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Sometimes, griefers come, steal all of your loot, burn your base.
My idea is to add a locking mechanic, via chains
Chains, that you be used to lock anything, allowing only you to use it, such as masts, steering wheels, bundles, chests, backpacks, etc*. Chained items would not break or be lit on fire.
Deconstructing a Krampus sack(That's right, a KRAMPUS SACK!)
Would give you Chains;
% Drop from opening Klaus' sack
When opened, it would have a % of giving you chains.
ADMINS can open chained items and remove chains.
If a player stays inactive for, let's say, 300 days, the chains would fall off.
*Storage mediums with items such as celestial orb and the Ancient Key cannot be chained!

Make sure to give suggestions!

Before you go ahead and say that it is too hard to obtain, that's the pourpose, you wouldn't want your whole chest area locked by a griefer, no?

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I think the same lock and key arguement applies here. If you need a key to a easily destroyed object, why not save the hassle and just break the object. While other types of griefing can be more subtle like stealing all of their food, the quickest and most annoying way to deal with griefers is too simply drstroy the base so they have to use a lot of items just to recuperate. While stealing might be a difficult issue, they're no ways to do it without making griefung worse of just ignorable. Locks, chest is broken. Hard to break with lock, thats a nice labyrinth your locked out of without a lot of work. Never make a storage system and just lie it on the ground? Just going to pick that up real quick. There is no cookie cutter answer, and there most likely ever be.

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Just now, Ornge said:

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of "together" if your just gonna keep items away from others?

Besides, you can just hold really important things In your inventory


You can, but there's more important stuff than you can carry, most of the time.
This is based on the fact that on dedicated servers bases are prone to stealing, even a base on the middle of nowhere at sea can get robbed.
Not even exclusive dedicated servers, really.

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4 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

By the time anyone ever actually successfully obtained this “Krampus Sack” all your valuable Sh** will have been burned or stollen by now.

I mean becoming a super nommad might work, but it's still a bad idea to make it derived from a super rare item.

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