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Unknown Character Tactics

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A lot of the activities you can do in Don't Starve Together with characters are mostly obvious, but some of the perks the characters have can be used in different ways, such as Wormwood hitting Abigail while wearing bramble husk for a small and nearly useless amount of extra damage (I did this before rework, might now work much less effectively, since wormwood would take much more damage,) or using Maxwell's shadow miners to clear out sea stacks (works in current update, tested.) I know my Wormwood strategy is weak and unnecessary but the Maxwell tactic is purely QoL as it clears out the ocean and also mines salt easily. Anyone else see anything significant yet less known across the DST community?

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  • Wolfgang can single handedly knock scales off of the Dragonfly when above 280 hunger and wielding a night sword.
  • Due to the way Wolfgang's hunger/health work healing while low on hunger is much more efficient. You can use rot's unique hunger reducing property to take advantage of this more often.
  • Wormwood's bramble traps are actually significantly stronger compared to tooth traps. Specifically against groups of enemies. I tested it by setting down the same amount of traps in the same design and spawning a bunch of hounds. Bramble traps always killed all of them with much less trap uses and much faster in comparison to tooth traps.
  • Willow gets extra fuel efficiency with the Night Light as well as gains sanity instead of losing it. Probably still not that great but she's the only one that has any sort of actual use with it.
  • Willow can use Bernie to pretty much totally ignore insanity during boss fights. Which makes using nightmare armor/sword as well as blue mushrooms somewhat viable.
  • Beefalo's do the same damage when mounted regardless of what character is riding it. Which means Wendy and Wes both benefit from ornery beefalo a lot more than others.
  • Wortox gets 8 souls from the surface fuel weaver since it is considered a boss despite it's utter inability to defend itself.
  • Winona's duct tape can be used to patch holes in ships.

Those are the more vague ones I could think of.

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Here's what I know...

Maxwell and Woodie are both pretty good at opening large quantities of stone fruits.

Moose and Abagail are both very good at killing shadow spluemonkeys and can obtain absurd amounts of beard hair and nightmare fuel this way depending on world generation.

Warly benefits from the same fast cooking that Willow does (raw to cooked foods).

Webber can often use the dangling depth dwellers in the ruins to kill off many of the clockworks, the trick is to get them down! Try and lure enemies, your nightmares, or friends into their webs to summon them.

Wormwood gains the most benefit from a bat bat due to his limited healing options. Try farming the bats in a guano biome.

I prefer using moose to kill goats because he can charge and hit a goat quick enough to gain aggro before it runs away. This tactic is especially useful if paired with a Warly who wants some goat horns for the damage bonus.

Moose is very good at killing frogs during frog rain if no Moose/Goose or any other giant boss is available.






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Mourning Glory never spoils and can be dropped on the ground and used as a light source similar to Lightbulb (these will probably be patched to spoil in a future update though... so enjoy it while it lasts)

Just kidding.. don’t try that I’m only trying to get you killed.

But you CAN Apply a Vigor Mortis potion to Abigail and run around the map in the night without a light source, Abigail will always catch back up to you before Charlie’s Darkness can kill you.


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- Wormwood can wear his Bramble Husk to avoid damage from cacti and especially from spiky bushes; the latter of which does not get disease ever.

- WX-78 treats every edible item as "fresh" no matter its spoilage; IE: a stale/spoiling carrot gives the same benefits as a fresh one (for anyone that says this is a well-known thing, you'd be surprised how many people don't know that).

- 2 duelists and a miner shadow puppet sets Maxwell's sanity to just below what makes him go insane (IOW, infinite NF farming)

- You can swap to Winona to make her stuff, and then swap back to a character you would actually want to play

- You can wait for 3 monster meat to nearly turn to rot before making a fresh Woodie totem; furthermore, you can wait until the totem is near spoilage as well since spoilage only affects positive stats and hunger, so you won't be any worse off (if I'm not mistaken).

- As Warly, you can keep powder cakes with spices attached to them for any time you need one of the spice-buffs 

- Also as Warly pt.1, garlic spice adds 33% dmg reduction, which reduces damage (IE: Log Suit=80% dmg reduction, garlic takes 33% from the 20% the armor doesn't block). 

-Also as Warly pt.2, Garlic Spice can also reduce damage from any type, being "Internal Armor" (IE: Freeze, Fire, Hunger, and Poisonous food damage from things like red caps and taffy).

