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  1. broken knight, bigshop, rook do respawn as above mentioned, you just need to kill Ancient Fuelweaver(AF) if you mean non-broken knight, bigshop, rook, they do also renewable by repairing damaged clockworks and damaged clockworks are still respawnable by just killing AF if you wonder what AF is, and lazy to find it out by your own, search the wiki page
  2. I wonder if we can get electric supply from lightning rod to supply energy for light sources and set up wire connection so as long as u can support the electric power, u get infinite light
  3. I got the rotten egg icon by just simply keep merging all of them under 100 but I don't know how to get egg icon btw, new record and I get "red bird icon" this time now I get the egg at lower score
  4. I've encountered this bug a lots with only two normal masts, it doesn't need to be at max speed I was always playing at public server, didn't check for it, not sure about this but one thing I found that you can move freely again if you crash your boat into any mainland or island crashing into sea stack won't help maybe something is resetted when you crash into island
  5. I'm sea base lover, trust me, I do live on sea for 300days, sea stack can be rare to find at that time most ppl with two winged sails will choose to crash sea stack on path on sight for next time convienent sea routing sea stack will eventually run out
  6. also gnarwail drop meats everywhere on dead, then the meats might get quickly eaten by small fish I hope gnarwail does not drop meat upon death but require player to harvest fish meat from it with tools like knife
  7. hope you may build a great wall castle later then...
  8. but sea stack is kind of unrenewable, even you have many sea sprout you eventually run out of sea stack to be planted on it sea stack does only renewable on certain limitation
  9. I was about to post this bug, here is some img support burnt fire pump still able to function and put out fire if it is on the boat because it is made of board? maybe they can change the board to be cut stone/eletrical doodad, make it not flammable Edited: rearrange sequence
  10. to be honest, durian grows on tree, can we have durain grow on tree? also durian drops from tree itself when it is mature I want to see someone passing by durian tree and get instant killed
  11. I usually consider every functional set as a room, every room has a flingo protected from wildfire Storage room I always build chests and alchemy/shadow manipulator together - everyone can quickly pick what stored in chest and craft with station Kitchen I usually play alone so basically I always have one or two crockpot with a small farm I also often see people do like make kitchens for public uses, then you can put some tents with it make it a comfortable eat-and-sleep area, possibly with few lamps Farms many stacks of grasses, sapling, berry bushes then firepit and endothermic pit are always at center of all rooms but out of every flingo's range I don't recommend beebox at first autumn, unless you really know what you are going to do I do see people make beebox at first autumn, most of them cause some problem later case 1. setting flower and beebox too late, bee couldn't produce few honey before winter case 2. build the beebox too close - your base will definitely be messy and laggy because of stingers and harrassed by killer bee everyday in every spring case 3. dont have a plan to keep enough gears for flingo to protect them from wildfires It is hard to pack beebox farm with other functional room because killer bee in spring I personally prefer them isolated at least two or three screens away corner or edge of map is pretty good choice less people visit, less wildfire occurs, potientially save up to 2 gears about the logs farm: if you have pigs around, just hire them and farm forest using them this is quite efficient when you don't have any giants, Woodie or Maxwell
  12. sailing with two winged masts at full speed will cause some structure stuck on the sea sometimes once structure at edge of boat can't follow movement change on boat, they stop synchro movement with the boat and dispatch from your boat this usually happen on chest, mast, fishing tin those tiny structure this is more serious problem that winged mast is still able to affect boat's speed even it is not on the boat anymore the structure movement and position should be fixed relatively with boat object IMO
  13. you still can start a war without complex steps all you need is : 1. hire a pig 2. do a real physic attack on any other pig ( range or melee) 3. outrun pigs that chasing you without getting far away by the time they stop chasing you, depend on your hired pig or target pig who land an attack at the moment they will choose their side
  14. I knew it works for few days only, so I say mid summer for inaccurate answer I knew this just because I joined an empty server and survived until autumn didn't check wiki so I can only based on my feeling from that past experience
  15. as long as Klei is only selling and sharing the license of DS art style, it is fine their art doesn't look good to me hard to tell why but the new story in the trailer seems nonsense and weird to me..this I don't really think this game gonna be doing well in the end let's hope it won't hurt reputation of original DS game later I doubt the gameplay gonna be good, I'll still give this a little try though
  16. stay under tree only reduce your body temperature to minimum 65c or 68c if you ever use status mod ( over 70c would start overheat ) at begin of summer, stay under tree may prevent you from overheating in middle of summer, tree doesn't help anymore
  17. I'm not sure about chester but if Walter is on a boat with Woby, if someone decide to rollback the world for some reason at logging back to game, Woby will on the land, leaving Walter alone on the boat
