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[Game Update] - 522521

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  • Developer


  • Abigail will no longer trigger spider webbing.
    • Abigail will no longer try to move around the webbing and will now float right across it.
  • Splumonkey Pod Monkeys will now drop their equipment when going back into their homes.

Bug Fixes

  • Gameplay
    • Fixed Merms not eating food when they are sitting on a Royal Tapestry.
    • Fixed Frogs spawned from Tumbleweeds being angry at Merms.
    • Fixed Splumonkey Pod Monkeys not returning to their home on a warning of an earthquake.
    • Fixed Splumonkey Pod Monkeys not evacuating their home when the home is set on fire.

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51 minutes ago, DajeKotlyar said:

Idk if someone mentioned this before, but Wonkey can't wear gloves and shoes correctly.

Maybe completely remove this options for him only is a way to solve?


Wonkey intentionally overrides the cosmetics, the Accursed Trinkets will show that the character is transforming the more are collected.

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