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  1. ok then, i fixed the volume, but i got a new problem. when i unplug my headphones and restart the game the sound do comes back, the problem now occuring is my razer krakens 7.1 v2 sets the volume back to 0 ... what do now ? i tried to turn off the razer synapse / tried to switch the Hz on em but nothing works now... what do
  2. just like in title, i was playing the game and n the next day volume suddenly went to 0 , the whole ambient / music / sound fx are set to 0 and i cant regulate it. i once read it may be probelm cause i use razer krakens headset, but i had them earlier and i didnt got any problems . i tried to re-install the game, tried to fix the files with steam automatic problem solver, but it didnt helped me in any way. i also tried to search forum here but i coudlnt find anything. what should i do next and what solution do i have ?