, and I don't know how to do prefab postinit's, I did onpoad because onload was already being used, and I think i tried adding it to the onload function but.. it broke.
  4. Abigail Sutter

    Well, what i mean is the part of Wendy's code that makes Abigail.. work. Here's the Zip. hehexd.rar
  5. Winona's Generator's

    Nevermind, Solved.
  6. Hey, I'm trying to give these infinite fuel, or at least a changeable option, but.. i've never done fuel before, I thought it'd be easy, which it probably is, but no matter what I change in Winona's_high_battery prefab, nothing makes a differences, any tips?
  7. Small help with tags

    Oh! I thought it was still 31! This changes everything.
  8. Hello! So with the Winona update i'd like to give myself her tags, to lsoe hunger upon building ,build faster, etc However i've hit the tag limit, and I need help around this, is there a more simple way to apply tags, without adding them?
  9. Small help with tags

    Thanks Yakumo, still.. pretty confusing but seems like something I can figure out over time!
  10. Small help with tags

    Ill look around thanks.
  11. Small help with tags

    I'm not familiar with netvars or bools. What sort of way would I hook them? Do you have an example?
  12. Small help with tags

    That seems like it would still add a tag to myself, Thus overdoing the tag limit.. since I'm so use to jsut "inst.addtag: fastworker" etc
  13. Are there any character specific only outfits besides the heads? I want to buy some cosmetics for my custom character and just the other characters.. But i don't want to buy them if they're character specific.
  14. So after day 41 i've finally decided to go into the caves, but.. turns out my caves, are actually the surface? I'm not sure what caused this or why it happened the first and last picture are the same area, but the map is completely covered and a little bit darker. (might just be dusk) when i went back ot the area i entered, there was a plugged sinkhole, and i popped somewhere else on the map entirely.
  15. Hey Darkxero, your really good at modding and i just need some advice, in the right direction or help in general for something i'm sure the community has been looking for, it's not on any mods sites and I haven't seen that it actually exists, but the player badges players get, i was wondering if there would be a way to modify it to target specifically and only bosses, and some certain enemies that get spawned out of no where. (Tree guard, Krampus etc.) 

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\scripts\widgets It's called playerbadge.lua, I've looked into it, but i have no idea where to start, mind pointing me on where i should start/assist me?

    1. DarkXero


      It's not a trivial task at all.

      For reference, Rezecib's Global Positions mod does this for campfires.

    2. Lokoluna


      I see how it sort of sets indicators for the fires.. But it doesn't directly .. or im to dim to see if blankly i'm trying to focus but i can't seem to see waht exactly makes the fire give a indicator?