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  1. Abigail is faster than rabbits. You can attempt to attack the rabbit and let Abigail do the job. She only attacks once though so you should combine this tactic with the smacking rabbits with an axe tactic. Stand between the rabbit and its hole and then force attack it. If you do it correctly you can kill the rabbit before it runs from you. This is because the rabbit's instinct to run home is stronger than their instinct to run away from you. This is a tutorial from a youtuber I found. You should experiment with different camera angles. Some angles are easier ehile others are harder. The Deciduous biome has the most amount of food for vegans. Mushrooms, Birchnuts and the occasional event food (I only know about pumpkins during Halloween). The Swamp biome has the most meats. This is free meat. Not "I have to kill a mob" meat. Pig King Village sometimes have pumpkins if it's Halloween. It's smarter to pick a mandrake during dusk or night rather than morning if you have no inventory space. Leave rare items for others if you have no need for it i.e pan flute for Dragonfly. Abigail dislikes neutral treeguards (pacified treeguards). She will aggro onto them instantly. If you have two Abigail's Flowers and more than 4-5 days have passed since you made the extra flower, it's ok to let Abigail suicide in the frog pond biome near the road if you have enough sanity or want to be insane. The result? Alot of food in exchange for 50 sanity if you revive Abigail. Kill butterflies. Many people underestimate the power of butterflies. I guess that's why Klei made butterfly wings so powerful. Your first pickaxe will always be at 9% after mining the maximum rocks and your second will always be fully destroyed after mining the maximum rocks if you use the first pickaxe too. You can mine 5 rocks with the first pickaxe and 6 if you use the first pickaxe with the second. Useless info but I always count my pickaxes incase I need the 9% pickaxe for thermal stone. Axes do not deal extra damage to trees although I wished they would like Werebeaver form. A burnt pig on a head will still drop 1 pigskin and some twigs upon being hammered alongside charcoal. A normal one will drop 2 pigskins and 2 twigs. A case of "Don't judge a book by its cover". Wormwood's sanity depletion upon seeing a tree being chopped by others perk is based on location, not if you seen it or not. The range is about 2-3 pitchfork tiles. This is also the case when you burn a tree. You don't need to run far from the tree. Just far enough that it won't deplete your sanity after it burns finish. Therefore, burning a tree and running around it during Winter won't reduce your sanity but running around it until it's done burning will deplete your sanity. The sanity loss per rate for Wormwood's sanity depletion upon seeing a tree chopped by others perk is maintained. This means that if you run straight into the stump of the tree chopped and run out again you will still lose sanity at a high rate. This is the same for being near and moving away. Willow can overheat in Winter due to Magma in Dragonfly Desert and rapidly extinguishing smouldering objects. This is great for joining in during Winter. It used to be not really great since Willow has 3 seconds immunity only but after her buff it's much stronger. Light a tree on fire, stand next to it and start extinguishing smouldering objects nearby. No objects? Drop a grass or twig. You can drop 2 or more if you're confident in your reaction time. Due to her increased overheat limit and Bernie, Willow can almost overheat and then equip Bernie for 60 insulation points. Rinse and repeat. Despite her perks, Willow is actually great for surviving Winter if it's Day 1 and everyone just joined. Although she has less tolerance for cold, her ability to increase her temperature to extreme numbers and then maintain it with Bernie makes her the best Winter character on Day 1 with Woodie following behind with his 45 insulation points, Lucy for wood and 240 insulation points if he gets his hands on monster meat. !!MY OPINION!! Earlygame characters: Characters that are designed for joining a random server but not really designed for surviving until Day 18750. S-Tier: Wendy, Willow. A-Tier: Wigfrid, Maxwell. B-Tier: Woodie, Wicker. C-Tier: Wilson, Wolfgang, Wortox. D-Tier: Webber, WX78, Wormwood, Wurt. E-Tier: Winona, Warly. This is based on starting items, perks and excludes all setpieces. We place the character in a normal biome and they can only use their starting items and perks. Some characters's Tiers, like Wolfgang or Wurt, will change depending on situations. Wolfgang being having infinite food and Wurt in the Swamp. Ask me about those situations if you wanna see their Tier. This is just an opinion from me after I analyse the characters. Keep in mind that S-Tier also means Low Tier in lategame. So Willow and Wendy tends to be weaker in lategame since most of their perks are irrelevant by then. Only C-Tier character all game: Wilson. He is C-Tier earlygame, midgame and lategame. Midgame characters: Characters that are in the middle. Viable for joining servers although they need some set up time and also viable for hosting servers where you, the host has to play in the server until Day 10000+. Usually are characters that have items they need to make or require items that are abundant in midgame to function well. S-Tier: Wicker, Wolfgang. A-Tier: Wortox, Wormwood, WX78. B-Tier: Warly, Maxwell, Woodie. C-Tier: Wilson, Winona, Wurt, Webber. D-Tier: Wigfrid, Wendy. E-Tier: Willow. This is when Spring flowers start wilting (Wendy and Willow) and Summer flowers start blooming. Logs, Grass and Twigs shouldn't be a problem anymore so resource gatherers start falling behind although they are still needed for base building materials. Food and resources are high in quantity so Wicker and Wolfgang should be happy at this time of the game. Base builders or I like to call them Autumn Flowers (Webber, Winona and Wurt) start to slowly bud and their Tiers gently float up. Lategame characters: Day 10000+ base builders, here are your beautiful characters! They are weak in earlygame and viable for midgame but lategame is where they truly shine, or in this case, bloom! S-Tier: Webber, Winona, Wurt. A-Tier: Wickerbottom, Wolfgang, WX78. B-Tier: Wortox, Wormwood. C-Tier: Everyone else except Wigfrid, Wendy and Willow. D-Tier: Wigfrid. E-Tier: Wendy and Willow. So... this is where we separate "meta" characters from "ok" characters. Did you take a look at Wicker and Wolfgang's Tiers? What did you notice? They are always high Tiers. While Wolfgang does struggle in earlygame, that's because I limited his hunts and food. If the Wolfgang kept hunting and killing (like all wolfgangs) he would certainly be in B or A Tier. Take a look at Willow, Wendy, Webber, Winona and Wurt. They have a huge change in Tiers. That's what makes them "ok". They aren't viable all the time but have powerspikes and drops. It's what stops them from being overpowered but also makes them not as favored. Take Winona for example, you almost never see her in a hosted or dedicated server. Her cost for crafting isn't just materials, it's also hunger. This makes her a pseudo Wolfgang: Always hungry but doesn't have good perks. She's reliant on hunger and all you get is faster crafting speed. And if you're hungry... expect to rage at how slow she works. Her strength is in catapults and unfortunately that is a mid-lategame thing. Why play a lategame character when you have to quit the server and have it get reset anyways?