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  1. I for one, is very excited about the (eventually) upcoming Webber Update. I took a quick glance at what people are are talking about when it comes to Webber, I've seen some interesting suggestions, but I'd like to chip in my own: What is better than being friends with spiders? BEST FRIENDS! The idea is that by some means upgrading your current Spider Followers into an Evolved form. Either by maintaining their "friendship" for long enough, or by feeding them a new consumable, which will trigger the transformation. When they transform they'll barf themselves out of their exoskeleton, revealing their new form and leaving their old shell behind. this shell can then be picked up by Webber to make the Spider follow him(Like the Extra-Adorable Lavae, and it's Tooth). You'll either get: Worker Spider, transformed normal Spiders, Worker Spiders are slightly buffed with more health but no extra damage. They are however able to chop trees just like befriended pigs. Guardian Spiders, Would be evolved from Warrior spiders, boosted in both health and Damage these can either be left as base for protection, or follow the player out hunting. Armored Spiders, previously Cave Spiders, get a boost in Health and Damage as well as boost to their armor, making them useful to bring to boss fights. Spike-Spitter Spiders, transformed Spitter Spiders have increased range and Damage to their web attacks, but only slight increase to their overall health. Dangling Depth Dwellers, I find hard to see an overall specialty for them, maybe a combinations of the Worker Spider and Guardian Spider, increased health and damage and can chop down mushtrees.(Might be fair considering how rare they are) The overall changes to how these spiders would work: They've got a slight increase in size so they can no longer be caught using a rabbit trap. When not following Webber they're not hostile to other mobs (Unless!) They need to be fed, they can eat anything made from meat, and will look unhappy/bite the player when they're too hungry, if their hunger deplete completely, they either loose health and die, or revert back to a normal spider. These spiders will not eat meat straight from the ground right away, meaning they won't eat your loot, but it's also not too efficient to just leave a pile of monster meat on the ground for them to eat, it's easier to just feed them. Of course other players will not be able to use these spider followers, when they attempt to pick up a shell they'll claim to be too repulsed to touch it: "EWW! GROSS!" "It's all cold and slimy" and a quote for Wolfgang "Wolfgang won't touch that!". The shells doesn't stack but to not gather too a massive army, maybe have a cap for how many shells he can carry,say six or five? Upon reaching the max amount Webber will state "Too many friends! Too crowdy!" Or something. Lots of other good ideas floating around with Webber, but please tell me what you think!
  2. Webber's shamlet mask doesn't provide any protection against the fog, which is weird because Wagstaff doesn't have this problem with his goggles. Since Webber needs the mask on at all times if he wants to interact or even be near the pig city (which is almost all game), he is severely crippled in Humid season because he has two options: -Keep the mask on and be slowed down to a crawl -Put on a Pith hat and make every pig guard aggro onto you. This normally wouldn't be a problem but with the introduction of Wagstaff which doesn't go through any of these problems with his character-specific head item on, it just feels unfair to Webber. In simpler words: Can we please have Webber's Shamlet mask give immunity to being slowed down by the fog?
  3. Not sure if it's a bug or not. But Pig Guards seem to forget if Webber actually was stealing from them if conditions are right: 1. Mask was not equiped. 2. Stealing was AFTER Guard noticed Webber. If you stole after that, decided to wear a mask and run away from them, next time they will think of you as if nothing ever happened. However, that doesn't work during darkness. As if they nearby they will "sound trigger" no matter what, causing you to kill them in order to make them forget. as for Minor inconveniences I mentioned... It might sound uncommon, but 4:3 still has problems with "zoomed" rooms. Forcing players to switch resolution in order to see the exits on the sides in the ruins... Can someone fix this via mod? Like zooming out for 25%?
