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  1. I don't know if it is just with me but, since last week, everytime I fight dragonfly, she spawn a lot of lavaes, came to me, hit and get hit, them go back spawn more lavaes. Before, she spawned 3 times before die, first one 5 lavaes, second time 6 lavaes and third time 7 lavaes, them she died with all my characters, but since last week she spawn more than 6 times lavaes during the fight. Is it correct? It is not a bug?
  2. @Jason " Boats speed calculations are now more consistent, so your speed won’t fluctuate up and down. The following of platforms(boats) is now handled in the engine instead of in lua. When boats are drifting(moving without a player on them) they will do a scan around them to turn on the physics of nearby objects. When boats entity sleep all sails on a boat will get closed. In the engine, platform following now properly supports rotation(as in objects would rotate around a boat when a boat is rotated), this however is not yet used in the base game. Embarking can now fail if the embarked position gets too far away from the player(IE two boats moving at top speed past each other and trying to hop would now fail) " this means Wild Fire on boats far away?
  3. My confession is that the devs don't care about the cloths in the game, otherwise we could use the new event summer cloths TOGETHER with the backpack. I'm pretty sure that the most unused items in the game are the cloths (Puffy Vest, Dapper Vest, Floral Shirt, Summer Frest, Hibearnation Vest, Rain Coat)... If some day they wanna implement this in the game, how about to reduce the stats?
  4. Hello, I'd like to show you a bug I've passed through. I'm attaching a video to show you guys my problem. This world have around 150 days, but do not appear as you can see. And I never rollback my servers, look what I have in the rollback tab. 2020-06-20 09-53-22.mp4