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  1. Wait I came hunting for the sweet points link; not posted this time?
  2. All characters, well, except Wes, also verbally announce an incoming crisis, like Hounds or Giants.
  3. Hmm, I wonder if the Minimap Mod or the likes can simply export the loaded map to a common image file in high resolution. You'll have to run the game to export the file, of course.
  4. Does this still work? Would be awesome to keep it updated (esp. if the source is open)
  5. Wereforms remain indefinitely if the animation is interrupted, say by getting attacked.
  6. This Update announcement doesn't come with those secret points link?
  7. Or just Remove all Entities with tag lightnightgoat from TheSim.
  8. Until Wagstaff comes to DST, Wilson is the best (aka only) scientist we have.
  9. I had one that is so close to a land/see border that it is possible to actually jump "into" the ocean and immediately drown. In fact, I still have said wormhole in my World. I just never take it.
  10. How are you responding to this post if you cannot answer this question of your own?
  11. I'd say backstories during development probably isn't part of the lore canon, but I am not sure. In any case, we can still have other balls to throw, like the Silly Monkey Ball.
  12. Don't Starve Shipwreck has Rawling, a mysterious ball you can find in far ocean if you explore enough which talks (like Lucy). The best part is you can throw the ball and have fun (+1 sanity)! Playing a ball is totally a Together thing, so it would be so awesome for Wilson to bring his Wilson (ehem, Rawling)* to the Constant, organize his fellow Survivors, and make the surviving a little more enjoyable. Imagine we can even do Volleyball matches or something. * Rawling is Wilson, you know.
  13. Seasonal seeds would be great; either dropped by Birds, or some percentages being outright 0%; e.g. watermelon only grows in Summer, Pumpkin only grows in Autumn and Winter(?) etc.
  14. Are you talking about "Achooo!"? Sneezing was extremely annoying; but very much a DS spirit. I think DST has no perma-death; even if you are doing solo DST, you can immediately rollback. That takes away the largest challenge imho. In DS, you always have backup plans over your backup plans.