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It's almost time for Wanda!

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Wanda the Timekeeper is set to arrive in the Constant next week (Sept. 9th 10am pacific)!

Here are her details

  • Wanda is a skilled clockmaker who will stop at nothing to outrun her future
  • Wanda's timeline is broken, causing her to age faster than the other survivors
  • Wanda's health meter has been replaced by an age meter
  • In Wanda's old age, she learns how to utilize shadow magic more effectively, and relies on it to make up for her declining strength
  • Wanda can craft pocket watches to:
    • Restore her youth
    • Manipulate her space in time
    • Return fallen survivors to their point in time before death
    • Rip holes through space and time
    • Harness shadow magic to defend herself

Klei Ambassadors will be given exclusive early access to Wanda soon - So look out for more details on that. 

Wanda will be unlocked in the following ways:

  • Wanda will be available for purchase for $5.99usd in the Wanda Chest. Wanda's Guest of Honor skin set is included in this chest for free.
  • Wanda Deluxe Chest ($9.99usd) With Wanda and her complete set of Guest of Honor, Triumphant, and Tinkersmith skin items
  • Starter Pack 2021 ($7.99usd) including Wanda, Wilson's Snowfallen skin set, Willow's Victorian skin set, Walter's Guest of Honor skin set, Winona's Roseate skin set, the Rustic Torch, the Splumonkey Sack, and the Yawny Jammies Ensemble.
  • You can weave Wanda for 2700 spool.

And of course, we will have a new Wanda animated short, a new streaming drop campaign and more details when Wanda launches on September 9th. But for now, here is a nice image from the next animated short!



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Yes yes yes!!! Praise!!!

1 minute ago, JoeW said:

Wanda's timeline is broken, causing her to age faster than the other survivors

I was hoping her downside would have to do something with time going crazy for her, this is the most excited I've been to see a new character. I can't wait to see how she plays.

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