  4. I want to preface this thread with a note, since I am basically going to trash Webber for the meme to get my point across: I used to main webber and I have hundreds of hours worth of experience with him. Hell, I made a steam guide for him that's on the front page of the most popular of all time tab. (You can see that here: be warned that this is like, a year and a half old now, and the way I narrate things have changed) So, now with that out of the way, let's get to the main point. Webber sucks. Now, of course, people are going to jump on me and say "he's OP! He can make an infinite amount of food!" Yeah but he still sucks, and here's why. If you want to be viewed as a "good" Webber in any server, you'll need to be constantly spider farming. Spider farming allows for literal chests-full of sanity restoration (silk / top hats), hunger restoration (monster meat), and health restoration (spider glands). And the real kicker is that with the recent release of Wortox, Webber is now no longer the best character for health restoration, so now he's just viewed as a "meh" sidegrade to Wortox. Even if we remove Wortox from the topic entirely, Webber is still not that great of a choice to pick as a character after you have more than a hundred hours into the game and you know how to keep your three stats up. The reason? He's boring to play. Think of it, your sole purpose to a base is to sit at your spider dens and spider farm every night. This also sucks because it's absurdly OP. A competent Webber can live anywhere on the map, by himself, and survive as long as he has a handful of spider dens, because each spider drops fills each three stats respectively. The only real reasons why Webber should leave the spider dens are either to prepare for seasons, or to go fight something. Hell, even hounds aren't a problem because you can use spiders against them. Hell, you can even get away with using spiders alone to deal with hounds after day 100. To sum things up, there are Webber has two problems: -Boring to play -Overshadowed by Wortox and people who know how to keep their hunger and health up. Now, the fun part. How to solve them. The game discourages staying near your base 24/7, however this is not the case with your spider dens. A solution that sounds good on paper is to give Webber perks that encourage him to explore, or rather, be less glued to his spiders. Here are some ideas. Give Webber limited nightvision. As in, during the night, he will be able to see in the dark, however, he will only be able to see things closely nearby. In practical terms, he will be able to see the dark akin to a light radius smaller than a torch, but slightly bigger than Willow's lighter. Being able to walk around in the darkness will allow for more adventuring, however it's still needed to craft a lantern or similar to see more in the dark. However, his sanity drain during the dark should be left unchanged.Rework spider farming entirely. As in, change it's definition. You know how you can command spiders to attack each other? remove that feature entirely. You shouldn't be able to command spiders to attack other spiders, unless you have a spider hat. This allows more room to work with, and gives more emphasis on Webber regarding spiders as friends. Now the question is "how do you spider farm?" I put the rest of this idea in a spoiler because it goes pretty in-depth. Give Webber the ability to craft cave spider dens. Cave Spider dens should be able to be crafted with (and this is a subjective recipe for the sake of an example) 1 cave spider eggs, 12 rocks, and 10 silk. Now, what are "Cave Spider Eggs"? They should be new drops that drop when naturally-spawning cave spider dens are mined with a pickaxe. They wouldn't be able to be planted, as their only purpose is for use in Webber's crafting recipe. This would give Webber the ability to make spiders actually viable in killing bosses and such. The spider spitters and the cave spiders have so much unused potential in mob killing. Also, unlike normal spider dens, crafted Cave Spider dens work similarly to their natural counterpart, as they can't be attacked normally, and must be destroyed with a pickaxe, or mobs with the ability to destroy structures. It's also fire-proof, so that's a plus. However, to deter players from replacing normal spiders entirely, both cave spider counterparts should not be able to weave silk for Webber, nor be picked up. So, those are all my ideas. Yay? Nay? Klei? Leave some ideas of your own below, or bash me on the head and tell me why I'm wrong.
  5. sooo I have a tendancy not to finish what I start, but I thought maybe making a thread and seeing feedback would help motivate me to finish this, since I really like the idea. I am making a small improvised comic about Webber and WX-78, that's based on the lore behind them. It's going to be a little bit of an alternate-universe, because the personalities and appearances of the characters are a little different. Me and my friend main Webber and WX-78 together respectively so I'm also loosely basing the characters off us. Most notably Webber has a tartan scarf and a slightly altered version of the Gladiator head skin, and WX-78 has a slightly altered version of the hallowed nights skin. (this is mostly just because these are the skins i enjoy drawing most for these characters, and to set them apart from their "canon" counterparts) It will be fairly sketchy and low-effort because I have two other comics I'm working on atm and this is just a side thing to do in my free time. I don't have a page for this done quite yet, but I have sketched out most of the panels and will post it soon. I know it's kinda lame to just make an art post without any actual art in it, so I will post a few of my recent DST drawings (mostly webber)
  6. Play Date!

