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Which character needs a rework the most

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Characters that are hard core and challenging and are hard to play with are the ones who need to be reworked first. Examples can be of wes, wolfgang. But characters like wilson can be at least kept to last as he a normal character with a beard. in my opinon the top 5 characters that need the rework the most in order are:






I would love to hear opinons on and comments on this

If wes has already been reworked then the fifth is wurt

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he is the single most boring character in the entire game.

and look I get it, he’s meant to be challenge character, but the problem is this is a MULTIPLAYER Game and therefore the self imposed challenge you place upon yourself should only effect YOU and YOU ALONE, Currently, Wes’s so called “Challenges” effect everyone in the entire server.

Him being weaker and dealing less damage just drags fights on longer than they needed to be without him involved.

Him getting hungry faster just means he’s in the teams fridges more often.

Him not being able to read signs players create... how is that even a Challenge? All that is is Borderline Annoying- Because I have to stop what I’m doing and go examine the sign for Wes so he can read through Me.. what he should be able to read for himself without wasting time I could be doing something else.

If they want to makes Wes Fun... let him be able to craft Balloon swords, that when Wes uses is useless... but in the hands of a Non-Wes player- It’s as good if not better than using Wigfrid Battle Spears.

I picture a Wes Rework being like Aphrodite in SMITE- for those of you who don’t play SMITE.. Aphrodite is really weak and squishy she dies laughably easily when she’s by herself... but when she is surrounded by teammates Aphrodite and her teammates gain stat buffs that make her an overpowered near impossible to kill god. (Literal god, that’s what Smite is... Battleground of the Gods.) Ahem anyway... To deal With Aphrodite you want to force her away from her team so they lose their stat buffs and then quickly kill her first.


In DST- This type of feature would allow Wes to be completely useless and plenty challenging while he’s off doing his own thing, but when it comes time to Cooperate with a TEAM... his Downsides and so called “Challenges” aren’t Also effecting everyone else that Didn’t pick to play as Wes.


So my vote hands down goes to the Mime/Clown.

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3 hours ago, Animelover96 said:


has to be a cahllenge

They're hardly challenge characters in DST. Wes is more of a joke character, sure, but at this point it would be nice if he had something useful or fun to do as him. Wigfrid defiantly needs either a nerf or just something else to her. Though if they nerf her the forums would be set on fire. I main her a lot too, and it would be nice if she did more for other players other than being a helm slave, maybe if she could encourage others while fighting to get that fighting multiplier like she has, sorta like in the forge. 

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The 3 and half characters that need change the most (and in order):

  • Wes. Already stated by Mike23Ua, this is a (mostly) co-op multiplayer game were such a character just doesn't fit. The character is also boring in DS as he is just Wilson but worse, but hey, at least he actually serves the purpose of challenge character decently. The character can stay a "challenge" for whoever plays with him, but he should bring something actually useful for the team. He should have been the first one to be re-worked honestly, but I get why not (pretty hard to do).
  • Wolfgang. If Wes is "Wilson but harder", Wolfgang is "Wilson but easier". He is boring in general, but at least everyone wants one on their team. I think he should stay as the tank/combat monster that he currently is, but he needs some other mechanics to get to that level of strength. Also balance the 2 forms, doing 2 times as much damage while getting a great speed boost (which is NOT intentional, code-wise; he is 25% faster because he is 25% bigger) is ridiculous, while the other form can barely do anything well and is even slower (again, NOT intentional, he is slower because he is smaller). Just... don't give him craftables, giving Wendy craftables was not really a re-work honestly, just an add-on.
  • WX-78. This robot only needs to change his gear diet for something slightly more sustainable, and be more afraid of rain and water in general.
  • Wigfrid. She only needs to differentiate to Wolfgang in combat. Hopefully Wolfgang's change would be enough to differentiate the 2, so there is that. Although if she got her Forge valkyrie scream to boost her, and her teammates, damage every other hit it would be pretty nice. She is the half character.

Wickerbottom, while OP, needs preparation to become truly OP, which is not as easy to do unless you have a way to farm reed easily. Webber and Maxwell are very unique in their own, they only need to be stronger in some aspects. They don't quite need re-works as much as they need buffs in general, although they all are going to be re-worked, but I expect them to be the last to be re-worked.

As for Wilson... He is the hardest to re-work because he is the "base character". But I guess I expect they do something more with his beard and make him a sort of doctor considering his role in Forge? Who knows.

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I really love the idea of Wilson being a support character in DST. Him having character specific healing items, and possibly being able to craft healing salves, etc. without a science machine could be interesting. We also don't have any explicit healing character (besides Wormwood, but... you know). It would make Wilson a bit easier to play for newcomers, but also make him useful for veteran players. I'm also torn because I love him having (minor) shadow powers from the Nightmare Throne, based on if/when Maxwell gets a rework. 

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definitely wortox, they should nerf him. He can be way too overpowered, his basic stats are high, he can teleport, he doesn't even have to eat this much, he can heal himself I know the amount of souls he can carry is limited, but still he could be carrying a stack of bees with him for emergency situations.


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I definitely feel like Wigfrid should get a massive rework. She's one of my least played characters, and I feel like I have a good reason to justify why.

She's extremely easy to play as due to her huge safety net of extra 25% damage dealt and 25% less damage taken. Fighting and kiting becomes much more forgiving when you need 25% less the resources to kill something and any punishment is negated by 25%, following this up with her passive sanity and health regeneration which allows for moments of ZERO interaction, such as facetaking a dragonfly with marble armor.

