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  1. Suggestion: Chains

    Honestly, what they should have done is implemented the safe from Gorge. But sadly, they wasted on a stupid looking skin for a fridge...
  2. How do you feel about Winona now?

    But the Spotlight is very linked to theatre and hasn't got much connection with the factory worker that Winona is... Not that I want this, but it feels like an item more suited for Wigfrig's lore?
  3. How do you feel about Winona now?

    Honestly, my biggest problem is that the two exclusive builds are totally random. Why a spotlight? Why a catapult? It's just random crap. Also, yeah, the spotlight is garbage. And the catapult is just op, especially now with boats.
  4. Maybe when you're on the ocean, instead of hound attacks, you get a malbatross attack? Maybe that's TOO frequent, but maybe a system could be developed.
  5. Any unknown mechanic to share?

    It's totally useless, but let's say you didn't have access to your map...Pigs are a good compass. They run towards the closest piece of mainland.
  6. Screenshot showcase

    Saw the Monkey Paw in the ocean and freaked out. I forgot it was a trinket, thought it was a mob.
  7. Showcase for tidy bases [3]

    My tiny base (I'm not much of a builder). Proudest achievement is my Ewecus pet. He spits at me occasionally.
  8. Wig not being able to eat butterflies makes no sense.
  9. The Forge Has Ended

    Few Suggestions: - Better matchmaking. Have the ability to Votekick. - PVP mode. - Some sort of prize for Winning Boarrior. - Some of the items from Forge could be passed to regular game? Make the 'solo' experience less painful with items like the Forging Hammer and Pitch Pike (obviously, make them end game items, hard to obtain).
  10. The title. We won the server disconnected all of us. KLEI YOU EVIL BASTARDS XD!
  11. [Game Update] - 233071

    Because Wilson is the vanilla character, he is the basic of basic, designed for newcomers of the game. But having that said, I prefer Wilson over Winona, at least Wilson has a useful beard..
  12. [Game Update] - 214001

    No change in critters huh? -.-
  13. Invisible Bats

    See the little black circles? Yeah, those are bats chasing me.