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  1. Oh no. Now I cannot unsee the problem!
  2. Wort. The mushroom man.
  3. Heh, I like reading books IRL. I main Willow since I like her "burn the world" vibe plus every salty player hates her. Still, cool light. I like Wickerbottom as well but ehh, I prefer Willow and Wendy since everyone underestimates their power. Not to mention they are both cute. Fun fact, people don't think I'm a griefer when I play Willow cuz of my name. LOLZ
  4. Ehh Night Light I'm ok since I main Willow and can gain sanity from it. Not to mention I would have gotten loads of nightmare fuel from Ruins and Farming. I do understand why others don't like it though. I mainly use the Night Light for decorational purposes since it looks cool and dark. Water balloon is great for killing off evil players since you go insane and freeze when you're very wet. 5 balloons = 1 salty player. Throw one on a group of players around a campfire and watch them freak out as they gain 20 wetness and lose light instantly. Belt of Hunger is great for Wolfgang when you wanna be mighty for longer. Combined with Funcap and you can stay very long in your Mighty form without refueling. Telelocator focus I use it for my decorations AKA my zoo full of bosses. By that time its mid-late game I have a HUGE stock of purple gems. Heh...Ruins and hounds. Bee Mine is...ok i guess. I like seeing mobs attacking each other so I like using them against other mobs. Against bearger though i Don't use it since he will eat the honey . Heh heh mob fights are awesome.
  5. Walls?

    THANK YOU! Finally someone with sense!
  6. Walls?

    Dudes, think about it for a moment, since WHEN does DST has much logic?!? I mean piggies that stand on 2 toes, butterflies that drop butter, meatballs created from ice, not to mention shadows?!?! When did the idea of logic get into your minds? DST is the complete opposite of logic. Characters creating a beautiful axe from a flint and twigs? I mean it should have looked primitive but nope. Even librarians managing to learn about bizarre things before they even arrived. Sincerely, let this thread die. Stop arguing, DST has no logic whatsover. Please, just stop arguing over logic. When faced with problems in DST, you DO NOT think with normal logic. You think with the GAME'S LOGIC.
  7. Walls?

    I believe that the reason mobs like to find another way is bcuz the AI is "smart". The AI will not waste valuable time eating walls instead of finding another way to get to you. In doing so, the AI is technincally smart but we players love to cheese stuff so we made the AI show how smart it is by making it walk all the way around a gigantic wall. It might not be meant like this but seriously, if i told you that you could walk around a wall instead of trying to break it down, would you do it? Of course! It would be the most logical decision! But I DID NOT tell you that breaking is faster and easier! So you stupidly walked around the wall when you could have instead broke it
  8. Walls?

    Seriously, just don't use walls if you don't want to "cheese" or "exploit" a mob. You don't need to create a thread to rant about how easy or reliant walls made us. Or how Klei should fix it. Walls and AI are coded that way. Sometimes you have to learn that changing something might not be the best. Same scenario with Willow, before she was nerfed, she was OK. After nerf players despise her due to her perks clashing with each other. If the devs listen to you ( I'll pray to god they don't), walls become useless, people will gather loads of materials to build indestructable structures and you will create ANOTHER thread about how indestructable structures are OP and should be nerfed blah blah blah. Basically your suggestion will create a loop of nerfs centering around walls and indestructable structures. Sometimes ya gotta DEAL WITH IT, ok sweetheart?
  9. Walls?

    I believe using walls is a tactic. You basically manipulate the AI's need to be smart by placing down walls and leaving a space for the AI to go. You are using your brains to make the game easier to survive in. Sure you can play without using walls but i believe that a player can accomplish way more with walls than if you just decide to go all out without walls. I don't mean to offend you by saying that you accomplish less without using walls but lets look at the facts here, by using walls you can cut short on the amount of time and resource needed to do something. Perhaps with walls you don't need to waste blue caps because you got attacked by lavae. You will also kill the dragonfly faster and thus save time. Its ok if you don't want to use walls but don't beg the devs to change something just because you think its bad. If you think its bad, don't use it. Don't go out of your way simply to change how walls work. That kind of behaviour is quite selfish. Say you LOVE playing Wolfgang and how he is right now. Would you like it if a player suddenly posted how he is OP and exploited and bad for new players? Would you like it if that player wanted Wolfgang to be nerfed and destroy his "exploits"? NO! You want him to be the same Wolfgang you know and love. You don't want him to change and be nerfed! This player is currently doing what you are doing, wanting to change something merely because you think its too good, too OP, too like an exploit. Why do people pick this character? Why do people do this? Because this is the current meta. People build walls to beautify and to trick mobs. If you really want true walls, get indestructable objects. Walls are not really meant for defense, think of it as a time waster for mobs. Why waste time destroying walls when you can just walk around it? This mentality lets the AI to be tricked and led into its death.
  10. Winona rework idea

