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  1. Loved it! So happy to see the ocean improving. Also, regarding the Tree Jam, how does it affect wormwood? Does it count as a fertilizer? I hope there is some potential there
  2. Yay! Thanks Klei!! Amazing work. I think it would also be nice if the befriended spiders could enter/get out of the cave with webber, just like the same mechanic we have with a beefalo.
  3. I agree with you... Despite the method of using the whistle to prevent spiders from eating loot, it is very very risky to do that. It is easier withh health indicators mods, however, it is still too riksy. They should make a delay for the spiders to search for meat in the ground so webber can catch the loot before they try to devour
  4. Amazing update! Thank you so much! I am having trouble with the befriended spiders. It seems like the moon spiders attack the others and they start a war. Also, if you create a lot of nurse spiders they will fight endlessly unless u separate them lol,
  5. Yay! Now I can find my rain coats left on the ground XD
  6. I'm having this problem also with the raincoat
  7. Amazing content as always, thank you Klei! I hope there will be more content regarding wormwood buffs, specifically for his blooming phase (it has so many downsides lol just for a wolfgang speed boost)
  8. Those Item drops are so beautiful!! Also, I am really hoping to see an item that requires an irisdicent gem and the other moonlenses <3
  9. YAS!!1 I was waiting this for so long, thank you guys! Really excited and hyped n_n
  10. Nice animation!!!!!!! Loved it.
  11. OMG WHEELER IS A MONSTER!!!!!!!! XD Loved the buffs but I agree with the people that say she needs a downside (that won't break her fun completely), maybe lowering her stats? Or removing 3 slots from her and making her speed boost work as long as she is not using a backpack. But I think she is on a right path!!!
  12. I think SW has much more rewarding challenges than Hamlet. The elephant Cacti and coffe changes everything and thats why u should rush to the volcano. In hamlet the bosses drops are totally meh, seasons too short and nettles are super boring to get though... I am expecting a lot of new features and some serious balances
  13. Greetings! I don't think it is intentional, but you can see clearly that multiple bramble blooms are occupying the same space. The image is self explanatory, you can clearly see that there are two blooms at the same spot. I found one that had 3 blooms.