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  1. Warly's new recipes, esp. those that give additional game mechanics changing bonuses (like reducing wetness, giving additional attach multiplier etc.) widely believed to be overpowered, even more so for characters like Wolfgang and Wigfrig. Seasoning powders, added to Powdercake, also becomes awfully strong. Even for a solo player playing DST, they can rotate the following characters using the portal to completely break the game balance (changing a character only takes a purple gem which are generally not even picked up for its very limited use so it is essentially free): Wormwood -> Wickerbottom -> Warly -> Wolfgang. Yes, this is DST, so we can forget about solo players for now. Give your ideas and suggestions here, so Klei will have an easier time listening to us if they decide to do so.
  2. Joshmocoolstuff's Picky Eater Mod
  3. Deciduous forests and green grassland didn't feel depressing at all to me
  4. Warly needs a re-balance for sure, but not necessarily through changing dmg mult to add.
  5. 8 is not enough already? How about giving it twice the Krampus sack inventory and it comes with 20 bundles inside?
  6. You can just tell them not do pick those characters, and if they do not agree or accidentally picked already, the server admin can help reset their character. Or just moon magic away.
  7. So all those gold that went into the pots are lost forever!?!?!?
  8. As described. This also gives a perk for other players to move his portable pots around without wrecking them. Also makes possible some interesting set pieces for Bearger.
  9. Craft any of Warly's pots (crock pot, seasoning station etc.) then try to hammer them down as Warly or any other character. They simply get into the "portable" state, rather than being destroyed. This effectively gives other players access to move around Warly's pots, but makes them indestructable (probably even by Bearger). Oh, wrong forum...
  10. No one has read this? How come there is only 2 reactions?
  11. The cheese is loot dropped by any mini-boss (Spider Queen) or above when the fight were "cheesed". The game monitors and detects how the boss were defeated, and when cheesed, will satire the player with a drop of cheese curd. You can then refine these cheese curds (maybe 10 of them; like Hail in DS SW) to get one Cheese that can be used as a crockpot recipe as a diary product. However, as Cheese, it can easily turn bad thus 90% of the crockpot recipes will turn out to be Wet Goop when Cheese is used as an ultimate punishment and satire to the cheesers.
  12. I wouldn't think this is intended unless stated so by a developer. To me it seems more like a convenient implementation (just write something up that runs and won't break the game) rather than intended design.
  13. And I can make a claim that the same player is behind both characters. Besides, it is just very inconvenient to re-learn all the recipes again. It is not that you are lack of resources for them; by the time you can merge worlds etc., you are probably mid- or late-game where you can have pretty much any resources. So it ends up becoming a pointless grind that wastes player's time. I don't really care about "game logic" in DS/DST anymore (ask Maxwell).
  14. Probably is a mistake...
  15. Merging worlds should literally merge learned recipes and precrafts. Can implement in terms of digging up a bunch of blueprints from the grave after linking the Worlds. But a seamless integration (precrafts and learned recipes just merged) would be much better.