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  1. found this set piece in oasis, having living amulet, backpack, single grave and something else lying around btw my beefalo poop its child during that timing, I like that, buy one and get one free
  2. I'm quite surprised no one have found reported this or fixed the bug. after entering cave with beefalo, your speed riding on beefalo become super sloooooooooow even after leaving cave, it's still soooo slow, relogging would temporarily fix it
  3. Since non-projectile damage is taken by beefalo, gathering spiky bush/cactus will hurt beefalo instead of player, considering beefalo's auto-hp-regeneration, this is actually free food, and potentionally nail down the demand of Wormwood's exclusive armor. Although I would like this interaction to stay so beefalo taming process would get more easier in winter but I shall question if this is intentionally designed. If this interection is changed in future, can we have alternative interaction like we can order beefalo while riding on it to eat *un-pick* cactus/spiky bush or food on the ground by simply right clicking, so the beefalo would take damage itself and getting ornery tendency?
  4. Does the beefalo that bond with your bell "log out" temporarily while you log out? it will one of the perfect qol for ppl like me taming beefalo in public server. picking, gathering stuff also make beefalo taming viable and not so tedious anymore in early game, it will be even more perfect if you can order beefalo to eat food on the ground while mounting on it I love these QOLs
  5. maybe you haven't tried Wormwood more than enough he is pretty amazing at the farming, no tiling needed, know what plant need precisely, aoe talk to plant on blooming, self-trigger blooming currently his floor farming skill is even more powerful than you might think it is they can be zero care needed, unlimited free space for large amount of seeds in fact, someone had even grown giant crops without planting them in farm plot
  6. tbh I agree Wendy need the buff, but damage that Abigail can deal might need nerf I can completely ignore any hounds attack and spider farming, just chill there and watch Abigail finish all the works Abigail is just a zero cost labor to me
  7. I'm pretty sure these two fish drop leafmeat on death, but why contributing as morsel and small fish in crockpot?
  8. I got the rotten egg icon by just simply keep merging all of them under 100 but I don't know how to get egg icon btw, new record and I get "red bird icon" this time now I get the egg at lower score
  9. I was about to post this bug, here is some img support burnt fire pump still able to function and put out fire if it is on the boat because it is made of board? maybe they can change the board to be cut stone/eletrical doodad, make it not flammable Edited: rearrange sequence
  10. sailing with two winged masts at full speed will cause some structure stuck on the sea sometimes once structure at edge of boat can't follow movement change on boat, they stop synchro movement with the boat and dispatch from your boat this usually happen on chest, mast, fishing tin those tiny structure this is more serious problem that winged mast is still able to affect boat's speed even it is not on the boat anymore the structure movement and position should be fixed relatively with boat object IMO
  11. that still makes sense, if someone truely fear about something, he might overstate the fact I think increase damage on attacked is quite enough if change the damage mechanics like poisoning, damage stack on times being attacked, deal over time this is really abundunt to gameplay and game design Walter would have worst experience on boss like Bee Queen he has worse damage and speed at ranged combat, and is a bit worse at melee combat already I do think they might able to add animation in future like generating red bean on his skin for every bee attack on him probably negative side: People with Intensive phobia might be fear at playing this game in pub server with Walter in case that's why I think it might be better not adding it, and it doesn't affect the gameplay totally since his main perk is slingshot: more supportive weapon, and good at hunting small prey like rabbit and bird
  12. I saw two fishing tin bin floating in middle sea, was wondering why quite ridiculuos that you still able to use them
  13. if a structure build on a boat, and whenever a player is jumping into the boat if the landing point on a boat has a structure/block, for my case is ocuvigil player will no get on the boat but instant DROWNING I've been drowning for three times at Pearl's island and return to mainland with nothing in winter completely no choice but THROW the game because such bug! please fix this... stucture is seriously unfun because of its path blocking on a boat especially they are so important to have like crockpot, firepit, ice flingo, lightning rod and etc
  14. as well as tossing napsack on crab king able to reproduce same bug