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  1. How Would you Fix Woodie/Werebeaver?

    What an eyesore. Sepia + insanity is just awful.
  2. How Would you Fix Woodie/Werebeaver?

    Because a werewolf should be strong and powerful. It should be like the hulk of this world. Powerful in monster form, weak when he isn't.
  3. Would it be possible to port the poison snakes, and items like the poison glands, poisoned spear and poisoned darts into DST? And if so, would anyone be interested in making that happen? I think a good way of integrating it would be, in the desert, when you mine a rock down there's a chance there's a poisoned snake under it. If you don't notice it in time, you'll get bitten and get poisoned. Also, think of the PVP potential with poison spears and darts! Anyone? Please?
  4. Because he is broken, how would you fix him? I can think of a couple of things 1) Get rid of the sanity drain during werebeaver form. Make it like DS, where the sanity damage comes once you turn back into human form. The dealing with the banjo music while the sound is getting distorted because your sanity is draining is unbearable. Also, the low sanity + sepia filter is hideous. 2) Get rid of the AWFUL, jusyt AWFUL log meter in human form. The whole eating wood mechanic in human form is dumb idea. 3) Increase his damage and armor. Have armor be a at least the same value as a log suit and damage be at least the same value as spear, or even a battle spear. Other ideas: 1) Being a Werebeaver during full moon should have have some sort of perk, maybe a damage or health boost, that only lasts while the moon is out.
  5. YES I would like it if you were dead forever. Yes, a lot of people would hate that, but it's an optional mode for masochists like myself. You are on a server with your friend and he dies, then tough, he's dead forever. They don't because they don't update it anymore :/ that's the problem. No reason they can´t be in SP. I can´t wait for someone to link you to the Shipwrecked Together mod, that is sorta dead, but isn´t. Anyway, yes, I would love that.
  6. Cosmetics < New Mechanics and Exploration But apparently, Klei disagrees.
  7. Rollbacks and ghosts...I´m talking about permadeath mechanic, the kind that was in the original game.
  8. I never said it was a no-no, I said I just that respected it more because it doesn´t sell out, even alienating most players. However, the logic is this...This game was originally a permadeath and it was "hard" so to speak. For years, that´s what the fan base, who supported this game, enjoyed and lived on. So yeah, in its current format, a "hard mode" would not only be perfectly fine, but it´s long overdue. And in this case, because of that reason, a "hard" mode is more "necessary" than an "easy" mode. BTW, he amount of likes you got depresses me. This community man...
  9. No rollbacks. No ghosts. I loved Shipwrecked, the design, atmosphere, new characters, items, bosses, it was all just so perfect...EXCEPT they ruined it. What they should have done is integrated into the core Vanilla game, but no...for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to scrap everything and make the same game twice in a different setting. Just illogical thinking. What a waste. They are segregating content. Why are the updates of A New Reign exclusive to DST? Honestly, what´s the reason? I want to know, because what other game only updates for its multiplayer version? Imagine if like in Minecraft, horses were only available in multiplayer. It´s ridiculous. I try not to mention this now, because I´m beating a dead horse, but the fact that the community is ok with this... I don´t know, I just don´t understand how that's possible. And they said, when multiplayer was first announced, that they wouldn´t do this. That new items and mobs, that weren´t tailored with specific multiplayer purpose, would be passed on to DS; which btw, is almost everything, except for The Lazy Deserter, Telltale Heart and Booster Shot, everything else is compatible. Sure, there´s a lot of Raid Bosses, but if they lowered the HP for SP, then it would balance out. And the worst thing, is that a lot of stuff they add actually would actually work better in Singleplayer, for example Beefalo Domestication. When you leave a server, your beefalo is just left hanging vulnerable in the wild. And the whole domestication process is better suited for Singleplayer experiences, where the world pauses when you log out. Also, followers like the Extra-Adorable Lavae, what´s the point in having this in multiplayer, when every-time you log out it's just gonna die. The whole thing is just illogical to me. Also, before you say "just play on a private server". No, there are character changes that I hate, "balanced for multiplayer" and not any good mods that can fix it. Then there´s stuff like the Sleeping Bag and new bosses, that would be nice, if they were also possible to kill solo (without building a whole fence maze, practically the same as "cheesing") Ok, rant over. You are right. Maybe Binding of Isaac is a bad example. Well, maybe that's why this game should have stayed to only singleplayer, like they original designers said.
  10. There´s no reason why you can´t appeal to both people. Why isn´t there a hard mode? Seriously, it's just ridiculous.
  11. Also, I just have a lot more respect for games that don´t try to appeal to everyone by being easy and accessible. Recently, I started playing Hollow Knight and I bloody love it! And there´s people saying "Oh there should be an easy mode" for it. Drives me crazy. Games like Binding of Isaac, or Dark Souls, are satisfying because they are tough as hell and there isn´t a "easy mode" that you can switch too whenever things get hard. A game looses something when you add that. It´s like when Minecraft added Creative Mode, whenever I see a cool building "Well, they just did it in Creative Mode, so what?". But if you saw a awesome building in the old alpha days, it was amazing. Same goes with Don´t Starve, bck in the day, getting to Day 100 MEANT SOMETHING, but now with Rollbacks, who cares? But that´s just my opinion. It just makes me sad, cause I remember Don´t Starve being one those games that meant something.
  12. There´s no reason why you can´t appeal to both people. Why isn´t there a hard mode? Seriously, it's just ridiculous.
  13. Hey, remember when Klei first announced Multiplayer and and they were like "don´t worry, we won´t stop developing single-player." Oh, the memories. But seriously, **** content segregation. It´s unacceptable imo.