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  1. @JesseB_Klei I padded a zero-width space for the next update and everything seems to be fine, except that workshop page no longer has a version tag. Is it omitted if any special characters are used? version = "10.1" --there's a zero-width space (U+200B) in front version_compatible = "8.5" Also, an unrelated issue: sometimes workshop images go missing after an update, not sure if this is tied to mod uploader. This has happened a few times with my V2 DST mods.
  2. So I have this mod with version "9.4" version_compatible "8.5" And when I tried to push an update with version "10.0" (also tried "11.0") version_compatible "8.5" (same as before) The uploader thought that version_compatible was greater than version: I was able to push an update by picking a number above "9.4" and below "10.0", which was "9.9".
  3. This new Wes buff looks great! All jokes aside, clients can steer boats on a whim, after properly doing it once: This is because SteeringWheelUser:SetSteeringWheel(nil) does not clean up self.boat I enabled the experimental boat rotation for this demonstration, but it works in vanilla regardless
  4. You may want to skip EmitterManager updates after a global error, otherwise certain emitters will keep spawning particles that don't go away:
  5. Klei did a pretty good job at deprecation, I must say! It was way easier to roll back than I anticipated. I'm not interested in publishing mods myself, but if anyone wants to give it a try - here's what you need to do: Restore "tab" values for each recipe Revert CraftingMenu back to CraftTabs in PlayerHUD's Controls Fix a couple crashes here and there (Optional) Revert controller hookups
  6. I wonder why they didn't just switch to AnimState:SetScale, which scales only the textures, saving all the trouble with physics shenanigans. There used to be a bug where mouseover hitbox was only scaled by Transform:SetScale, but that was fixed a long time ago.
  7. I've seen this report multiple times, but never had this issue myself. @Mr.Tarunio What graphic settings do you have? Have you tried disabling your mods or verifying integrity of game files?
  8. I remember that the revert button for DST mods did not exist before transition to V2 API. I think this is something that can be controlled by developers, because a mod I published for Project Zomboid years ago had the revert button immediately. This may be just a coincidence, but what if someone accidentally toggled it on?
  9. @Bad Willow I assume "6.100" counts as "6.1" so that's why it returns false. Here's some info from when the feature was implemented, seems to be still accurate today.
  10. Aw, that explains things. That fish weight feature is really coming at a cost, eh? Ancient Pseudoscience Station could use some love as well
  11. I don't know why it's a construction site in the first place, why not have it as a regular recipe?
  12. This should stop Sea Weeds from becoming aggresive when being ignited from smoldering: Make so Burnable's SmolderUpdate uses self.inst as source for Ignite: local function SmolderUpdate(inst, self) < ... > self.smoldertimeremaining = self.smoldertimeremaining - SMOLDER_TICK_TIME * heatmod if self.smoldertimeremaining <= 0 then self:StopSmoldering() --JUST in case ignite fails... self:Ignite(nil, self.inst) --smoke is invalid at this point, so use self.inst as source < ... > end Don't forget to pass source to "onignite" event: function Burnable:Ignite(immediate, source, doer) if not (self.burning or self.inst:HasTag("fireimmune")) then self:StopSmoldering() self.burning = true self.inst:ListenForEvent("death", OnKilled) self:SpawnFX(immediate) self.inst:PushEvent("onignite", { source = source, doer = doer }) < ... > end end And finally, make use of these changes in waterplant prefab: local function on_ignited(inst, data) -- Would be nice to use data.doer, but very few places seem to pass it! -- So just set the closest player as a target and assume they lit us up. if data ~= nil and data.source ~= inst then find_and_attack_nearby_player(inst) end inst.components.harvestable:Disable() end
  13. This is intentional. However, there's a bug where the icon sometimes remains invisible:
  14. Resolved by adding these lines at MakePlacer (prefabutil.lua): LAYER_WORLD_BACKGROUND to display it below the layer commonly used by billboard entities Sort order 7 to display on top of everything else on the same layer (e.g. boat planks) if onground then inst.AnimState:SetOrientation(ANIM_ORIENTATION.OnGround) inst.AnimState:SetLayer(LAYER_WORLD_BACKGROUND) inst.AnimState:SetSortOrder(7) end