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  1. I think what most people want or are expecting is a chemistry tab where he can craft potions and get wacky buffs and all that. I think that'd be fine, personally, but I'd really like to see them double down on him being a sort of tutorial character. He should be a medium through which you can learn the game effectively; when you play Wilson, you're pretty much experiencing DST in its rawest form. Still, we're neglecting to ask what science means to Wilson. By definition, (albeit, probably over-simplified) science is pretty much the study of our world via observation and experiments. Back to the chemistry idea - he is a chemist, yeah, but I think what really defines Wilson is his determination to understand his surroundings, be it through mixing test tubes or throwing himself into the unknown regardless of the consequences. I think this is the reason that he, of all the survivors, was the one who actually completed Adventure Mode and sat on the Nightmare Throne. I'd like to see his perks have to do with experimentation - a huge part of learning the game - which ties back to him being a tutorial character.
  2. Themed after DS ofc. Totally willing to pay as long as its a manageable price. Message me on Discord for any questions or statements. @Sci3nce#7668. (hope im using this forum right)
  3. Totally willing to pay as long as it's manageable. Send me any further questions/comments on Discord @Sci3nce#7668, please. (hopefully this is the right forum to do this stuff lol)