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  1. Major bug and I don't know how it is triggered: sometimes when you use left shift+left click on an item to put food on a crockpot or moving the item from your inventory to the backpack (vice versa) the item disappears (all the stacks included).
  2. Greetings! I don't think it is intentional, but you can see clearly that multiple bramble blooms are occupying the same space. The image is self explanatory, you can clearly see that there are two blooms at the same spot. I found one that had 3 blooms.
  3. Greetings! I have just found a bug where I got 2 robins plus a new stone egg. I was trying to get Robin and I picked up the stone egg from the ground the moment it was about to hatch (the animation of the egg cracking ocurred and few moments after, I picked it from the ground). then suddenly appeared a Robin on the screen with the stone egg still in my inventory. I left clicked on the egg inside the inventory and then another Robin appeared! A miracle has happened! Now I have 2 robins and another egg.
  4. I dont like this mechanic either. It is just so boring to wait like 3 days to grow some nettles and you can't even have an efficient farm because you need the jungle turf to make them grow.
  5. [Game Update] - 327257

    More Don't Starve updates = me happy. Thanks a lot guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    Definitely a buff to his beaver damage. It is almost ridiculous being with a 27 dmg when you're insane and can't fight the shadow creatures. By far the most important buff he needs. Also I think being able to control his transformation during full moon would be great with a necklace-like item. For second, I think he needs some unique skills/crafting that makes us want to pick him instead of maxwell to get the wood.
  7. Wortox Has Arrived!

    As I previously stated, insta bought it! And I am SO HAPPY with the content! Thank you so much guys. HIs art is so adorable and adding new mechanics to the game feels like a breath of fresh air! So hyped for next month content! Please give our willow some love <3
  8. Also this. Absolutely amazed by the work on Winona, really good improvements! We just need some time to get the inumerous possibilities to farm mobs and bosses with her catapult. All I think she needs now is some Q.O.L on her generator's fuel mechanic because it can be very annoying to deal with not being able to turn on/off like a flingomatic. So hyped for the next months!!!!!
  9. People were complaining about how low the hp of compost wrap recovers, but I think the major problem is how hard is to get the 5 poop/2rot compared to just making healing food for recovering every time. Maybe if it cost less poop the item would be great? What do you think guys?
  10. Wormwood such a great character

    He is the most carismatic character ever created. But I definately think he still needs some buffs.
  11. They really need to balance the spread of rabid beetles. It crushes low pc specs. Also, with the new update they only have 1 day and then dispawn, but I think it is not enough
  12. He is pretty adorable, his perks can help the others more than himself (free vegetables, plenty of living logs). I know we have mods but I would love to see an official statement about that
  13. Yes yes and yes! Please klei, give wormwood some love <3
  14. [Game Update] - 308440

    Debuffs on the Ash and No buffs to his healing recipe makes him less interesting to play than before :/ it is really annoying to spend all your oincs on healing Items...
  15. [Game Update] - 307799

    He looks absolutely adorable and I loved the new text font on him. But his healing downside is TOO harsh! 90% of the best healing items are food related and his new healing salve is not that easy to make and only heals for 20 hp, totally not worth playing with him =(