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  1. Need to drop some item, drop near roads so someone can make better use of it, usually stale food for rot. If near PK just give it your stale meat and leave the gold. If you play alone avoid making a base other than a machine and a fire pit. Exception being Wurt. If you just got enough gold, rocks and flint for your own use drop your pickaxe where you are or at the entrance of the biome, flint early game is a RNG fest with birds or luck finding some near base. If you're logging out, find the base everyone is using and drop your items, but crafted, for example, helmets instead of half a stack of pig skins, umbrella instead of silks, pick/axes, so that it doesn't go to only the first person.picking it, they are greedy. If on PC, change the floor of you base, no flooring works. That's just so I can reveal map and see where it is, console OP, cheating? Yeah, don't care. I don't like exploring map that much anymore, it takes too long. For anyone curious about the command, use it while you're safe, you won't be able to see your screen for around 30-40 seconds, it resets when you logout or load cave/surface: local _x,_y,_z = ConsoleCommandPlayer().Transform:GetWorldPosition(); local size, step, x, z; size = 800; step = 40; x,z = -size,-size; local function tp() if x <= size + step then if z <= size + step then z = z + step else x = x + step; z = -size; end else return true end end; local function dotp() ConsoleCommandPlayer().Physics:Teleport(x,0,z) if not tp() then TheWorld:DoTaskInTime( 0.033, dotp ) else ConsoleCommandPlayer().Physics:Teleport(_x,_y,_z) end end dotp() And a bonus, for night vision (you still need a light source), to get rid of it just change true to false ThePlayer.components.playervision:ForceNightVision(true)
  2. Not sure if it's only here, but the problem is still there (with sanity and hunger alongside the health). Images below:
  3. The reason people are not using this (for winter at least) was the lack of insulated backpack in the first year for public servers and low inventory slots for long lasting servers, making it not so popular therefore not so talked about. With Warly that's not a problem anymore, except that for the first winter you'll probably only have ingredients for Kabobs, Spicy Chili and Honey Ham and unfortunately that's not quite enough to keep you warm 24/7 with a winter hat without hitting food penalties, but still good enough to do what you need to do for a lot longer than usual (ruins in winter, Warly's got your back), but Warly isn't popular and neither is his chef pouch so all of that sums it up on why this mechanic isn't popular despite how useful it is. Plus, no one knows what you're eating at the end of the day in game. So there is that. For summer, well... there is barely any reason to take long walks on the surface so the food aren't as necessary.
  4. Same with me while testing the catapults on Klaus. They were on fire too.