  18. Overall, Walter is supportive character gather mixed supportive ability from other characters cheap and long durability tent vs Wortox's soul ( healing ability at cost of hunger ) story telling vs Wendy's sanity station ( regen sanity ) easy morsel from rabbit to hire pigs for chopping logs vs Woodie&Maxwell ( quick logs farming at more cost ) so far Woby doesn't help too much in ruin spelunking because of monkey I hope Walter's inventory slot will be reduced, and the reduced parts are become higher priority pellets slots for now, changing type of pellets would easily mixed with other items it is confusing to find the pellet you unload this is great potent if Klei decide to nerf Walter slots and Qol for pellets features I hide my negative parts inside the little box
  19. I do agree, also marble farm is real pain ass thing, and deal dps at spear level if consider its speed no, really, no, when there are more than 2 Walter you may just mess up which Woby is your, and might be opened and stolen by other Walter to improve this feature: Woby's owner should have options to allow Woby is either open to everyone or to owner himself only this video is inaccurate if to judge now, dark sword drain Walter's sanity now also he didn't bring weather pain to solo which is pain ass thing to do if I'm to choose, I would rather remove or nerf Walter's story telling for team to buff Walter's slingshot To be honest, to judge if a character is fun to play or not it is not depend on how great support a character can bring to team unless they really bring HUGE benefits for each other if Walter has poor experience among most bosses fight I don't think he is gonna be fun to be played in long term game all the time Walter would be just shooting birds and rabbits ( spider is not in the list because melee weapon is much more efficient to kill spider one by one and grab the loots ) in the end, Walter's player would easily get bored and quit the game
  20. I understand this fact, but that would make him a character that less-pefer to combat when he is not the host admin or play in local when the fact internet delay in real world is considered then Walter would demand great-internet-connection to perform a lower combat power than average characters can do in gameplay as average gameplay, it is unreliable to dodge every attack you can't expect everyone can dodge all attack in ranged when internet delay is happened on public server I personally wouldn't want Walter deal so little damage from ranged when having worse tanking combat, especially with sometimes-good sometimes-bad ping on dedicated server I'm not asking Walter's slingshot to have better damage than Wigfrid or Wolfgang I think Walter should have range dps as close as how melee can do, or slightly better most people probably haven't tried yet, Walter's slingshot is actually bad at fighting moose although moose is the easiest to melee fight compare to most boss somehow I feel it is actually even more difficult to use Walter's slingshot at solo Moose it seems to be Moose's attack-switch-to-movement is faster, and howl that force you drop the weapon
  21. that still makes sense, if someone truely fear about something, he might overstate the fact I think increase damage on attacked is quite enough if change the damage mechanics like poisoning, damage stack on times being attacked, deal over time this is really abundunt to gameplay and game design Walter would have worst experience on boss like Bee Queen he has worse damage and speed at ranged combat, and is a bit worse at melee combat already I do think they might able to add animation in future like generating red bean on his skin for every bee attack on him probably negative side: People with Intensive phobia might be fear at playing this game in pub server with Walter in case that's why I think it might be better not adding it, and it doesn't affect the gameplay totally since his main perk is slingshot: more supportive weapon, and good at hunting small prey like rabbit and bird
  22. I believe increasing Walter's shooting speed will easily make this pellet works better on boss than frozen staff maybe they should add pellet with red gem, that scald target upon shot, not burning one, slow down target and continuosly deal very little damage over time purple gem one should be reworked to trigger random effect since purple gem belongs to mysterious in Dont Starve "no one know what's gonna happen until it hit target" random effect is triggered between a list: 1. summon shadow tentacle 2. heal target for 500 ( 1% ) 3. teleport target in very short distance (knockback or something) 4. rain a meteor on target 5. nothing happen 6. etc.. orange gem pellet do the knockback teleport yellow gem pellet unfreeze and provide little warmt to everyone around target ( slingshot loaded with yellow pellet may choose target area to shoot like how you toss water balloon)
  23. yea... Walter need either faster shooting rate or higher dmg for ammo otherwise it is pointless to choose Walter for dps Wolfgang would completely overwhelm as he can deal higher DPS while taking more advantages
  24. I've played some mod characters in past, I dont like them at all that's why I don't actually use any mods except geometric placement Walter doesn't look like a mod character IMO I agree this line, Walter don't bring any really new features to the game, he has unique personality:"fearless" he is a simple character even you can list his perks in many lines, and most of them are already in-game-features What I've seen is that he might add the brand new fighting style: Range weapon as main - The Most Forgotten Feature In Don't Starve(&Together) the style that many people have been asking in the past obviously Klei don't really want it to be overpowered, as the result DPS isn't any better than melee greatest ammo comes with expensive cost, shadow tentacle work best only if there is melee tanking and his great potent on support with freezing ammo, slow ammo, or poop ammo the only thing to "slightly nerf" for balance is just his tent's cost to craft, and QOL for Woby's feeding and speed on riding in future any others are really fine or completely ignored to notice the existence
  25. I don't have gif but picture, imagine it was trembling