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  1. I personally love wormwood, but I find it very difficult and frustrating to play with him alone in DST, don't you guys thinks that wormwood deserves some kind of different perks in DST (Just like woodie)? His blooming season is really annoying because he draws bees nearby that can hit him and his hunger rate drops faster than wolfgang just to get 2x movespeed. Also, he is vulnerable to fire but has no advantage when he is wet. What do you guys think?
  2. Those Item drops are so beautiful!! Also, I am really hoping to see an item that requires an irisdicent gem and the other moonlenses <3
  3. YAS!!1 I was waiting this for so long, thank you guys! Really excited and hyped n_n
  4. Nice animation!!!!!!! Loved it.
  5. OMG WHEELER IS A MONSTER!!!!!!!! XD Loved the buffs but I agree with the people that say she needs a downside (that won't break her fun completely), maybe lowering her stats? Or removing 3 slots from her and making her speed boost work as long as she is not using a backpack. But I think she is on a right path!!!
  6. I think SW has much more rewarding challenges than Hamlet. The elephant Cacti and coffe changes everything and thats why u should rush to the volcano. In hamlet the bosses drops are totally meh, seasons too short and nettles are super boring to get though... I am expecting a lot of new features and some serious balances
  7. Greetings! I don't think it is intentional, but you can see clearly that multiple bramble blooms are occupying the same space. The image is self explanatory, you can clearly see that there are two blooms at the same spot. I found one that had 3 blooms.
  8. Greetings! I have just found a bug where I got 2 robins plus a new stone egg. I was trying to get Robin and I picked up the stone egg from the ground the moment it was about to hatch (the animation of the egg cracking ocurred and few moments after, I picked it from the ground). then suddenly appeared a Robin on the screen with the stone egg still in my inventory. I left clicked on the egg inside the inventory and then another Robin appeared! A miracle has happened! Now I have 2 robins and another egg.
  9. More Don't Starve updates = me happy. Thanks a lot guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Also this. Absolutely amazed by the work on Winona, really good improvements! We just need some time to get the inumerous possibilities to farm mobs and bosses with her catapult. All I think she needs now is some Q.O.L on her generator's fuel mechanic because it can be very annoying to deal with not being able to turn on/off like a flingomatic. So hyped for the next months!!!!!
  11. Yes yes and yes! Please klei, give wormwood some love <3
  12. Debuffs on the Ash and No buffs to his healing recipe makes him less interesting to play than before :/ it is really annoying to spend all your oincs on healing Items...