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  1. Soo,I recently made a post about a problem in my World on the Discussions Tab,here's the link for more info about it : I don't know if it's caused by mods or just the game's script,but I need a little help anyway, my game starts to lag A LOT when I get close to the goats,and they're all close to the Oasis. Here's the game files :
  2. Yes,I use Finder,Boss Indicator,Geo Placement,Combined Status More Slots and Show Bundle,they're all some gimmicks to help me memorize and have more control of my time,but I don't think they would corrupt the game so much like this : / THANKS !!! I'll do it asap !!
  3. A bit of context first,I got bored playing the same way over and over again as Wolfgang so I decided to "restart" my journey, I got to the portal with no items (I left all that I had in my base) and started from the bottom again,winter came in and I decided to make a bigger base at the Oasis,when my game started to lag, then I saw THIS : I've never knew that volt goats would overpopulate like rock lobsters and grass geckos,please if someone knows anything about this bug or how to solve it help me please,this is my main world and I don't want to delete it ;-;
  4. The Siamese Twins vs The Green Cyclops
  5. To be fair I think wWw already won this one,I mean... she has 2 Bernies and is Thicc af so...
  6. I'm going with Nosson,because he has 2 heads. (and 2 chickens)
  7. Yep,I can already tell who's the best team...
  8. The new pokemon game is looking good so far...
  9. HUMMMMMM........GUYS...... Something's not quite right here... EDIT : THEY ARE ALL DEAD !!!!!!! THEY MUST HAVE STARVED TO DEATH ; - ;
  10. I can’t wait to get it tomorrow !!! I hope you guys sleep well, I’m gonna sleep right now cuz tomorrow I’ll be farming a lot of ornaments and candies ; )
  11. Only OGs recognize the true power and art of playing Wilson...
  12. So I believe we’ll get some info about the Winter’s Feast event next Thursday ?
  13. A little compilation of memes using Maxwell's famous phrase... And the worst version of them all :
  14. Mod Recommendation : Ganja While we still making 420 jokes
  15. Does this means that pigs will return to drop belts when killed ? Or we will have to do something else to get it ?
  16. Stand User : JoeW Ability : Close this topic whenever he wants.
  17. Queen Charlie looking fine af in recent drawings