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  1. Soo,I recently made a post about a problem in my World on the Discussions Tab,here's the link for more info about it : I don't know if it's caused by mods or just the game's script,but I need a little help anyway, my game starts to lag A LOT when I get close to the goats,and they're all close to the Oasis. Here's the game files :
  2. To be fair I think wWw already won this one,I mean... she has 2 Bernies and is Thicc af so...
  3. I'm going with Nosson,because he has 2 heads. (and 2 chickens)
  4. Yep,I can already tell who's the best team...
  5. The new pokemon game is looking good so far...
  6. HUMMMMMM........GUYS...... Something's not quite right here... EDIT : THEY ARE ALL DEAD !!!!!!! THEY MUST HAVE STARVED TO DEATH ; - ;
  7. Only OGs recognize the true power and art of playing Wilson...
  8. So I believe we’ll get some info about the Winter’s Feast event next Thursday ?
  9. A little compilation of memes using Maxwell's famous phrase... And the worst version of them all :