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  1. Webber definitely need very huge rework, maybe let him craft his own trap with silk, can be placed on ground and trigger for once an mob step onto it, when triggered, the trap slow down every mobs movement speed and attack speed until trap timer expired. has a meter that grows over time, he may craft poison pots at cost of the meter and mosquito sack. Craft silk path that Webber would walk faster but slow down other characters
  2. I'm pretty sure these two fish drop leafmeat on death, but why contributing as morsel and small fish in crockpot?
  3. I'm quite new to ONI, start playing one year ago, some problems bother me a lots and I would like to know if there is solution existed 1. Building UI overlay and building panel occupied large area of my screen and I can't find a way to minimize or move away them, and whenever I want to build at very edge of map, for example power wire or automation wire, these panels always block and I have to move my cursor very carefully and slowly to build them - I really need an default option to move or minimize the panels, they are useful for beginners but useless blocks ltr then, I searched for mods but I haven't found any helping about this 2. daily report show a lots of details is great but it is hard to check past cycles activities, I have to just click "Prev" again and again and one by one to see specific food is procceed successfully eaten - I wonder if we can have an option to merge cycle X to cycle Y summary, so I can check like "XXX cals of Pacu fillet is eaten" between cycle X and Y, in addition it might be better if we can just have reports saved into merged one, for example, I will no longer want to see first 10000 cycle reports in details, I just want them presented in merged in saved files, or only load merged reports in dynamic memory 3. resources in million tons that I want to delete like regolith although we can store them with sweep only bin like this so far I have only one idea to dispose regolith or sand without feeding critter is that melting them in space with rocket heat it would be even easier and cheaper if we can use space material pump magma without overheating into space or possibly a blackhole in starmap allow us to dump excess resouces into it with high tier rocket research tech 4. schedule & priorities and door restrictions list although schedule & priorities panel are very good in first 10 duplicants, but beyond ltr then, managing more duplicants is really hard to do with panels it is getting me confused more and more when I have more duplicants to decide their job, work area, time in good details and most importantly, I can't move or shift down or up among different schedules 4.1 add Group section 4.2 Door restrictions 5. Need copy settings I literally click leave empty or deliver suit one by one for each atmo suit dock, shouldn't there is an copy option? 6. Command capsule and space scanner this is the case, duplicant with jet suit may enter command capsule but can't exit it without gantry I'm just lazy to build a gantry, that makes me have to deconstruct command capsule to set duplicant free and this indirectly cause a second problem, I descontruct the rocket, by default space scanner that scan the rocket would return to scan meteor, by my automation it would then open bunker door when meteor strikes, and then I can't disable space scanner or "scan none" but have to deconstruct the wire or the space scanner, then reconstruct after I rebuild the rocket ENDING Most features in ONI are good and fun, but come in more deep details there are a lots of spaces can be improved in future, I'm also can't wait to see we can build multiple colonies simultaneously even though I wonder if my laptop may follow, keep up good works!
  4. maybe at low percentage health, AG will enter enrage mode and start howling, causing earthquake, spawn a few clockwork knights and bigshops from every corners surround the boss and players AG speed and damage might seems very strong at first encounter, but with armor and a little food, we just need to simply hold F to kill AG alone
  5. Wolfgang is stronger at combat at full potential doesn't mean => Wolfgang is better than Wigfrid ( especially when you count problems averagely happen in, like "random delay connection", "inexperienced or experienced player", this is why I say she is average better than Wolfgang because she has very good passive, takes 25% less damage and deals 25% more damage, and in fact she is more often chosen compare to Wolfgang in pub server ) and the reason I never pick Wigfrid or Wolfgang agn because both of them make all the bosses fight too easy and bring nothing really fun in long term Wigfrid is still pretty good choice for inexperienced or experienced player, she can easily craft helmet at lower cost while those materials(rocks and gold) are in tons, which is definitely better than those people who just hammer down 99 pig houses and pig sticks and go ruin rush but just to get extra light and warm while we can just easily make ourselves one from firepit, endo pit, or furnace. and gears on surface upon world gen are completely enough to maintain a medium base needs, why rush? you will get bored earlier her better helmet correct random stranger friend's reckless mistake in pub server which already bring benefits to team there are more speedrun vid as Wolfgang, but there are MOOORE Wigfrid players you can find in server (but why would we really care or it matters how fast you can raid a boss when we just minding mega base or some cool designs) maybe it is my fault that I didn't make my term "not well prepared" sounds clear, I mean, a Wigfrid can mindlessly destroy a lots of tier 3 spiders den or etc boss mobs until battle spear is broken upon joining the game, while Wolfgang still need time to explore and gather resources to approach same or better effort and the term "OP" is very different between you and me, I could be wrong but your OP seems to be meaning killing a boss or mob faster than anyone = OP, then a team of 40 Wes players is definitely OP, because they can kill anything in one instant, Wes is OP! Nerf Wes Pls! my "OP" is that you still able to make great effort as the character without knowing the game very well. For Example, "Look, a random stupid dead Wigfrid player's loot on Day 2! GREAT!! I GOT FREE HELMET AND SPEAR by just joining" I admit raiding a boss in very short time need some tactics and rng sometimes but I still want to say building a base that lasts very Looooooong in public survival server is definitely way more difficult ( premise you and everyone won't be on all the time ), the most challenging part is just about what kind of cool design would let griefer giving up griefing or new comer won't want to reset server by suicide when everyone went to sleep? you might've seen every speedrun video but did you find any public server can never be resetted? (except beta update)
