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  1. I hope this demonstration is clear enough:
  2. When there are a bunch of entities present (24 or more to be precise) each of which have haunted FX applied to them, the game will silently crash and this will appear in the log: This doesn't happen outside the beta.
  3. Glommer has vomit audio in game files, which also persists in it's stategraph file, but the sounds never play during gameplay because the timeline that calls them is overriden by another timeline. Also, Don't Starve has the same issue.
  4. Huge Entity Count

    Let me explain why it's all right. The server is the master simulation, while each player (even the host) has their own, local simulation. But if caves are disabled, the host is directly the master sim. The entity count is the amount of entities in the simulation. Clients (if caves are enabled – both the surface and the caves are running as a separate processes, so the host player is a client too) only see the entities in their "view range" (which is about a few screens away from player's position), so that's why the count varies that much.
  5. Also there are few frames where character's head is duplicated (from 39% to 45% of animation timeline).
  6. All other emotes from the forge event has their mounted versions (and I'm very proud of the guy who decided to do that!). And this one is valid for using while riding a beefalo, too. But it's just a blank animation.
  7. I already reported it in the forge beta bug tracker but it was closed without cause as soon as the beta tracker have been archived. It wasn't conflicting with body skin during the forge beta, but now it's broken. Screenshot from the beta: Current look:
  8. It was okay during the beta, but now it's broken.
  9. I believe it's intentional. It prevents loot pollution (to keep up server performance), since bearger travels a lot searching for food. This effect only applies to trees and boulders.
  10. This issue is caused by Health Info mod. It had mess up with health:DoDelta function, where it returns nil instead of the delta.