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  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I can't really afford expanding my workshop at the moment, as it's already too demanding for being just a hobby
  2. Controllers kinda have this functionality already, but it would be useful to be able to do the same with keyboard!
  3. It would be nice if there was a button to delete the selected Custom Preset in the server's world settings.
  4. I agree that concealing the information is actually an interesting choice. But would these clocks really spoil too much? The only meaningful knowledge that Season Clock provides is the season's progress, as it's already easy to tell the current season The only meaningful knowledge that Nightmare Clock provides is time left in phase, as it's already easy to tell the current phase. This clock can be nerfed so it only appears when the player holds a Thulecite Medallion
  5. How about adding more clocks to the clock? When the main Clock is focused, instead of showing survived days, it will turn into the Season Clock: Each segment on it represents a single day Each season has its own colour Survived days can be still seen from the scoreboard When being within the ruins or having a Thulecite Medallion, the Nightmare Clock will appear: Simply shows time before the next phase Each phase has its own colour Nightmare phase emits a red glow, and has a unique look when the Ancient Gateway is activated
  6. How about expanding the Crock Pot's interface? The features include: For known recipes: predicting the outcome, which includes the recipe itself, its freshness, amount of servings, cooking time, and chance Ability to repeat the previous recipe Ability to open the cookbook directly
  7. Regular Crock Pots are way bigger and have charcoal under the pot, so I don't think it's much of an issue
  8. A year ago I've discovered that Crock Pot skins can be applied to Portable Crock Pots (thanks to their anim symbols sharing names). Peter said that they may look into it, but over a year has passed since then... So I decided to open this suggestion. Maybe more people will see and support this? I had to mess around a bit for food to display correctly, but recompiling the textures specifically for these cookpots shouldn't be a big deal.
  9. Functionality of the Pickable component was recently expanded, allowing it to yield multiple products. That's neat! However, this new feature has a minor flaw: it pushes the "picksomething" event after giving the products, meaning that products may become invalid (due to items stacking in the players inventory) by the time the event is pushed. It would be better if the event was pushed first, similar to regular pickables.
  10. Something similar also happens to Terrorbeaks. Their torso is drawn behind cave lights, while the rest of the body is drawn on top of them.
  11. Normally TheFrontEnd's fade overlays are drawn on top of the active screen, but when the active screen changes, it will be drawn on top of the overlays. This can be fixed by changing parents of the fade overlays at scripts/frontend.lua:145: Here's a video: And screenshots:
  12. Items can be picked up and dropped from a further range when being in the ocean, but there's no extra range for combining stacks.
  13. Harvesting burning Sea Weeds doesn't match either of these expected behaviours: Harvesting burning plants gives cooked versions of the product (e.g. Crops) Picking burning plants is not possible at all (e.g. Berry Bushes) Which of these should apply to Sea Weeds is up to you, it's just that the current behaviour (harvestable when burning, gives raw barnacles) doesn't make much sense
  14. I didn't look deep into what's happeing, but it seems that when a Sea Weed is set on fire only its base will be unfrozen.
  15. This applies to both harvesting directly and with a razor. This can be easily fixed by adding an extra check for their respective component actions: