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[Game Update] - 463593

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug causing invisible floating hats when using the Clean Sweeper.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain objects that emit light in your inventory to not properly display for other players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain wearable items to be invisible when dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed an optimization issue with skinner components.
  • Improved the look of the Fist Shake emote with Wendy’s Supernatural skin.
  • Curio Collector won’t show up outside of the Year of the Beefalo Event.
  • Fixed the orientation of fx when casting spells.
  • Fixed a bug causing certain light sources to not properly move with the player.

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42 minutes ago, Hornete said:

There was a few asset changes, mostly making low quality assets HD(Rain coats are HD now for example!)

Thats so nice. I hope some day all old content will be HD. Do you have a list of all the changed assets?

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Hey guys, do you mind working a little bit on the AI of pigmen and gekkos in the next patches ? they act a little wonkier than usual..

For example in small corridors gekkos are running towards the player instead of running away from the player, also befriended pigmen should go back to their homes at dawn, instead of running around aimlessly and teleporting to the player wherever he goes, this is rather annoying especially in nights with full moon, having werepigs teleporting to your base is not fun.. 

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