  6. I have a simple way to get that achivement, make a shower room, only one way in and out, build atmo suit dock and checkpoint at the entrance of bathroom, last, make sure every duplicants have very LOOOOOOONG bath time that's it
  7. I don't think Wigfrid need a buff or nerf, she is strong enough, can be overpowered when an experienced player take control of her she got better combat durability and power compare to any characters ( average better than Wolfgang when both are not well prepared ) someone argued that she is not useful as any character ( Wilson:Excuse me? ) she might not be easy as Wendy, but she is definitely more easier and powerful than Wendy in most bosses fight carnivore was an unique gameplay experience in Single Player, but now Wurt is here, and there are more ways to obtain meat food in game while very poor number of ways to get veggie/fruit battlecry for team vampiric? sounds like a worse version Wortox's soul ( I prefer she reduce or prevent entire team losing sanity from insanity aura when certain conditions met) Let us be honest, ALL THE CHANGE SHE NEED IS Thanks for watching
  8. this might actually work, and probably intend to be located near pk upon world gen recently(in 1 month) I actually found crab king almost next to pk biome all of the time ( I always go sailing in public server in first 20 days ) however, I also found crab king is far from pk many times, but the versions were elder, almost beta and freshly released from beta so, you still probably test result yourself if you are looking for a formal way (non-console), the way how I sail might help you just sail round the world, don't explore every spots in details, keep lookin at map, once you found some seastacks seems to be aligned in a line, check it, if it isn't crab king, skip that area and continue I often find crab king before I get to Pearl Island or to lunar btw I just go randomly sailing in a circle, I often can find lunar in first 2 days of sailing too, hope this help
  9. maybe my idea is complicated because I borrow the concept from sea fishing stuff everything stay same as now, but we add more interactions with crops, and extra potential reward from interactions and exactly I wish to buff farm plots because they are most forgotten and underwhelming secondly, Wurt would become more playable character to inexperienced player if they can get more reward from farm plot the main reason player build farm plot is just for dragonfruit I once tried to farm dragonpie with 15 improved farm plot by myself while taming one beefalo (non-Wickerbottom) and I can barely keep me and my beefalo belly full the most boring thing in entire proccess is actually harvesting I take 1 full second to harvest one crop and repeat and repeat again, and it is really unsatisfying sprinkle, yea, and I did suggest sprinkle as replacement of boat's flingo before fire pump is implemented in the end, we get fire pump that works on boat with small radius only looks like they don't wanna risk or just copy idea from Hamlet it might be interesting if we get sprinkle stuff so our farm must be located near water
  10. I've been playing DS & DST for years and always feel down for farm plot that little yield and less caring needed since the fishing simulator had been implemented in RoT I enjoy the contents after I've learnt and get used to it, even feel I'm already super skilled on sailing and fishing that makes me think would we have much more realistic farming simulator? look at the farm plot we have now, they yield only one crop after days without giving care or giving few manure and they pop out a crop in 1 second to farm many crops and sustain a group of people, we need to build tons of farm plots ( I will not be talking Wickerbottom or Wormwood here ) and the farm plot is rarely used by players for food sustaining, even they are actually the only farming way in this Survival Game most players more often use some tricky build to farm pigs and bunnymen to sustain entire server here is my thoughts after combining some mechanics that is already in-game: 1. a) we should be able to watering farm plots everyday or every few days to speed up the crop grow - if we don't water crops, they still grow but taking a bit longer time ( which stay the same as now ) - fertilizer like manure can be used once per crop life stage to get extra speed up instead of instant growth b). empty bucket to support 1.(a) - craft at science machine with woods and rope - can be filled in water ( works like the oar, you can equip bucket and interact with sea or pond and get a bucket of water ) - equip bucket of water allow you watering crop in farm plot ( each bucket should be able to water few farm plots before it need refill ) 2. farm plot yield 1~3 of same crops per harvest - the main reason farm plot is down because they yield only one crop which is less efficiency to sustain food for groups or personal - number of crops harvested should be like 1 crop(100%), second(50%), third(25%) - for any fertilizer use to grow crop ( a fourth crop yield increase at 10% ) - (optional) Wormwood player have 25% chance to find one seed on harvesting and 10% chance to find 1 same type of seed as crop harvest 3. make a utility difference between Farm Plot and Improved Farm Plot - Improved Farm Plot have 80% chance to keep crop watered( the effect won't happen again until player water the crop at third time ) - the crows might steal your crop after it fully growth - a crop stolen from Farm plot happen at 20% per day if it's not harvested, Improved Farm plots at 10% - a scarecrow protect farms in 6 tiles won't be stolen 4. an unknown random seed grow into a mandrake at 0.01% - when the chance is triggered, the seed grows extra slow. Without giving care, it will be fully grown in 30-45 days - a fully and healthy care will take 15 days to grow it - it always yield only one mandrake on harvest, using fertilizer only speed up and no extra harvest
  11. not very fast with this way, but I always find it enjoyable
  12. broken knight, bigshop, rook do respawn as above mentioned, you just need to kill Ancient Fuelweaver(AF) if you mean non-broken knight, bigshop, rook, they do also renewable by repairing damaged clockworks and damaged clockworks are still respawnable by just killing AF if you wonder what AF is, and lazy to find it out by your own, search the wiki page
  13. I got the rotten egg icon by just simply keep merging all of them under 100 but I don't know how to get egg icon btw, new record and I get "red bird icon" this time now I get the egg at lower score
  14. I was about to post this bug, here is some img support burnt fire pump still able to function and put out fire if it is on the boat because it is made of board? maybe they can change the board to be cut stone/eletrical doodad, make it not flammable Edited: rearrange sequence