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NEW Streaming Drops Available Now! (The Crystallized Cabinet)

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Hey Everybody. 

Today we have added the Crystallized Cabinet to the Crystalline collection available on Twitch.tv!

Crystals Icon (30 Minutes)


Crystal Portrait Portrait (2 Hours)


The Crystallized Cabinet (6 Hours)


If you haven't set up your account for twitch drops yet, check out the spoiler below:


All DST players can now associate their Twitch.tv account to their Klei Account to begin receiving cool exclusive items by watching Don't Starve Together on Twitch.tv

Simply head on over to https://accounts.klei.com and link your Twitch account. 


To participate, streamers must also link their account. 

Streams with Drops enabled will show the following message:

Our intention with item drops on Twitch.tv is to reward active and engaged streamers by encouraging players to come check them out and rewarding those players for supporting those streamers.

Please note that AFK streams or streams that are otherwise deemed abusive or harmful to the community will be removed. If you are watching an AFK stream, be aware that the drops may get shutoff and your time may not count. 

In this campaign we are offering 3 items. You can only receive one of each and once you have them all, you cannot get more until the next round of items. 

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21 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

This will be the only crystallized collection Skin I will own.

it stings in my heart man... Hopefully the ones I’ve missed will be added to the Klei Rewards someday.

I can craft the fridge for u.

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i'm inlove with this new drop <3 this is the prettiest skin so far i trully want them >u< hope there's more from this ''collection'' to come.
but i think i'm having a little problem with the drop itself
i've been watching since yesterday -tried yesterday for a couple hours, than gave up since it was late, went to sleep and today since this afternoon i've been watching streams again- but idk if the drop system have changed or what because i've been watching on 'picture in picture' while i use photoshop to draw some things, it's been hours now, even had to change streamers since the one i was watching went offline, but since then only the 30 minutes have appeared on the notifications on twitch for me, and even so when i went to the game itself to get the 30 min drop Nothing appeared, only the daily gift and nothing after that '-' and now i'm confused. it's a problem with the drops? it's a problem with the picture in picture? it's a problem with my account?
all the other drops the circus ones, the eyebrela etc i got them all like this using the picture in picture, and received them all normally ingame afterwards is anyone else having this issue?

edit: nevermind i think there was a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE delay, i rebooted everything, logged off from twitch,  logged in my bf's account on steam to get his daily prize, and when i logged back on mine the 'thanks for watching'  appeared 
i was worried because i did indeed logged off yesterday and no prizes, and no notifications appeared on my twitch today so there was just a little problem with that indeed

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On 19/3/2020 at 9:16 PM, Zeaott said:

Anyone know if I need to appear like connected in twitch or it doesn't matter? 

You have to be logged into twitch and have your account correctly linked with Klei. Other than that it shouldn't affect your chat and profile status, but go ahead and give it a try, and let us know if it works 

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For some reason this hasn't worked for me since 5 months ago. I didn't receive the last drops (over six hours of watch time), and I haven't received the drops this time so far (and hour watch time, as of this post) :/ I keep checking, and everything is linked. 


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As usual, this isn't working, even though my account is linked. It doesn't matter how many streams I watch, it says I have to link my account to get drops. My account is already linked. I can't link it more. Please fix this, I'm sick of missing out on the new skins. >:(


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5 hours ago, AriannaX said:

Как обычно, это не работает, хотя моя учетная запись связана. Неважно, сколько потоков я смотрю, это говорит, что я должен связать свой аккаунт, чтобы получить дропы. Моя учетная запись уже связана. Я не могу связать это больше. Пожалуйста, исправьте это, мне надоело пропускать новые скины. > :(


Everything works, problems are clearly on your part

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