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  1. Thank you so very much for the quick reply and the patience with me it's not like i wanna became a modder nor anything i'm just a 'super curious foolish crazy person' xD i end up messing around with things just to understand it myself and then when i succeed at doing at least one thing..... i just move on and never even do another 'of whatever i was trying to figure out' ever again xD i always end up with a bunch of files/mods/textures etc on my computer taking up half of the space last time i went crazy about doing textures for skyrim and ended up with around 200gb of stuff xD and never backed up, in the end, my computer fryed and i lost it all and never even uploaded the stuff anywhere xD that's my life AHAHHAHAHA and now i'm obsessed with changing stuff on dst [i sense madness around the corner already] but it's cool to stay curious i guess xD thanks again, you're a sweetie, hope you have a reall nice weekend and have fun >u<
  2. Hii <3 can i ask you a few things about it just so i can put my mind at ease and no go crazy trying to understand what went wrong? hahaha because i've read a few forums while trying to 'fix' this mess xD and i've noticed a few things in the original mod itself [the one i've cloned even before i've changed Anything in the files/scripts] and now seing your fixed file it just made me doubt even more the ''hoooow was it working before in the original mod if it was soupposed to look like this '-'?" so, the files was supposed to look like this one you've uploaded right? with a scml in the exported folder, a png which the compiler will read as the anim stuff, right? and the files inside the other zip which was named as the 'prefab' they were supposed to represent not as 'atlas-0' but like as 'wares-0' etc so when i started 'replacing every word like this with the words i was gonna use like the itemand the critter name i was thinking if i replace everything the way it is in this mod nothing should break xD but now i just wanna know if ANY of this previous things could indeed 'break' the mod? or what was indeed wrong with it that i've messed up while changing? since the original mod didn't crash like this even with this ''strangelly arranged'' files inside that i tought shouldn'd look like that in the first place '-' sorry to bother you even more i'm just super curious about what was indeed wrong xD -i'm still reading all the fixed code to compare with the broken one to see if i learn something with it i just wanted to ask about the couple first files in there since they were already ones that were making me confused in the first place in the original-
  3. Is there any 'still alive'' threads in this forum for people trying to form partnerships to create mods? or You, beautifull person reading this, is one or knows of someone who wanna create cute mods but is looking for someone to draw it or help to find some cool stuff to add into a mod? i've tried to search for it in the topics around here but aside from the 'unnatural selection' one which i think they're not looking for anyone anymore since i think it's something more specific and there's already manyy artists in there, i couldn't find any more topics about this or about people looking for something in specific, the most recent one the guy who was looking for artists hasn't logged here since 2018 °n° the thing is, i have sooooo many mod ideas and even tried to edit/duplicate some existing mods and replaced stuff in it with custom images, decor items, new floors, even pets, but when it comes to ''making it into a real standalone mod i Always run into errors because i don't know how to code this game, but i have edited the visuals of many mods and 'vanilla' stuff and they work well and look really cute and i wanted to share as real mods but can't 'cus i just can't code things right so they only work as long as i don't touch the code just the images xD AHAHAHA or else it goes POOFF and breaks haaahhahha so if someone wanna have fun creating cute items for dst and knows how to code and/or at least clone some vanilla stuff [xD For real i can't even get this part right] so i can add the new custom images in it [convert .tex images,edit and replace with the new images part i can do just right, just making these stuff standalone mods which peoplecan subscribe to this part always goes wrong for me and crashes my game xD] just let me know here or if there's already a thread to look for people like this if you can guide me to the right direction is also appreciated thanks anyway <3 love u all
  4. Hi there great people of this forum first things first, i'm attempting to ''clone'' a basic mod, to change the art and items in it. following the instructions i saw in the dst files itselt, "start by choosing what you want to edit and copy/paste it, and edit to create my own mod" etc i did that. edited all the images, no problem, if i try to just edit the ''visuals'' of vanilla things i can make them work ingame, BUT the problem is when i copy and paste the files to a new folder custom named to create a 'whole new mod'' which is the goal since i want to upload in the workshop and have my friends who play with me always actually ''see'' what i ''see'' here because i have a few vanilla things ''only visually edited'' in my 'personal dst files' replacing the 'vanilla' images, names, or proprieties, so only i can see the thing i've edited for fun but i'm trying to make them 'actual mods' so i can share with the friends in my server. anywayy this one i tried to start with is a kittykit, it has a special item 'catnip' i've edited all the images from the kittykit, and all the strings from the characters interaction with it, names, description etc, these worked already when i only messed around with the strings, and images on the original mod so only i could see it ingame like that, all other players would see the ''original art and dialogs'' from the original mod. since i haven't changed the 'file names' ut since i'm trying to copy and edit to make a new mod, i have to change all the words to represent the 'new mod' like i've called it a 'black kitty' and all the images from the kitty i've changed the words to 'blackkitty' and all the ones which showed the word for the other custom item to ''catnip' since the new item i want to be a catnip pack. BUT then comes the error it says it can't find the but i've changed all the words to catnip, made sure it's all in .zip format because i've read in another question/forum this couldbe the problem, the file being in .rar format, or the files inside in a different format, but idk what to fix, there where 2 folders with this same name in the original mod, one 'exported' one, with a folder inside and a .zip inside this one, where there was a png, a animation and build xml inside and they're still there, only changed the image inside to a catnip, and the name to 'catnip' aswell and there's an anim folder with a inside with a anim and build .bin and a .png and .tex '-' so i don't know what isn't being found to try to fix it nor which of these 2 folders with the same name is the one returning this error. anyway the files are below.. i hope someone can help me, if i ran into this problem in the future maybe i can fix them aswell with some instructons given to this one. i've tried searching for this inthe forum aswell but they weren't the same problem but with other file extensions and were fixed with other steps or insertings certain strings/codes in other files i even tried following a few but in the end the instructions didn't match my error so i ended up in the same place i've started so decided to ask here the mod folder below, i've uploaded to my drive -i've never shared a link from there so if anyone can visualize/download the files just let me know i'll try to figure it out how to share it properly edit: adding a .zip of the whole mod itself,i though i coulnd't upload it directly in here but aparently it's possible haha Blackkitty and the image log i got when trying to run a test world with this mod [as it's own standalone mod] activated ----._. i talk a lot, i know....sorry, but please bear with me....loveu already and thanks for the patience -----