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  1. The delay is already there before eye of the storm I can confirm or it is always working like that. I could be wrong but there is also delay to remove slow effect after using pitch hat in Hamlet's humid season.
  2. it is not about bad luck, bearger is script to spawn near player as intended. I don't know if they will do something about disconnecting, if they want to, making followers disconnect like beefalo or Abigail to spider is simply easy. you pull the conversations so far away from what I'm describing about along the way and then tell me this is going nowhere, I'm kinda triggered.
  3. you don't have to fight bearger, or it is one of the cheap boss, but you can't predict if he randomly spawn and start a fight with your spider. I don't have follower to keep them alive, but Webber does need to be careful when bearger come and how about your spider leaving you alone from entering cave, or die and blocking in the way of other one after you disconnect
  4. you simply lose your army when beager randomly roam into your spider, disconnect from public server, entering cave. those you grind, you have to grind again. heavy aoe boss maybe hard for abigail and spiders survive, but abigail in smoothe mode require zero casting time to make control entirely reliably. Abigail may resummon quickly again after die, in CC fight, Abigail would further help reducing sanity for free
  5. Abigail just don't die if you holding F, draw aggro most of the time, Abigail could even help you absorb part of damage. you are the one can't quit the scenario fighting boss, especially when I explain every details how Wendy and others character enjoy more contents
  6. because they are the characters make these fight even quicker and easier with just holding F also they have friends
  7. bruh, do it with 20 krampus, that is how my setup, and I test few patterns with it already and this one is tooooooo slow as I said also krampus spawning rate is faster than you think, likely 10 in one group every 3seconds
  8. even they can kill boss AG that we may braindead killing it by holding F, some spider still die to the fight, you literally lose the doodles and friends u grind so hard. the other bosses isn't much hard to kill without spider anyway.
  9. bruh! you liar! I test it! not just only slightly, u can barely get one single krampus burning at once, how about the other 10 krampus, if you dont clear them, there will be more of them. if I put burning stuff outside or near pen, they magically steal all the stuff, fire farm is not working at all
  10. well, another video 2016 bunnymen kill dragonfly in 3mins. followers aren't mean to durable, spider with nurse isn't durable enough while fighting toadstool/bearger/cc/AG, as they are clear in one shot. among all the methods, spiders army is just so so and not so shiny or attractive at all..
  11. yea, but fire isn't quick enough to finish them like tentacle do. tentacle require 0 maintenance and more powerful weapon yield. Futhermore, fire maintanence is difficult for tons of krampus, how about u show us how can u fire farm infinitely spawning krampus everywhere as they run away from fire and unfreeze real quick
  12. sigh... tho we should stop arguing any character doing anything better than Webber or vice versa. I have repeated few times, one of them, spider war farm. Bosses can be hunt down with spiders, may also be easy peasy by holding F. Webber being lone wolf, spider followers tradeoff pigmen and bunnymen, these are main reasons Webber isn't good character to play in DST in long term. Once you get bored of spiders, everything else is hostile to you except beefalo(no much non-Webber buddy too usually), leave you no choice.
  13. I'm not a Wickerbottom fan, but her on tentacle has at least one important role that fire farm can barely take in the place.
  14. It's quite different when these characters doing way too efficient and simple, meanwhile no much downside or tradeoff there. However how good they can be isn't any important in my point.