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  1. Problem: Sailing in Summer and Spring

    I'm amazed at how you managed to place so many items on your boat! Well done.
  2. At the moment, sailing in Summer and Spring is not viable. In Spring, unless you have a lightning rod on board, your boat will probably get shot down by lightning. In Summer, unless you have an Ice Flingomatic on board, your boat will probably catch fire. Space on your boat is limited, and you don't want to waste a big chunk of it on an item that is only useful for one season. One easy solution, is to have items on boats not smoulder in summer. This is just logical, because the smouldering mechanic is there to create summer wildfires. So logically, on boats this shouldn't be a thing. I've thought of other solutions, with the implementation of new items: - Scaled boats (fire proof boats): using the Dragonfly's scales, you can craft a boat that is fire proof. - Lightning rod and Ice Flingomatic boat buoys: So these are items that are tied by rope to the boat and float in the water. They work just like their land equivalents, but they are slightly smaller and follow the boat around (being pulled by the rope). - Lightning rod and Ice Flingomatic backpacks: so similar to the insulated backpack, it's a backpack that has an additional function. The Flingomatic backpack could throw snowballs while you walk, while the lightning backpack has a lightning rod on it that attracts and absorbs lighting strikes. I like this idea, not only because it solves this sailing issue, but also an issue I've had since Day 1 of RoG: I can travel, without the fear of the world being destroyed. So you won't ever loose a cactus to a lightning strike ever again.
  3. I really want to see whales, swordfish, ballphins and other aquatic mobs from SW into DST! Anyone know of any mods that do this? I know there's Island Adventures, but I don't a huge overhaul. I just want to see more marine life in the normal DST world.
  4. What is sailing supposed to be?

    Just to add to this, Sailing during Spring and Summer are also not recommended, unless you have a Lightning Rod and an Ice Flingomatic on-board (which you won't, because space is so limited on boats). So sailing is only really viable during Autumn and Winter. I believe it's on par with the Battle Helm, but has worse absorption damage. Yes. I believe food last 400 times longer. They are better than Dark Swords as they have no sanity penalty.
  5. Salty Dog Spoilers

    I found it naturally. It has some weird behaviour... Basically, if you leave it. It will spawn close to you again. Even on land... I see no way of fighting it on the boat without it completely destroying it. On land, the boss is really easy.
  6. Salty Dog Spoilers

    I managed to find it too. Three things to note: - It spawned in Winter, day 33. - It spawned near ocean fishes. I think it might actually hunt them. It did its dive attack, but it wasn't attacking me. - I couldn't find it once I had left it. It either moves a lot or it despawns quickly.
  7. Salty Dog Spoilers

    How did you craft the fishingnet?
  9. The Forge Has Ended

    Few Suggestions: - Better matchmaking. Have the ability to Votekick. - PVP mode. - Some sort of prize for Winning Boarrior. - Some of the items from Forge could be passed to regular game? Make the 'solo' experience less painful with items like the Forging Hammer and Pitch Pike (obviously, make them end game items, hard to obtain).
  10. The title. We won the server disconnected all of us. KLEI YOU EVIL BASTARDS XD!
  11. [Game Update] - 233071

    Because Wilson is the vanilla character, he is the basic of basic, designed for newcomers of the game. But having that said, I prefer Wilson over Winona, at least Wilson has a useful beard..
  12. [Game Update] - 214001

    No change in critters huh? -.-
  13. Invisible Bats

    See the little black circles? Yeah, those are bats chasing me.
  14. I prefer that than what you guys are saying. What if I actually need to log off? What if I get disconnected? I understand that it's frustrating chasing someone for days to then just have them log out, but really, so what? You've already ruined their experience, so mission accomplished on your part. And like I said, legit players don't combat log and if they do, they log back in 2 minutes later cause they are invested. If they don't it's because they had jackshit.