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  1. I don't mind getting the occasional smack in the face for the illusion of smooth movement
  2. Also, Craft Pot creates thousands of interface elements which are being updated at all times (even when not cooking). It also runs a lot of calculations. While it may not cause much trouble on its own, it certainly contributes to creating a bottleneck when combined with the mods mentioned above.
  3. Sometimes people don't understand that errors like "Dedicated Server Failed To Start" and "Disconnected" may be caused by their server mods. Please consider adding an extra line, suggesting the user to try again with mods disabled, if any server mods are enabled. The WARNING! screen does that already, so it seems pretty reasonable.
  4. That's just a note for the devs, you'll have to wait until this is fixed in a future update
  5. Aha! Klump folders and references in the code always caught my eye, but I never gave it much thought. Thanks for explaining.
  6. For some reason The Gorge dishes were brought into the game as .dyn files, but they have a really low resolution. Meanwhile, their Cookbook icons have superb quality...
  7. I'm surprised that nobody has identified a character yet, guess they're blending better than I expected? Tip: you can click the image to see its original size! Well yes, the king is just a decoration. But Wurt is still there!
  8. You can also try these: Where's Willow? Where's Wendy? Where's WX-78? Where's Wurt?
  9. After looking at | Client_LOG 44 |, [00:02:31]: [string "scripts/components/retrofitforestmap_anr.lu..."]:568: attempt to index local 'offset_a' (a nil value) It appears that there's a wrong check for offset_a at retrofitforestmap_anr.lua:568: if offset_a.x and offset_a.z then offset_b = FindWalkableOffset(pos, startangle+(PI/3), 12, 12, true, true) end This version should be correct: if offset_a then offset_b = FindWalkableOffset(pos, startangle+(PI/3), 12, 12, true, true) end
  10. @TauOns This issue is indeed caused by Turfed. There's a fork of the mod, which has the issue fixed.
  11. Currently Lesser Glow Berry uses the same sprite as regular Glow Berry: This is due to prefabs/wormlight.lua's item_commonfn, where "bank" and "build" arguments are ignored:
  12. Haha, you outpaced me! I was about to post this version: local _animstateinstances = setmetatable({}, { __mode = "kv" }) local _bloomeffecthandles = setmetatable({}, { __mode = "k" }) local AddNetwork = Entity.AddNetwork function Entity:AddNetwork(...) local guid = self:GetGUID() local inst = Ents[guid] if inst ~= nil and inst.AnimState ~= nil then _animstateinstances[inst.AnimState] = inst inst._hasbloomeffecthandle = net_bool(inst.GUID, "AnimState.HasBloomEffectHandle") end return AddNetwork(self, ...) end local function _onsetbloomeffecthandle(self) local inst = _animstateinstances[self] if inst ~= nil then inst._hasbloomeffecthandle:set(_bloomeffecthandles[self] ~= nil) end end local SetBloomEffectHandle = AnimState.SetBloomEffectHandle function AnimState:SetBloomEffectHandle(bloom, ...) _bloomeffecthandles[self] = bloom _onsetbloomeffecthandle(self) return SetBloomEffectHandle(self, bloom, ...) end local ClearBloomEffectHandle = AnimState.ClearBloomEffectHandle function AnimState:ClearBloomEffectHandle(...) _bloomeffecthandles[self] = nil _onsetbloomeffecthandle(self) return ClearBloomEffectHandle(self, ...) end function AnimState:HasBloomEffectHandle() local inst = _animstateinstances[self] if inst ~= nil and inst.Network ~= nil and not TheWorld.ismastersim then return inst._hasbloomeffecthandle:value() else return _bloomeffecthandles[self] ~= nil end end --for networked entities, this is ONLY valid on mastersim!!! function AnimState:GetBloomEffectHandle() return _bloomeffecthandles[self] end
  13. Sadly your solution has a serious flaw – every AnimState shares the same metatable. So if you add or override something in it, you apply that to every AnimState. Which leads to a bottleneck: Any entity that calls SetBloomEffectHandle will call it for your prefab as well Every PrefabPostInit will just tackle more and more functions on top of each other I can't say for sure, but probably any userdata is like that.
  14. Currently there is no way to tell (from the code) if an entity has a BloomEffectHandle or not. Considering this wasn't included in the first place, it makes me think that there are some limitations preventing such possibility? local inst = SpawnPrefab("goldnugget") print(inst.AnimState:GetBloomEffectHandle()) --result: "shaders/anim.ksh" local inst = SpawnPrefab("axe") print(inst.AnimState:GetBloomEffectHandle()) --result: nil It'd be nice to at least have a function that just returns true or false. If even this version is not possible, may I know why? local inst = SpawnPrefab("goldnugget") print(inst.AnimState:HasBloomEffectHandle()) --result: true local inst = SpawnPrefab("axe") print(inst.AnimState:HasBloomEffectHandle()) --result: false Thanks!