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  1. This would be a great feature, nothing more painful than regening a world with decent world generation when I'm looking for a world to mega base in!
  2. Thank you, I'm very glad to see this fixed!
  3. From my experience this is because lag compensation is set to off. Turning it on will fix the bug. Hopefully Klei will patch this soon!
  4. With the recent DST update introducing the WX rework everyone on Xbox has an "attack speed" bug. This bug causes player to have an awkward pause after each attack which makes all combat clunky and difficult. Most people do not know what causes the issue but I have found out what causes it and a temporary solution until it is patched.
  5. Honestly I would love for Klei to revisit beefalo taming and add a bunch of new items related to beefalos. Thanks to the new crafting menu we have a whole tab dedicated to beefalo taming and it would be nice to see some more items in that tab!
  6. On the recent release of the Switch port and on every other console port of the game, all have a unique setting called Target Locking. This however is not present on the PC version of the game which is discouraging for controller players who want to play on more powerful hardware. With the newly teased shared unlocks allowing players to combine multiple accounts to one super account we will no doubt have some console players swap over to the PC version. Some players however still find a controller easier to use and therefore will use it over mouse and keyboard. My suggestion is to bring the Target Locking setting into the PC version of the game around the time of shared unlocks as people who play on console consistently use this feature to make not only combat but also building much easier. TLDR: Bring the Target Locking feature from console ports to PC.
  7. Would this also apply to Wurt, or just regular Merms and Merm Guards?
  8. Can't wait to have this! One of the main factors which discouraged my switch to platforms was my skins as I like making nice looking bases, but now I see no reason as to not play on both! I look forward to seeing how this turns out!
  9. Currently on Don't Starve Hamlet for console upon hitting around day 51-54 the save file completely refuses to load at all. After about 68 seconds or so of loading you then get booted back to the Xbox home menu. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't fix the issue and I am not the only one to experience this issue. The game will no doubt have bugs but its at the point of being unplayable and should get fixed as it's a waste of money to buy a DLC which crashes after almost 7 hours of your time!
  10. Couldn't agree more! Klei is such a good company they deserve nothing but the best!
  11. While testing out the know character Walter, I’ve stumbled along a bug that allows for the Tent Roll to be duped as much as one pleases.