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  1. I love playing wormwood. Giving the woodie 2 living logs feels great because I'm able to help him control his power. Hopefully his power becomes a high risk high reward tool, and his base form is a real man of the wilds perks. Currently it feels high risk/ meh reward, and lightly seasoned base form.
  2. Play HardMode with Me :)

    I thought wes was just part of the game
  3. Oasis, really harvest the crop output. (Still need ice flingo for crops) #plantgang
  4. I thought of wilson in the trailer. I saw wilson in episode 1, and I cant wait for dont starve the anime episode 2.
  5. I already bought wormwood. I'm on xbox. When can I buy hamlet? TAKE MY MONEY!!!
  6. Or you could just play wes.
  7. Less forum talk, more unraveling.
  8. Idk if the Devs will see this comment, but my personal feelings on this update remain positive. The roadmap, the change from events to characters, the whole direction of Tides update. I love it. A delay ain't stopping me from enjoying what I've got. Wormwood is the best thing ever, and is super Mario maker 2 only a week away!?
  9. Wes already provides infinite boneshards.
  10. Wes rework ideas

    Sanity isn't a problem. It's more how he consumes more food needlessly. Perhaps he could stop others from going hungry? Idk if he performs, crafts it, or a natural aoe, but if he could stop others from losing hunger while remaining the food dumpster I'm sure others wouldn't mind so much.
  11. The path to hell is paved in good intentions. "Ranks" "status", just a bigger number. It all leads to elitism, or classism a super relevant form of toxicity seen all over in capitalism. You dont see the blatant racism of past generations, but Classism is a hateful prejudice of circumstances. New players notoriously waste time, resources, and make dumb deaths, while long term players would flourish in this system. Even though given enough time we can all be equals and should be treated as such. I embrace the chaos and will name my public world "Griefers, Noobs, and Wes Welcome"
  12. [Poll] On polls

    Someone should make a poll on poles, and strip my pride.
  13. If Wilson role is a gentleman scientist, and a character to provide an authentic experience without gimmicks. What if we gave him this gimmick ability? *Wilson now has Revearse Engineering. Reverse Engineering allows Wilson to learn unique crafting options from other survivors by breaking down their items. I'd be down for major drawbacks on it too. Like it consumes a full beard to learn a recipe and costs sanity whenever you replicate it. Could be interesting if you want to learn everything the constant has to offer.
  14. Wes rework ideas

    Wes is "working as intended" Keep all his flaws, make balloons a little better.
  15. Beeboxes, advanced farmplots, ice flingos, maybe ranch up some beef, or relocate some moles. Bring in trees, maybe marble ones? Re-tile the area, more flowers, maybe night lights. Definitely bring in fireflies. Build some cobblestone path. Or if your me stand by the fire in a public world for 10days eating all the food until everyone dies.
  16. What is this "lunacy?" I expected it to be released on the 20th in the "moon". Maybe it will have more "spacious" biomes. I'm done.
  17. Not if you use water protection gear.
  18. Here on console it's called an axe. You've yee'd your last haw twiggy tree!
  19. So I can use it to heal wormwood over time, and still rez with even 1% left?
  20. Can the amuelets heal you or are they just a rez item?
  21. I really enjoy wormwood, building ice flingos, and becoming the ultimate farmer is very satisfying. I built a ranch, and take trips to pig people. Is this stardew valley or dont starve?
  22. Cave Update

    What a bone head.
  23. Cave Update

    What happens if the ancient fuelweaver is brought to the moon?
  24. Wormwood’s Gem

    I think it's a vague "that gem" because his skins change the gem color, and it could be a blue or purple one.
  25. Keep Abigail, Dark Comfort, and weaker attacks. Add new crafting tab "grave tending". Under which she could craft new graves, refill graves, improve them. Essentially keeping her current playstyle, but giving her a unique aspect to bring to your world. It's not uncommon to see wormwoods effects of his crop field or webber's eggs. Seeing a graveyard prop up behind your base would be a VERY Wendy thing.