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  1. The restarting differs from what VPS provider you are using. Essentially, you'll have to log in to their website, go to the VPS management page, and there should be a shutdown/restart VPS button.
  2. How about this? https://bit.ly/DSTrewards This is simple enough you should be able to type it out. Points to the same link.
  3. Now if only you could somehow "sell" those stockpiled precious old decrepit deprecated fuel books!
  4. Steps to reproduce: 1. Make 2x2 tile of farm plot, fully till, then wait untill Summer; 2. Let Antlion create one sinkhole at one of the tiles; 3. Plant some plants sporadically, leaving tilled spots to be checked for killjoys; 4. Wait till the periodic checks for killjoys; 5. Game crashes. I had the Lord of Fruit Flies spawn one day before game crash (I killed the Lord and after a day it crashed). The Lord managed to spawn a whole bunch of weeds.
  5. I've received about a hundred requests to edit this file; somehow the sharing settings got changed to view only, maybe? I reset the sharing settings so it is now allowed for people to view, download and edit. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZZ8JeDjz7C5cRVl8ovYYm2L3E0mjjebCxN7WUK1Nw2A
  6. Please feel free to add the links here. Expiration date and point values are listed. The file is maintained by the community (people from this thread etc.), and I bear no responsibility whatsoever. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZZ8JeDjz7C5cRVl8ovYYm2L3E0mjjebCxN7WUK1Nw2A/edit?usp=sharing
  7. This thread has too many duplicates. We should start a shared community maintained Spreadsheet.
  8. Does this still work? Would be awesome to keep it updated (esp. if the source is open)
  9. Wereforms remain indefinitely if the animation is interrupted, say by getting attacked.
  10. This Update announcement doesn't come with those secret points link?
  11. Someone post a video on this please!!! Spawn them in if you must.
  12. Except players or DF. It should make virtually any mob or entity Wet as long as it isn't immune to Wetness. Notable examples: Beefalo, Goat, Rock Lobster, Toadstool, Clockworks ... Why Shadow Monsters have Wetness!?