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  1. @JoeW @nome this post need to be pinned, its very useful for everyone
  2. @SnowdropPax i never see points or spool links in facebook or newsletter, they just give them through forum.
  3. 2 WEEK PAST still NO update on 1700 points. what should i do? @nome
  4. @JoeW Hi Joe, I've clicked as well the "Thanks for signing up! Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Claim Reward" but nothing happened - aka I didn't get an additional 1700 points even though a message claiming I received a reward was displayed post-click. Edit; Three day has passed, still SAME MY KLEI USER ID; KU_LlzXkOna
  5. +1 I wait Klei Reward update, i hope previous login bonus skins icluded