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  1. It's totally useless, but let's say you didn't have access to your map...Pigs are a good compass. They run towards the closest piece of mainland.
  2. Saw the Monkey Paw in the ocean and freaked out. I forgot it was a trinket, thought it was a mob.
  3. Few Suggestions: - Better matchmaking. Have the ability to Votekick. - PVP mode. - Some sort of prize for Winning Boarrior. - Some of the items from Forge could be passed to regular game? Make the 'solo' experience less painful with items like the Forging Hammer and Pitch Pike (obviously, make them end game items, hard to obtain).
  4. The title. We won the server disconnected all of us. KLEI YOU EVIL BASTARDS XD!
  5. Because Wilson is the vanilla character, he is the basic of basic, designed for newcomers of the game. But having that said, I prefer Wilson over Winona, at least Wilson has a useful beard..
  6. Would it be possible to port the poison snakes, and items like the poison glands, poisoned spear and poisoned darts into DST? And if so, would anyone be interested in making that happen? I think a good way of integrating it would be, in the desert, when you mine a rock down there's a chance there's a poisoned snake under it. If you don't notice it in time, you'll get bitten and get poisoned. Also, think of the PVP potential with poison spears and darts! Anyone? Please?
  7. If someone wants to make this, I will give you all my skins. Just add mist to the edges of the map. Boats in the normal ocean looks fine enough.
  8. See the little black circles? Yeah, those are bats chasing me.
  9. I prefer that than what you guys are saying. What if I actually need to log off? What if I get disconnected? I understand that it's frustrating chasing someone for days to then just have them log out, but really, so what? You've already ruined their experience, so mission accomplished on your part. And like I said, legit players don't combat log and if they do, they log back in 2 minutes later cause they are invested. If they don't it's because they had jackshit.
  10. To me this is such a non-problem. Combat logging is only done by inexperience players. So if they log off, so what? You are not missing anything, cause they probably had nothing in the first place.
  11. Yeah...That might be a problem. I used it to get the goat there. I think what I´m going to do is move him to a bigger pen.
  12. As someone who is trying to kill her, I understand the frustration. But honestly...It wouldn´t fun if it was easy and it´s definitely not impossible, as people obviously have killed her.
  13. Meh. The other day I was on a server and was about to log off. When out of nowhere I was attacked. Is it combat logging if I was going to leave anyway?
  14. Wait, are you saying he drops scales without dying? Like the Bearger?
  15. To be fair, I prefer this than him coming to my base. Also so is the Bearger.
  16. Using the Ice Flingomatic seems like a much cooler method.
  17. I feel that the larva is too much. The whole having to make walls to keep them out just feels cheap and, most importantly, NOT FUN.
  18. My point is that I thought the DLC was going to be an addition to the "normal" DS game, but from what I´m seeing here, it seems to work similar to Caves as it´s a different world (I don´t know what else you call it). It´s a little disappointing, but I´m still looking forward to it! =D
  19. I thought the DLC was going to allow us to make boats in the normal ROG versions, but from what I´m seeing it´s seems to be separate.