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  1. There appear to be a couple of miscalculations at MakeBaby: Since the animation has no faces, this doesn't fully get rid of the issue, but at least the offset will be consistent with her rotation. P.S. This part of her poop stategraph is not necessary for dedicated servers as it always rotates her to 0.7853975:
  2. This edit of DynamicMusic should improve the volume of winter danger music: local DANGER_VOLUME_OVERRIDES = { ["dontstarve/music/music_danger_winter"] = 0.5, } local function StartDanger(player) if _dangertask ~= nil then _extendtime = GetTime() + 10 elseif _isenabled then StopBusy() local x, y, z = player.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local music = #TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, 30, EPIC_TAGS, NO_EPIC_TAGS) > 0 and ((IsInRuins(player) and "dontstarve/music/music_epicfight_ruins") or (_iscave and "dontstarve/music/music_epicfight_cave") or (SEASON_EPICFIGHT_MUSIC[inst.state.season])) or ((IsInRuins(player) and "dontstarve/music/music_danger_ruins") or (_iscave and "dontstarve/music/music_danger_cave") or (SEASON_DANGER_MUSIC[inst.state.season])) _soundemitter:PlaySound(music, "danger", DANGER_VOLUME_OVERRIDES[music]) _dangertask = inst:DoTaskInTime(10, StopDanger, true) _triggeredlevel = nil _extendtime = 0 if _hasinspirationbuff then _soundemitter:SetParameter("danger", "wathgrithr_intensity", _hasinspirationbuff) end end end
  3. This edit of DynamicMusic should do the trick. Events with different levels (see Steps to Reproduce) won't override each other, but simply extend the current music. local _lasttriggeredevent = nil local function StartTriggeredDanger(player, data) local name = data ~= nil and data.name or "default" local level = math.max(1, math.floor(data ~= nil and data.level or 1)) local duration = data ~= nil and data.duration or 10 if _triggeredlevel == level or (_triggeredlevel ~= nil and _lasttriggeredevent ~= name) then _extendtime = math.max(_extendtime, GetTime() + duration) elseif _isenabled then StopBusy() StopDanger() local music = TRIGGERED_DANGER_MUSIC[name] or TRIGGERED_DANGER_MUSIC.default music = music[level] or music[1] if #music > 0 then _soundemitter:PlaySound(music, "danger") if _hasinspirationbuff then _soundemitter:SetParameter("danger", "wathgrithr_intensity", _hasinspirationbuff) end end _dangertask = inst:DoTaskInTime(duration, StopDanger, true) _lasttriggeredevent = name _triggeredlevel = level _extendtime = 0 end end
  4. This could use some polish, but here you go: All Pets Aboard.zip
  5. Interesting... I think this may be due to missing inst.persists = false in ice's onperish, so if the game saves during melting animation its perishing will be paused upon loading. Though no clue what's wrong with your acorns.
  6. @Well-met I know you said vanilla, but are you running client mods?
  7. inst.Light:Enable(true) must be false in the pristine state
  8. Input:OnUpdate() cycles through each CanMouseThrough only if the first entity in the self.entitiesundermouse table passes the check, so it doesn't always work:
  9. Cawniwal floor is not linked to the placer due to a typo in local function CreateFloor(parent):
  10. Cawniwal placers children don't have AnimState:SetLightOverride(1) so they are affected by lighting unlike parent. Expanding this function is suggested so the issue can be avoided in the future: function Placer:LinkEntity(self, ent) table.insert(self.linked, ent) ent.AnimState:SetLightOverride(1) end)
  11. Maxwell's insanity/lunacy visual and sound effects have lesser intensity (if not fully insane/enlightened) than other survivors. Both survivors on this screenshot have 85% Enlightenment. Also, his beardling, beardlord and mind control thresholds are at 30% sanity instead of 40%.
  12. If two sources push music with different levels they will constantly override each other.