Her downside? I honestly doubt it exists to begin with. What? You can't eat berries and carrots you randomly pick up in the first 5 days? Who cares. You can chase down a koalaphant, kill some catcoons, kill some pigs, kill beefalo, kill voltgoats, kill spiders, kill hounds... Meat is all around you and any sanity/HP penalty for eating these products, even if they're raw, become negated by your regeneration. Furthermore, once those first days are over, by day 15 you already have 4-6 crockpots and an icebox, the most consistent dishes just so happen to be meat based ones. Need hunger? Meat Stew, Meatball or Bacon & Eggs. Need HP? Honeyham [which just so happens to be another great hunger replenisher as well].

I really can't understand the appeal to Wigfrid.

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24 minutes ago, Terra M Welch said:

Webber, webber I feel should be the next rework personally, especially since Wendy is now amazing at mass farming food thanks to abigail's buff, it honestly leaves webber being the most lacking out of all the characters imo.


I feel it’s too soon to Rework Webber- Webber’s Rework should focus around features we all are pretty sure ARE Being Considered by Klei But are not in the game yet... 

Stuff like being completely Immune to Venom Damage Over time when that feature inevitably gets added to DST, Which would make Webber easily able to craft Anti-Venoms to heal everyone else.

And when or if Elevated Plots Of land ever gets added to the game- Webber being a Spider and all should be able to craft Webbed platforms to scale those elevations.

Because.. as you pointed out in your own post-  Webber is now outclassed and even with a Rework, his ability of being a Monster Meat farmer with an army of Spiders is still a job done better by another character.

Hence- Why I said he should have NEW features like being completely immune to venom bites, and webbed platforms for elevation scaling.

If for example a fast moving tricky to hit mob is added to the game.. who knows- Webber might could place webbed turf to slow them down?


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50 minutes ago, fluffytail said:

I really can't understand the appeal to Wigfrid.

Perhaps people can see in Wigfrid an easy and powerful character they enjoy playing without the guilt and challengless experience of a Wicker or Wolfgang being too op ? (just a made up hypothesis).

I would personally prioritize the refresh list on the viability criteria which Webber really lacks, unlike Wigfrid. 

I would love to see him upgrade Spider nests to another level. However, the build-an-army role has somewhat been given to Wurt.

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Honestly wigfrid is undersold far too much on these fourms purely for not having the same perks as Wolfgang yes Wolfgang hits harder and moves faster. However on the other hand wigfrid fridge is the second hardest hitter, has a vampiric recovery effect, can craft cheap armor and weaponry for teammates and followers while will be interesting to see what kiel has in store for her in her refresh as it stands she's a perfectly good character 

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i think about wes a little
He is mime right ? and he is really great at blow balloon!!! 
i suggest he has own craft tab balloon tab which can made item with new mini game like windy treasure hunt
now he need to blow his craft every 2-3 days (depend on air left inside) with a little punishment for over blow.
maybe he made balloon stand umbrella like palm leaf hutch which can protect wetness and heat.
i'd rather say he should have balloon boat exclusive to him
put a little draw back like. it can't be place anything on it (but can drop lantern or item in inventory on it) but still use same mechanic as dst boat so use paddle more !!!!
benefit from balloon boat is can bum endlessly but downside is instant pop when get damage (which mean cookie cutter / gnarwaill is biggest harm and may seagull wanna pop this boat for more difficult and hilarious to all server die by seagull)  
trust me people usually laugh when they die by nites/flint/rocks. 
it's give more use to mosquito sac also ......

or maybe we should use his power to help some new player burden ... death / ghost player.
he already dead weight enough so he is not suit to new player like so player must be experience/veteran.  

so.. how about.. he can gather soul = ghost player from entire map to himself  ( teleport ghost into himself like meat effigy) and can use his body to revive dead player exchange with of course wes death (equal exchange one man live one man must die.)
so he like living insurance to help people from danger situation (die in cave or something like that) but maybe put some specific mark to revive specific player  
moreover wes must be the one who decide to revive death not ghost so they won't treat wes like a walking meat effigy) so he should interact with marker object to summon death.
if he is veteran player. He is a guide to help new people. to play this game and make them happy roam around gather resource don't worry about being death alone without help like my friend stuck in base because inexperience. it is not fun at all. 
and find death long long away base to fly back is suck too.
if it too hard to accept that just put lore like he is the best voodoo user so he stuck in ds by his fail spell with cursed so he can't use voice and he here too long so he start entertain himself by practice mime yeah fix lore is easier LUL
so he can read wickbottom book but can't spell so it's still no used to him.

or he can be totally jerk like he can unlimited craft water balloon to kill people in winter / help people pass summer easier =w= 

in gorge he is best errand boy to buy item.
in forge he is the best aggro.
this things is prove he is the experience only to play him you can't buy something random, you can't live long if you aggro boss.

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2 hours ago, Mysterious box said:

Honestly wigfrid is undersold far too much on these fourms purely for not having the same perks as Wolfgang yes Wolfgang hits harder and moves faster. However on the other hand wigfrid fridge is the second hardest hitter, has a vampiric recovery effect, can craft cheap armor and weaponry for teammates and followers while will be interesting to see what kiel has in store for her in her refresh as it stands she's a perfectly good character 

Wigfrid is good yes, but she’s a stage performance role she took too far and lost herself within. She is NOT a Real Viking Warrior...

For all we know her real name could be Winnie and she’s a little farmer girl who is a Vegetarian, However she craves the spotlight so much that she completely ignores the fact she’s a Vegetarian because Vikings Ate Meat.

When it comes to a Wigfrid Rework I want to see at least small glimpses here and there of her true self outside of pretending she’s a Mighty Viking.

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