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How Not to be a Jerk in DST Server

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I am not setting rules, I am suggesting a few agreements we can have for better gameplay experience for all of us. These were popular complaints I collected from various online communities, and are not just personal whining (except that on Wes, screw Wes). Also don’t take it word by word. For example, when I say spare Beefalo or Koalefant I don’t mean NEVER HUNT THEM. I mean to think twice before reckless killing spree. Same goes for my comment on other characters mains.

Except Wes, death to all Wes

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12 minutes ago, Troppok said:

Excuse my ignorance. Is there limit to how many kolefants I can kill? I thought I was preserving the herd.

Nah, but people do bring Koalefant back to base for periodic manure without having to travel all the way to beefalo herd (or feeding 4 monster meat to pigs). Only problem is, some folks just kill Koalefant on sight, and this gets problematic later on in game when spawn chance of varg and ewecus becomes much higher

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My absolute favorite type of player is those that don't listen to stuff you say, even though you clearly know better.

"hey leave base day 30 or deerclops will spawn in base and destroy everything"

(this one webber doesn't leave base even though i told them like 3 times)

Oh look at that. Deerclops spawned in base and destroyed everything and webber died of freezing. Lovely.

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2 minutes ago, Troppok said:

Ohh. Ima start up a world with wormwood and blow beef horn to keep a whole herd near my base. That's the real money manure. :)

Sure that's one way,  but people find that a little tedious (lazy people like me). And having beefalo herd close to base is dangerous during spring when beefalos go in heat

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*mimes a pitchfork, a torch and a crowd*

Come here you, me and my army will seek you for eternity until you take back those mean word against my kind ! Mimes are great you know >:(


P.s. awesome video as always. Keep up the good vids my man :)


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