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  1. How about this? https://bit.ly/DSTrewards This is simple enough you should be able to type it out. Points to the same link.
  2. You can always trade one currency with another. As far as Pig King is concerned, an egg is the base currency... And we can "craft" it!
  3. Now if only you could somehow "sell" those stockpiled precious old decrepit deprecated fuel books!
  4. Oh really? I'll stop updating the mod then But as I said, this is about the combo, not the configuration. You can still put 3 crops per variety.
  5. All farm plots' nutrient requirements sum to 0 now (net nutrient consumption is 0), while weeds consumes (net) nutrients. There should be a special plant. The plant: like weeds, won't produce something much useful as fruit harvestable can die off (un-spread) if left alone for too long its seed can only be crafted by wormwood, like cutting off a finger or something net produces nutrients, albeit at small amounts.
  6. Now you just need to start building your bunny farm earlier, hammering twice as many hutches if you are after the meat, or 6 times more if you are after the carrot. Simply expand your bunny farm and your problems goes away. In some way, Klei just encouraged us to build LARGER bunny farms. MOAR, LARGAR, BETTAR!
  7. Efficiency analysis: ideal combos First things first: notice that each and every crop requires three different nutrients at various levels, but the requirement always sum to 0: nutrient-wise, farming is a zero sum game. See it another way, plants *transform* one nutrient into another, never really producing a nutrient. As a result, it is *impossible* to have a spatial or temporal combo that purely *produces* any nutrient as a net result. For those who prefer fancy talk, we can prove this by using the property of a matrix there row rank equals column rank. To keep things easy, we want to not rotate over time, but only over space (within a single farm plot tile), so you can keep sowing and reaping the same thing over and over again. Below are combos that I (and others, most likely) found, ordered from most viable to least viable. All of them are perfectly balanced: they do not consume nor produce nutrients. If plotted with proper configuration, they will always meet family requirement and produce Giant results. Spatial configurations You can use any configuration of plant location that satisfy family requirement, following the ratios shown in the tables below, not necessarily 4x4 at all. I'm using the following grid: 1 tile 4x4 crops: +----+ |aabb| |aabb| |ccdd| |ccdd| +----+ Any combos with 2 or 4 varieties below can be used with this 1 tile 4x4 crops setup. Combos with 3 varieties can simply ignore one corner to keep it balanced, or rotate that single block over time. This 1 tile 4x4 crops is currently only possible with the Snapping Tills mod by surg: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2302837868 Nutrient requirement and equinutrient replacements In any season, there are a few plants with the same nutrient requirements, thus can be used as a replacement for each other. Autumn replacements: Carrot=Pumpkin, Potato=Eggplant Winter replacements: Carrot=Pumpkin Spring replacements: Potato=Eggplant, Corn=Asparagus, Onion=Pomegranade, Dragonfruit=Durian Summer replacements: Onion=Pomegranade, Dragonfruit=Pepper. Unique nutrient requirements with no replacement anytime: Garlic, Tomato, Watermelon. Full table sorted by seasons availability and nutrient demand similarity: WIP: I'd rather paste text instead of images. However, I need text to use a monospaced for the tables to be properly formatted. However, using monospaced in this forum seems bizarrely complicated. Still figuring out. Let me know if you know how. Until then, I'll just paste in screenshots... Autumn Winter Technically, you could replace Pumpkin with Carrot, but why? Unless you are going after bunnies... Spring Summer
  8. Disclaimer: I am using the Tile Grid mod. It seems it is (theoretically, achievable via a Mod and maybe perfect technique too) possible to put in 4x4=16 crops in a single plot tile, thus satisfying family requirement for all 4 types of crops. This would allow much richer sets of combos:
  9. Steps to reproduce: 1. Make 2x2 tile of farm plot, fully till, then wait untill Summer; 2. Let Antlion create one sinkhole at one of the tiles; 3. Plant some plants sporadically, leaving tilled spots to be checked for killjoys; 4. Wait till the periodic checks for killjoys; 5. Game crashes. I had the Lord of Fruit Flies spawn one day before game crash (I killed the Lord and after a day it crashed). The Lord managed to spawn a whole bunch of weeds.
  10. Yellow just means it provides a +2 nutrient; not too large but better than absorbing it I've tested with Toma Root during Autumn; you pretty much need to water it at each of its growth stage to get the Huge harvest. When in doubt, Asses the plant.