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  1. Lots of important fixes and changes, thank you! Of Course there is stuff left, but after 2 workdays it's great work!
  2. It´s nothing like that. Taming is unchanged I think. The bell just makes the beefalo follow you, even into the caves and makes it the beefalo disappears when you log out I think. But you can´t ride it with it.
  3. I really hope a lot of this new stuff makes it into core game, because some stuff is just awesome! - Collecting stuff while mounted. - Taking beefalos to the caves with the necklace And does anybody know if we can use the beefalo skins after YOTB? I really hope so!
  4. Exactly that! I play a lot with friends that don't have much or no experience in DST and it's so much stuff going on for them. They don't need more to learn. But there are so much veterans that enjoy more longtherm/endgame contant, so I think thats what the game needs going into the future.
  5. I'm really sad to go to the forums in 2021 the first time and see such aggression... Just wanted to say.
  6. For me it´s the other way around. I enjoy content updates much more and charakter reworks. It's just my personal preference. Reworks are cool and my favourite charakter has not got one yet, but content updates are much more exciting for me especially long term. So for me the current mix (more content, not to much reworks a year) is perfect.
  7. I also think directly porting is not the way to go. But with some adjustments I can be possible to use some stuff vom singleplayer DS and port it to DST. But because a lot of people are saying that the oceans are lacking content, I think we have a good chance that this is on Klei's agenda for 2021
  8. I´m using an 21:9 ultrawide monitor and I think more and more people are starting using them. The main manu scales just perfect with black bars on the sides. The gameplay itself works with ultrawide just perfect, no problem there, so thanks for your work! But the loadingscreen scales wrong: I should work like the main manu and have black bars on the side. Instead it distorts the image which is a bit sad, because I LOVE the artwork of DST, its amazing!
  9. Just wanted to say that I hope to see the ocean come more alive in 2021. In 2020 we already saw a lot of improvements there, but the ocean is still lacking content. I hope we will see more water animals, water plants, corals, and more uniqueness of the ocean biomes. I know not everyone likes the ocean content, but I love waterplants and anmials (not only in this game) and I really like the art and design of shipwrecked because of all of it´s waterstuff. Hope to see more like that in DST in 2021. Your game looks amazing, thanks so much Klei for your awesome work!
  10. The new system is so strong and and gives so much more. Like a lot of people already said: Even withouth any effort you get more than with the old system. It gives you more in any way. So more automation would just be op and where is the fun of getting giant crops when you have to do nothing for them.
  11. Does Anyone know, how I can buy the skins of this event for a friend? I can´t find it on the steam page.
  12. WOW Some really good fixes and tweaks! Thanks Klei!
  13. I think the beefalo taming is a great addition, but still they need some more benefits. I hope they add something more to it and don´t stop now after all that work and leave it like it is...
  14. Here are two small bugs I found while using the trade inn: The speaking of the beefalo trader makes sound even all sounds in DST are on 0 Pressing Esc doesnt work as "back"
  15. @255 I also first thought my saves were lost. But than I discovered that I can play my World on the "Save Slot 2" in game, when I start "Save Slot 1". In the Klei-Folder it´s correct, the second slot is my old world, but to start it I have to use the "save Slot 1" ingame. Maybe there is something swapped that´s causing the problem?