NOTE: the last 3 tips came from other forum users awhile back, but I don't remember their usernames; I just thought these were amazing tips to remember.)


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Willow can be untageteable in hound (no red hounds) atacks and other enemies if she burns something and hit from inside of the fire. 

Just burn a tree and spam F meanwhile your enemies dance to prevent get burned by your fire shield. I do this if in a long world i hear hound atack and can burn isolate trees.



For boss fights you can burn him ,controling to not burn the loot, to add dps damage for free. If you can hit klaus with 4 hits, hit him with the torch 1 time and 3 with your weapon. I do this with every character (less wolfgang because 1 hit from darksword makes more damage than the fire) but with willow is specially useful

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With Wilson beard at full you don't even need winter gear, leaving a slot free from thermal or hat.

Willow's lighter has better use for cooking (monster) meat or setting a tree on fire, don't use it for light if you can, make a torch or lantern for that. Now you have around 80 cooked meat worth of a single item considering you might lose some of it setting trees on fire.

Woodie can be OP early game (if in public server you join later), he doesn't need flint to get more flint, just whack some spiders with Lucy and transform to beaver to get flints. But you could get flints from birds with others. Woodie is the best for sea exploring with goose, but also to make a boat and live there safely, if you need to go to land without exposing your boat to other players you can transform to goose.

The best characters to join in Winter are Wicker, Woodie and Willow. The first doesn't need 5 gold to make a thermal. The second has the above, some free insulation and even more insulation when transformed, the third has a way to warm herself up if you can't find grass and twigs.

If you don't mind the sanity drop from wetness you can be wet as Wurt as long as you have a thermal stone, winter gear or is near summer. Also, you can make merms to guard your berries for winter, can't have a king for this.

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Willow can stunlock things with fire. Hit a mob with the lighter, and once they're on fire, you can keep hitting them for a while. Do be careful, as they'll start hitting you just before the fire is out. There's no real sign when this'll happen, it just comes down to general feeling. (I like to hit around 10-12 times before backing) Also your loot will be burned to a crisp, so I usually only do this to beefalo.

Once Bernie has distracted spiders and bees, you can pretty much just stand there and hold F, they will never target you. Hounds work similar, but they're a little smarter.

WX can easily deal with moosegoose and the meese, because he'll get charged by the lightning they'll produce.

I think all the cool stuff you could do with Abigail has been patched out in favour of this 'new and improved' Abigail (lol)

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If a player inquires the winters feast buff, their hunger drain gets set to zero and they slowly regen hunger.  If this player is Wolfgang, they also incur no hunger drain and slowly gain hunger. This results in Wolfgang being permanently at 2X hunger with 25% extra speed from anything for the duration of the buff without anything equipped, which can lead to some ridiculous combos (especially if volt goat chaud froid is thrown into the mix).

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Abigail: Crafting or getting any dart is useful for its long cast animation , easy to cancel and use as command attack ( while we still have this targeting ).
Combine with vigor elixir for koelephants, useful to make abigail the focus completely at dusk or night for mactusk too, since the range is enough for the hounds to still ignore you, no armor needed. To attack command the big tentacles in caves without getting in range.

Mounting a beefalo and hitting ewecus don't get you the sticky animation, just take normal damage , only ranged damage can bypass the beefalo hp and directly hit you.

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Maxwell and 2 Shadow Duelists can easily take on Beefalos, Spiders, Koalephants and a few more mobs really fast. Just make sure they're aggroed onto you. Shadow Duelists can do enough damage to take away your aggro.

Not a Character Tactic but a Tool Tactic. It takes 2 Pickaxes to mine 11 boulders with no leftover extra durability Pickaxes. So always make 2 in mosaic/rocky biome and only make 1 when you need Thermal Stone. 1 Axe can get you a stack of logs.

Webber can grab a spider den by upgrading it to Tier 3 and using spiders to kill it.

Winona loses less hunger when quick-crafting alot of things in a session. Plan your items before you make them!

Willow is the best at starting Winter in Public Servers where everything is picked clean because she starts with instant warmth and Bernie insulates her for 60. Plus, Magma Pools.

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You can “Abandon” a Pipspook and give it to Another Wendy Player If said Wendy Player is too lazy or too unlucky to go find their own.

Wurt can stand around doing nothing while Merms Mine Trees and Rocks for her as long as she hits them once then let’s her hired workers do all the work for her, it’s also super easy to get Hired Merms by feeding them veggies or giving them a pet fish. 

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