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Lovely Community

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Just now, katarinagray03 said:

Understandable, Have a nice day!



No no no no no no no no


n o 


I wasn't saying what's the point of this thread, I actually very much enjoy this. I would just get people posting that in my thread if I said what you said.




1 hour ago, BezKa said:

Ye, I think this is one of the nicer communities I've met. Have a great day too

Agreed. One of the worst I've seen is the Minecraft PS4 building community.






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I’m confused, are we on the same forums engaging with the same people? 
Scroll over to off-topic announcements you’ll find tons of unhappy, rude posts from people who well.. aren’t lovely?

What I thought was cool was how the devs just let utter chaos run through the forums during that till most everyone calmed down :wilson_love:


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Well, I"m gonna take the original post seriously and say:  Welcome aboard, katarinagray03!  


(don't mind the fact that I named this boat the "Blaze of Glory", aheh heh heh...)

We usually at least _try_ to be nice here.  And for the people who aren't?  There's an ignore function.  :)

Edit:  Although, right after I said that, I read a post here with graphically-described body horror involving _little kid_ characters (among others) so...I'm not sure how lovely this community actually is.  And when I objected to this?  I got LAUGHED at.  At least three times!

Yeah we're _real_ wholesome here.  :(


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