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  1. I got it planted in front of my slanty shanty I die and menu just pop out asking me whether to quit or retry although my magic flower was burnt once before, I know it regrows and continuously drains your hunger for sanity overtime like it usually do or I must replant it after it got burnt? is this intended or a bug?
  2. Gift Drops.

    even I over 1000~2000hours never receive an elegent gift except those from events I just only get my first elegent backpack skin from playing hours gift recently and my friend, who play less than 50hours, he join my server and play for 5mins, he got elegent eyebird backpack skin
  3. yes, I've encountered that few times a simple solution here just wait few seconds(about 10 seconds, I'm not sure), maybe you have to enter and leave an shop/room then you can trade with them as usually you do
  4. DST is fun after all, it is just lacking a little single-player content like Hamlet mechanics in Shipwrecked which is getting implemented into, maybe interior in Hamlet as well( not very soon or never due to its size consume is big ) but DST has raid boss content which usually need player Cooperate to work that single player do not have I like the antlion desert and lazy explorer, cave content, the rope in single player is just so bad and hard to click also DST exlusive beefalo taming before it's not added in single player but few main problems I hate playing DST are stated on the posts above 1. No friend to play with( busy or we are at different time zone or I just... don't have... friend... ) 2. Laggy( host pc is made by WOOD and connected wire is formed by AIR or wireless connection is still at Stone Age version )
  5. Who is best character to survive apocalypse

    If I'm not mistaken, Aporkalypse is not endless for first encounter from few updates ago although I never try before, because I just reverse the clock everytime before it happens you may try keep running all the time, bats will stop chasing after you for certain distance you've escaped and despawn after Aporkalypse end. but you have to keep your food stock enough on you, buy tons of food at day 59, WX-78 will help since it takes no penalty to eat spoil food soldier mants' running speed is fast, so don't run near or into mant hill as possible as you can. For sure, stop the clock is the best wise choice, but you got to prepare few gunpowders go to the ruin mentioned above, find cracked door, and then explode it using gunpowder ( nitre + charchoal + egg from forest tree/ feeding bird, or 20 oincs each coconut-boom from second pig island shop ) if you are unlucky, you may need use few gunpowders until you find the clock I recommend Wagstaff, you can spectate the crack with basic goggle if it leads into a room so more gunpowders are saved from wasting
  6. I think Wendy is good as she is now, she might just be boring because some other characters got buffed so strong Wendy's role is jut like cleaning up the mess at base, defending hounds and farming spiders using Abigail easily I enjoyed playing as Wendy in such relaxing way, feel comfortable not killing any boss. I dont think she need to be stronger at any part, but any new stuff or mechanics are welcome. In my opinion, DST is not fun for one character being strong Hunting Boss now is no longer team fight but SOLO with ZERO DAMAGE TAKEN something like that the fun part of DST for me is all players play and suffer together or enjoy the victory of the team power Everytime I join a server with a Megabase set up, there is no one there for most the time or Everyone is just busy to take down bosses themselves show up with glorious drops, enjoy being pro but doing nothing else after then they will be consuming free easy food and /dance or /sit for days and days for some who accidentially failed during solo, the server announces their death, credited to the boss, then they quit silently and secretly( Even I told him I could revive him, maybe this is a shame for a pro ) for such games, I always feel boring because there is nothing to do anymore quitting the server at the end, the dedicated server gonna be reset after few days later anyway
  7. Things

    teleportato is truly need indeed, it could let us having a little bit more chance and reason to use living artifact
  8. Which do you prefer?

    I prefer c_godmode() and c_give("krampus_sack")
  9. Wilson should able to summon chicken like Wendy(Abigail) and Willow(bernie) do while holding chicken, Wilson gains sanity overtime, immune to cold and overheat the chicken should be immortal, deal 1000 damage to global map enemies continuously every second Wilson may also eat this chicken for 200hunger, 100 health, warm temperature for 100days Krampus are instantly die upon summoned
  10. Dumbiest way is to copy your saved files in ds folder, just paste them to directory when you die I think these two mods are what you are looking for Watch Out! Using outdate mod may crash the game and cause critical problem sometimes
  11. she actually rush the way to your target, to reproduce, attack or target any creature, and dodge immediately after action is done no matter where your mouse pointing, she is gonna rush to the target
  12. although I would like Klei could add some knock out mechanic, but decrease damage to 17 but slow attack period will make it the worst weapon second one, that makes it no difference with other regular weapon, even boring I prefer its current design, heavy and painful, good to deal with lots of hostile creatures that chasing you, useful in ruin
  13. I have one fire pit indoor, having 3 rooms as there is fire in firepit, shadow hands always come out and try to extinguish it I entered other rooms, all the walls and floor are present as total black in color except the room summoned shadow hand until the fire is put out, shadow hand is gone, all the walls and floor return back its original color
  14. everytime I want to enter/leave a room/ruin, pressing spacebar because my hand is full character always prior to pick item that is nearby instead of entering door when I'm already next to the door while the item is far away compare to the door, it is pretty annoying hopefully spacebar may allow character enter/exit the door when pressing spacebar if door is the nearest to character
  15. this is because food heals first, then wagstaff get stomachache and lose health this also happen for other raw food which has net gain of health as result for example aloe, upon eating it raw you still restore 5 extra health but if you are at nearly or full health, your hp will restore to full and lose 3hp again btw, I think dried food shouldn't trigger the health losing, since it takes time to prepare and great