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  1. Also check out my post on Wormwood's pot (to do phpotosynth).
  2. Wormwood still eats, and sleeps. As a plant, wormwood should have an exclusive item: Cozy Pot. It is a flower pot that wormwood can step into, and when there is sunshine and nice, wormwood can nourish, which always gives him sanity, and either hunger or hp based on the Dirt Microbes in the pot. Wormwood can Apply food items to the pot such that some food items will feed microbes in the dirt that provide Wormwood more energy (Hunger), and some others that provide him more immunity (Health). Wormwood does not sleep and needs sunlight to do all this. This animation is a x2 faster than sleeping but needs to be done from time to time to keep hunger and hp in check.
  3. None of this is addressed now that it is 3 months from these feedback.
  4. That is irrelevant. You can set almost everything to none then run around in an empty map. I wouldn't call that a game.
  5. Nitre is rare in Hamlet and is hard to mass produce. Sleeping (not in tent as silk is also rare with the monkeys still broken; they go extinct quite soon without player interference due to the flytraps plants) becomes the only viable health regen option. However, you cannot sleep in the middle of a fight, so wormwood really becomes a player who can barely do any large fights that require healing during the battle. While some may argue that you can kill almost anything without healing or armor, that is not true for most players under most circumstances.
  6. You can only plan nettles in rainforest, but rainforests are infested by veins that drop from the ceiling to provide ropes and hit players(fine), Great Leafy Stalk that does nothing but block player and vision (fine), veins that half drop from ceiling to drop vision (fine), and way too many green plants on the ground that the player can *in no way interact with* (not cool!). There green plants however, have huge radii that prevent anything to be planted nearby. Since you can only grow nettles predictably close to water, this severely restricts where you can plant them. Possible solutions: 1. Get rid of the green plants from the game or just make them purely visual; 2. Make them removable by burning or digging; 3. Make nettles grow throughout the humid season even without rains. Currently their target moisture and current moisture *BOTH* grows during a rain, but once the rain stops, their current moisture *IMMEDIATELY* resets to 0, rather than slowly decay to 0. This broken behavior forces players to rely on sprinkler. 4. Just fix your game, Klei.
  7. Yeah, I had to read the wikia to learn that it doesn't end until you switch it off, and for some reason it wasn't full moon so I needed light source all the time, while coughing like crazy and chased by ghosts. The game should definitely give hints as to how to deal with what is coming. None of the seasons are hinted either. Relying on the wikia, youtube/twitch game play videos, forum etc. 3rd party info to play the game is a HUGE ... pick your adj there. Anyone who is dumb enough to have nothing better to do with their lives than play a game that has trees, rain and all would definitely expect that *WINTER IS COMING.*
  8. Too many Ro Bins

    Yeah it is extremely annoying. Is it a feature or a bug!?
  9. Server Not Responding

    Support this. Couldn't join [IP Redacted] whether through the Browse Game or through Steam Join Game.
  10. API Examples

    Is this no longer being upated?
  11. Fixed at last! I first reported this bug about two years ago when Shipwreck came out. You put on the Shipwreck Scalemail (the Volcanic one), then the Shipwreck Treeguard dances all about around fire everytime he throws a coconut at you.
  12. looks like a really b8tiful feature
  13. No, the thuriable is left on another player, not Wendy, where Skel got agro on Abigail at first. So the story goes: Webdy and Abigail went past a friend chopping trees with Skel in the Caves. Skel got mad at Abigail for no good reason, and worried Wendy ran away far. But Skel just does not forgive. Wendy and the friend had to kill the Skel to undo the agro. True story on Strictly Unprofessional Public for @Clwnbaby, @SoSaltee.
  14. Ah, gunpowser nerf~ Anyone got any idea what was the "unintended" tradables for Antlion bfr this update?
  15. When reanimated skeleted is aggroed to Abigail, even when the Wendy runs away with Abigail to far away so that Abigail just teleports to somewhere closer, Animated Skeleton teleports with Abigail as well, and does not drop agro.