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  1. That’s the thing, we spent like 10 gears on his WX and it’s all level up now. 400 hunger, health etc. However, my fear is, if we’re going to lose all this progress just because the rework drops this month, or if old worlds with WX will have the previous Stat buffs AND the modules. I hope so because I don’t want to be sad about losing tons of gears, but I understand if Klei do so, in fact, if by some miracle, already existing WXs don’t lose their stats on the rework, we’ll have potentially playable characters with almost 800 health without armor, that’s literally game breaking stuff.
  2. Quick question, does anyone knows if previous buffs to WX (eating gears and buffing his health and hunger) will disappear as soon as the update drops ? Since we’ll be getting modules to do the job, I need to know if my friend (who I play with everytime) is willingly to “drop” some gears that we spent in his upgrades…
  3. I've made 2 memes about my friend's Wilson because of how stupid it looked,enjoy. MEME.mp4
  4. Thank you so much! I’m trying to make my close friend who I play with every weekend,experience other characters other than Wilson, Oc there’s nothing wrong with liking him, but there are so many different ways of playing the game, and IMO he would be a great WX main, so I need this info to show him, again, thank you so much : )
  5. If a Wickerbottom use the “The end is Nigh!” book on WX-78, every single lighting counts as 1 day charged, and does it stack for every single lightning or there is a max cap?
  6. The Chads doesn't bully new players, be like the Chads.
  7. Nope, I got it once on my test server after using the new farms, throwing some random seeds and putting every type of fertilizer in it. Sadly, old farms don’t support giant plants, but are still usable.
  8. I still use the old white improved farms in my world instead of the new farm mechanic, never even got a single giant crop besides a random giant potato that I got on my test world.
  9. And yet, Wortox still a SSS character with almost no drawback besides pigs not liking him and eating more :/
  10. Soo,I recently made a post about a problem in my World on the Discussions Tab,here's the link for more info about it : I don't know if it's caused by mods or just the game's script,but I need a little help anyway, my game starts to lag A LOT when I get close to the goats,and they're all close to the Oasis. Here's the game files :
  11. To be fair I think wWw already won this one,I mean... she has 2 Bernies and is Thicc af so...
  12. I'm going with Nosson,because he has 2 heads. (and 2 chickens)