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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel least it's not summer
  2. how often do you rollbackl?

    This is actually a solid/real representation of my mind after the incident.
  3. I know this won’t add any relevant opinion on the discussion but I find it sad when all my attention to the text is lost when I see the word “Quadmire” Jokes apart I find strange that Klei would have created this lines after the Gorge event and not use them again,maybe it’s a prelude to a next Gorge or just a new structure/mechanic that they will add to the game.
  4. how often do you rollbackl?

    I usually rollback when I feel the world it’s just doing a massive prank on me or when the situation can’t get any worse. For example when I’m fighting Dragonfly and out of nowhere hounds start to spawn,not letting me play the pan flute and Dragonfly just rage stomp us all. Or when I barely survive a fight with 4+ Depthworms and some random bats,just to be hit with 2 consecutive moleworms and dying near my cave base. (If any of these examples sounds too much expecific,remember,they actually happened with the person creating this text ;-; ) I know the Constant is supposed to be a place where everything wants to kill you but,in all honesty,I feel that there’s a line between “Hey look !! The whole world wants you dead haha” and “Yep,you’re dying again stupid,next time make 3 times the equipment and watch your back,you would not want to die by a pine cone...would you ?”
  5. My man William right here,leaving the constant just to clown on some random people streams and going back in time to have a nice Honey Ham.
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Queen Charlie looking fine af in recent drawings
  7. Not to be a degenerate or anything but I find cute this relationship between those two,it’s not a Mexican over the top romance or a burning desire with the other,it’s just a cute little crush that she has on Webber,and don’t lie to yourselves people,we all had that one person that we wished to hold hands when we were (VERY) young,thinking that just by doing it we would be “In love”.
  8. I didn’t even know that Rot was a “sinkable” item in SW. It makes me wonder why this features wasn’t transferred to DST.
  9. Maybe next year’s Halloween...
  10. It’s not a secret that almost everybody likes the new content added with The Return of Them,you can now sail,battle with new mobs,build more structures and overall play the game with more freedom since the jump mechanic and boats are a thing right now,but there’s one little detail that I don’t like about the new updates,and it has to do with the ocean. When I first jumped into my boat and started sailing,I was impressed by how beautiful the ocean was,the different colors in it,the new bird,kelps,sometimes a white log appeared in the distance,and of course,the lunar island was absolutely fantastic. But now my oceans are literally infested with twigs,grass,rots,and boat parts that I think came from my last sinked boat,I REALLY don’t like how the ocean looks right now,It’s starting to look like the real life ocean (please Klei don’t add plastic bottles into dst). And the fact that we cannot retrieve this items in the distance with a fishing rod bothers me too,sometimes there’s a rot or a white log very near the shore and you cannot pick it with any tools you have. So I thought at something : •Itens like grass,rot and twigs should disappear after the player don’t return to that certain area for 5 days. •Harvested kelps would not float on water for more than 2 days. •Seeds should be consumed by some mob offscreen or onscreen. •Wrecked boat parts should be harvested and turned into logs or just sink as well. •Adding coral to the games as a environmental bioindicator if the water is clear or not. •Fishing rods should be able to retrieve an item that near to the player but not in the water. Just to be clear I’m not a hardcore player or a game designer,I just think it would be a nice change if this little thing could be fixed in the future,maybe there’s people who don’t even bother with this kind of situation, but sometimes it makes me a little anxious to see a beautiful ocean crowded with trash.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    IT'S...PERFECT... -The spy
  12. That’s a great way to thank the developers for the work putted into the new characters rework.
  13. And I thought only Warly could handle this much salt...
  14. Reputation means nothing, it's the post count that draws attention. 


    1. Bernado1


      Indeed,I’ve made some posts that I’ve put like... hours and hours of thinking,correcting grammatical errors and structuring the text only to have 4 likes. And sometimes I have a good ideia for a meme that I can create in 5 minutes and it gets more than 15 “Hahas”.

    2. Canis


      welcome to the klei forum

    3. Bernado1


      But I really feel happy getting more than 1000 reputation,It’s not much but meh,I like to have it,for me it’s kinda like a demonstration that you contributed for the community in some way :)

      I remember reading a post of yours about game difficulty and being shocked with how a very long text can be enjoyable to read, the ideias,and them,because of one sentence about “We the community” everybody just forgot about the whole text and started to get angry in the comments,that day I learned how crazy sometimes people can be :/

  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Man vs Himself