    This is going to be 1/2 thumbnail for my upcoming animatics sometime soon! <3
  7. I made a lot of drawing's based off Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together and I found this art forum not long ago so I wanted to post all my drawing until now here and if I make more I will update this post
  8. Just something I had on my head ever since I saw Oxygen Not Included.
  9. Whoa! My new art! Here's some links to my DA if you want: Those of you who know, I have been doing stuff in a newer style. IMPORTANT: YOU WILL BE RECEIVING MY DON'T STARVE FAN ART BEFORE DA DOES! Webber's been promoted! I'm sorry about the picture being huge.
  10. i drew this ebcause i ws lonely on christmas eve this year sort of also no this isnt a genderbend or anything i just hc webber as a girl bc idk Hhhfn!
  11. a draw

    ehghofihog i drew this ..... its webber...... i saw the new skins and i had to draw them...... also no this isnt a genderbend or anything i just headcanon webber as a girl because..........i do..................
  12. hi forums!!! its been awhile since i posted here.. i am sort of shy around new communities.. haha.. but i figure i could post some of the fanart ive drawn for dst!!! my fave characters are webber and wx but you could probably tell.. lol.. anyways.. heres what i drew!! ps, feel free to like, post ur own fanart too i love seeing ppls interpretations of the characters!! (most of these are reuploaded frm my tumblr) ok! sorry for dump omg O_O i hope this is ok... also umm... im sort of nervous to post these on here.. as it has some personal headcanons... but it would mean alot if you didnt think this was like.. genderbent webber or anything i headcanon her as a transgirl... and ik a lot of ppl dont like fat willow but fdsjbvkbgskjb ik ppl dont like those sort of hcs o_o;; anyways.. yea!! pwease no bully ok... ! i hope il be more active on here in the future!!! also feel free to request stuff >:D no promises , but i might do a few! (if im not too busy w work and school x_x)
  13. A Webber Halloween!

    The Spidolantern! Hope your Halloween is full of friends!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Express your love for our hairy little friend with this brand new Webber-Themed Animated Cursor Pack Including 15 Cursors inspired by my favourite Don't Starve Character! Precise enough to use at work and the survival-y feel of your favourite game is finally complete with this original handdrawn Cursor Pack! Also check out my other Cursor Packs! Cheers, Jules Follow this link for a tutorial on how to install the cursors. Thanks to @iMCrafter
  15. Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing over and over... I keep getting bogged down with big projects and as soon as I have time to draw again, my thread gets archived! So I have to make new ones everytime. lol. Well in other news, I got my Bachelor's! So hopefully this thread can stay active and not-archived from now on! Here's my most recent fanart of webber! I got back into adventure mode again. I keep dying on Chapter 4. Idk what it is about my bad luck or something, but... Yeah. Gotta get those pigmen!! And in addition to that, heres a doodle I made a while ago when I played DST briefly... Competitive/Collaborative play is kind of exhausting to me (unfortunately) so I haven't played a lot, but I did really like the costumes! (this should link to a larger version...) and as per usual, I am open to requests! I doodled a bunch of the ones I got last time, but never got a chance to post them. :'( I moved recently and lost a lot of old sketchbooks and I think the doodles were in there. I'm gonna dig around for them and post later... For now, if you'd like to see some of my older fanart, you can check it out here. Thanks everyone!
  16. Yes! It is time for me to get back into playing Don't Starve! I have taken comment from the end of last season and vola! Season two! I will be playing as Webber, with mods and having a goal of getting into the caves! Will Webber last? Will the mods help? Will He make it into the caves?! Here is the first Episode is season two, enjoy! :
  17. Webber Fanart

    *Flops* Decided to doodle some Don't Starve, and did a drawing for Webber~ Might draw some more later on, but thought it would be interesting to post it up here, and see what people think of it. (Apologizes if the top looks a bit funny, I kind of gave up on the sky.)
  18. Hello, I had to pass the time somehow while i wait for my DST key, so I drew this c: Link for better view
  19. Anybody know a rock on strategy to survive with these two? I can do my own way but they change things up a bit since one is a monster and the other is a straight up carnivore. I am new to ROG and need more experience but help is appreciated.
  20. Hi there everyone We are Just a Boy and a Girl Gaming and we would really appreciate if you would check out our series, where Icy 'the noob' attempts to keep poor little Webber alive and I try and coach him. In this episode things start to go a little bit down hill for the spider man. Is this the end???? :S Link: We hope you enjoy and don't forget to let us know what you think Thanks a lot. Cheerio for now. Cazzzy x P.s. If you want to catch up on what has happened so far then here is a link to the playlist:
  21. Webber ideas

    Webber is an upcoming character to Don't Starve in the Reign of Giants dlc. Add suggestions on what abilities He should have.
  22. I really like Webber. I hope he will be a playable character.I already posted this picture on DeviantArt.