    MAKE HER DO STUFF FASTER!!! WHY PREACH ABOUT BEING EFFICIENT WHEN YOU PICK STUFF SLOWER? NOW THATS EFFICIENT! Seriously buff her pick speed and walk speed but at increased hunger rate. She's burning off more energy by being efficient yet its the same. She will get hungry at the same time as wilson after picking 40 grass, she's just faster. Its like Wilbur's run where you will reach the destination with the same hunger as a normal character. Wilbur is just arriving at the destination earlier. Therefore i want Winona's speed to be just like Wilbur's where you do stuff faster than others but after the same task both of you have the same amount of hunger. Also nerf tape ingredients and buff usage. NO MORE CLOTH FIXING!!! I mean, who uses tape to fix their clothes?!?!? Fix armour and weapons instead. Tentacle spike gonna break? Tape! Armour gonna break? Tape! And then we have a great character!
  11. 1. Avoid them. If you really can't, pick them off one by one by walking close to one before walking back. Shadow splumonkeys are best dealt with slowly, by killing them off. Don't let them swarm you, otherwise you'll get stunlocked and killed. Using hambat you can kill them with 3-4 hits. 2. Slurpers are easy to dodge as the target your location instead of character. Run in a zig zag way if you don't want to fight. Wait for them to jump before you sidestep them and then kill them if you want to fight. 3. Exploration. There is no really best way to find it, depends on your luck really. If you play WX78 don't get blue shrooms, just eat gears. If you are not, its best to find a blue shroom forest to get loads of blue shrooms. They heal for quite a bit. 4. Find a rook. Stand in front of a knight or bishop. Rook deals tons of dmg to mobs and can help you kill the clockworks. Kite the knight. Tank the bishop. You can kite the rook but its easier to just tank.
  12. About the 2019 plan

    I think the new crafting mechanic used on the celestial portal should also be used to create a plane and a ship. Plane Built using plane plans. Upon using the plans you get to decide where you will build the plane. Once you've decided, an interface much like the portal paraphenalia's would be revealed. To complete the plane you need 10 boards, 3 gears and 10 rope. Once completed you can "use" the plane. It will ask you if you want to go or wait for others. You can place 4 items inside the plane which will spawn around you after you crash. Go your character will fly the plane and the screen will fade to black. You will be sent to the connecting to server screen. After that your character will be seen crashing into Hamlet. They will do they "wake up" animation before assuming control. You're in Hamlet! Wait for others you will sit in the plane. As the pilot you can choose to Go or wait until everyone is inside the plane. To return to your world you have to create another plane OR build a ship to Shipwrecked. Ship Same as plane except you can only build the ship on water. Your character will sail the ship and fade to black. You will see your character's ship crash onto an island and "wake up". 4 items will drop around you. Welcome to Shipwrecked! To go back you can use another ship OR build a plane to Hamlet. If you use a plane to go to Hamlet, no matter what you HAVE to use a plane to go to your world. If you want to go to Shipwrecked yet also want to go back to Hamlet, use ship. If you use a ship to Shipwrecked, you use a ship to go back. Use plane to go to Hamlet and go back to Shipwrecked.
  13. *Don't friend pigs and make them follow you to the portal whenever a webber spawns in* Seriously, i had that happen to me so freaking much. I would ask the players whether i could play as webber. They would day yes and then some dumby/troll would bring a pig to portal. Have you guys remembered that when you spawned in, you're character would lag? Yep, i was forced to watch webber die while the person just stands there. Guess what he did after i died? He just TOOK my stuff. I mean how valuable is monster meat and spider eggs??!? When you plant there spider eggs as other characters you just get attacked by the spiders. So i got a little salty and started spewing sarcasm. I quited after that. *Don't get salty over other's characters* Like once i picked willow(willow half main here) and started doing my stuff helping the team. Then someone just JOINS and started complaining about twiggy trees and the lag they cause cuz he can't move. Like seriouly it happens to all of us( the reason why portals will glow when they spawn in a player at dusk/night). After that a wendy went to base and started complimenting willow cuz shes cute. Guess what saltlick said? Willow is arguably the WORST character ever. And proceeds to argue with the rest of the team. *Don't destroy the base and proceed to say you are doing a deed* I had a wx player destroy 2 ice boxes and eat the gears before destroying the crockpots. His reason? Not symetrical. His buddy started saying im retarded blah blah blah and logs off. Seriously ask before you destroy. Like people were in the middle of USING the ice box and crockpot damnit. Can't you be more nice? *Don't keep dying( normal deaths are ok, but know-you-are-weak-but-wanna-prove-you-are-not deaths are terrible)* I had a wigfrid take her spear and helm and attempt to attack those clusters of tier 2 dens. She died. And died. And died as she kept trying to take her stuff back. Me being the support(not forge) literally got my health so low i cannot craft anymore hearts. I mean can you imagine her max health? Seriously like it was until that whenever she died, she just went back to base waiting for me. And that was how i got confined to the base siphoning my health to save this wigfrid.